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Data Analytics in Excel 2016

Data Analytics in Excel 2016

Data Analytics in Excel 2016

Data Analytics in Excel 2016

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Data Acquisition

  • Extract Enterprise data easily using PowerQuery built into Excel.
  • Supports New Data Sources like Hadoop, Azure HDInsight, SharePoint List, Relational Databases and much more.
  • Data Shaping, Cleansing & Transformations
  • Bringing data into the data model or to Excel sheets using PowerQuery & PowerPivot

Data Analytics in Excel 2016

Copy/Paste Queries between workbooks and between Power BI Desktop and Excel

See Excel Online Enhancements for SharePoint 2016 and O365

Data connectivity updates:

  1. Support for SharePoint Lists from non-English sites.
  2. Enhanced support for the Exchange connector.
  3. Automatic column type detection when importing .XLS files via the Excel Workbook connector.
  4. A new “Select Related Tables” option when connecting to database sources.
  5. Enhanced Active Directory connector credentials.
  6. An improved function invocation experience.
  7. A new option to delete all entries in the Data Source Settings dialog.
  8. An option to “Enable Relationship Import during Refresh operations.”

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Data Analysis Improvements in Excel 2016

  • Usability improvements
  • Deferred Refresh
  • Search in Field List
  • Smart Rename of tables, columns & measures
  • In-context automatic relationships detection
  • In-context create, edit and delete measures

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Forecasting in Excel 2016

New time-series forecasting (using exponential smoothing)

  •   Forecast.ETS(time, time_series, value_series)
  •   Forecast.ETS.Seasonality( … )
  •   Forecast.ETS.Confint( … )
  •   Forecast.ETS.Stat( … )

Know more about forecast in Excel 2016 for Windows

Data VisualizationsData Analytics in Excel 2016

This release introduced new charts across Excel, Word and PowerPoint.

  • Waterfall
  • Histogram
  • Pareto
  • Box & Whisker
  • Treemap
  • Sunburst

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Publishing BI Reports

Data Analytics in Excel 2016

  • SharePoint 2013 & 2016 On-Premises
  • To Office 365 & Share Point Online
  • Power BI Service @


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