B450 Mini ITX Motherboards

Best Budget B450 Mini ITX Motherboards for Ryzen 2 Processors

Are you into building PCs? In that case, you will need to have access to good quality motherboards. And if your focus is on a mini PC or an HTPC build, in such cases, you will...

Maximus XI Extreme vs Hero

ASUS ROG Z390 Maximus XI Extreme vs Hero – Specifications Difference

Today we are talking about two of the most potent motherboards in Asus lineup; The Asus ROG Z390 Maximus XI Extreme vs Hero. The Extreme model is yet to hit the market. However,...

Best LGA 2066 Motherboards

Best LGA 2066 Motherboards for i9-9960X i9-9920X & i9-9820X

Intel has recently launched high-end desktop parts. There are seven new LGA 2066 socket CPUs. The platform is also referred to as X299 platform. The range of CPUs offers from 8 to...

Best Z390 Mini ITX Motherboards

Best Z390 Mini ITX Motherboards for Intel 9th Gen 9900K & 9700K CPUs

Intel introduced the Z390 chipset in 2018, and the OEMs have started production of motherboards with the Z390 chipset on them. However, what about the computers with smaller form...

Best X399 sTR4 Motherboards For Threadripper 2

Best X399 sTR4 Motherboards For Threadripper 2 TR2990WX TR2970WX

Before finding out the best motherboards for Threadripper 2 from AMD, let us understand the platform first. Even though the new processors are pin compatible with the previous...

Budget B450 Motherboard

Best Budget B450 Motherboard for Ryzen 2 Series 2700x 2600x 2500x

Like we already know, AMD has announced the new range of chipset, a.k.a. B450 a couple of months ago. We had expected the launch of a new processor supported by these motherboards...

Best Intel Xeon E 2100 Series Motherboards

Best Intel Xeon E 2100 Series Motherboards For Servers and Workstations

Intel has recently launched a new series of Xeon processors. The processors labeled Xeon E-2100, these are designed specifically for the entry-level servers and workstations. The...

X399 vs. X299

X399 vs. X299 – Intel and AMD Motherboard Chipsets Specifications Comparison

Both x299 and x399 are one of the most popular chipsets respectively from Intel and AMD. Today we are going to discuss the main features of both these chipsets and discover what...

Best Z390 Chipset Motherboards

Best Z390 Chipset Motherboards For Intel 9th Gen Processors 9700k 9900k

Intel announced the Z390 chipsets sometime back. They launched their 9th Gen Core processors along with the chipset. In an earlier article on the upcoming Z390 chipset based...

Budget H370 Chipset Motherboards

Best Budget H370 Chipset Motherboards – H370 vs B360 Spec Differences

Intel has officially launched the Coffee Lake series chipsets recently. The 300 series chipsets have been what PC enthusiasts the world over have been looking ahead to. They let...