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Xiaomi Mi Pad 4 Vs Mi Pad 3 Android Tablet Specifications Comparison

Xiaomi is all set to release the Xiaomi Mi Pad 4 on upcoming Monday, June 25. Though Xiaomi has revealed not much as of now, still we have gathered a lot of info about the Mi Pad...

Android P Phones

Android P Phones : List of Top Phones To Receive Android 9.0 Update

Following last year, which was of Android Oreo, in 2018, it is the year of Android P release. We are still some time away from getting our hands on the final release. But beta...

Apple MFI Certified Lightning Cable

Best Apple MFI Certified Lightning Cable for iPhones & iPad Tough Durable

In this article, we have listed out some of the best Apple MFI certified lightning cable that we currently recommend. If you are looking for a good quality lightning cable for...

Using Easeus Data Recovery Wizard

How To Recover Data on Mac Using Easeus Data Recovery Wizard

There is no doubt that Apple makes excellent products. The iconic Apple MacBooks are no different. The MacBook air defined a new category of laptops. Laptops were not dull...

Qualcomm Snapdragon 460 Specifications

Qualcomm Snapdragon 460 640 & 670 Specifications and Rumored Phone List

If you got excited about the new leaks on the Chinese website “Weibo,” we are too! The latest leak shows you a glimpse of whats coming shortly. What we got, for now,...

Laptops with Snapdragon Processors

Windows 10 On ARM: Laptops with Snapdragon Processors LTE Tablets

It’s a Deja Vu moment for us when we first head about laptops with Snapdragon Processors. It has always crossed our minds about mobile processors powering laptops since...

Amlogic S905x vs S912

Amlogic S905x vs S912 SoC Specifications Comparison and Device List

You might have heard of the Qualcomm and MediaTek processors. But have you heard about the name Amlogic? If you knew about the Amlogic and its processors (System on Chip) and...

Export Contacts on Xiaomi Mi Phones

How To Export Contacts on Xiaomi Mi Phones & Import to Google Contacts

Xiaomi Phones are quite popular in emerging markets, especially in India and China. There is no doubt that Xiaomi makes excellent phones with cost-effective pricing. The feature...

Best USB C PD Car Chargers

Best USB C PD Car Chargers (Power Delivery) For iPhone X 8 & Android

The industry is moving from Qualcomm’s proprietary Quick Charging technology to a unified single charging port. The tech industry is unifying various charging standards...

Foosball game apps for Android

5 Foosball game apps for Android and Apple devices

Looking for Foosball game apps for Android? Why? It is because Foosball is becoming more and more highly addictive games today! Application developers for Android and Apple...