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Best Capture Cards with HDMI Interface

Best Capture Cards with HDMI Interface Video Dongle for OBS PC Switch

Are you looking for the best capture cards with HDMI interface? No matter whether you are into streaming, gaming or recording, the capture cards are perhaps one of the most...

Nvidia Shield TV vs Mi Box 3 Android TV

Nvidia Shield TV vs Mi Box 3 Android TV Specs and Feature Comparison

Android TV has been going through considerable change and transformation. Together with the popularity of streaming apps, TV boxes have become essential for your digital...

Best USB Fingerprint Scanners For Windows Hello

Best USB Fingerprint Scanners For Windows Hello on Windows 10 PCs

Privacy is an important consideration when it comes to safeguarding your data. And that is precisely why you need to use a password for saving your files and other data on your...

Amlogic s912 vs RK3399

Amlogic s912 vs RK3399 Specifications Comparison for Android TV Box

Are you trying to find out how Amlogic s912 vs RK3399 compares with each other? If yes then you are in the right spot! The Android TV boxes have been quite frequent and widespread...


List of Android Smartphones with Rear Triple Cameras For Photography

Why should be excited about smartphones with Rear Triple cameras? It is because when you opt for a new smartphone, one of the first features you would want to check out is its...

Apple a12 vs a11 vs A12x

Apple A11 vs A12 vs A12x SOC Specifications Comparison & Benchmarks

It is that time of the year again, and Apple has released their flagship iPads Pros. The new Tablets comes with sleeker bezels and a performance boost not only over its...

Best Tablets with Gyroscope

Best Tablets With Gyroscope for Gaming VR & Accurate Navigation Apps

In this article, we are going to list out our top tablets with Gyroscope for gaming and VR. If you are into gaming or VR on your tablet device, then these are the device we...

Apple a12 vs a11 vs Snapdragon 845

Apple a12 vs a11 vs Snapdragon 845 SOC Specifications Comparison

Apple recently launched the A12 Bionic chip for its smartphones and claimed that it is one of the fastest chip ever found on a smartphone. It is a massive upgrade over the A11...

List of TVs Supporting 8K

List of TVs Supporting 8K 7680 x 4320 pixels and HDR 10000+ nits Option

Just as we all are heading to 4K TVs and planning to grab one, the global TV manufacturers already have moved ahead to the next generation of TVs. Yes, we are referring to the TVs...

Tablets With Dolby Atmos

Best Tablets With Dolby Atmos and Android For Powerful Stereo Sound

Sound quality is equally important as much as the video quality. Most of the times we focus primarily on things like RAM, processor, display, or battery. But what about the sound...