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Top Mining Motherboards

List of Top Mining Motherboards in 2021 – Best Options

If you are into cryptocurrency mining, you would definitely need a perfect option for the best mining-efficient motherboard. Generally referred to as Mining Motherboards, they can...


List of Phones with Mediatek Helio P95 SoC

MediaTek has been one of the prominent players in the realm of smartphone processors. The new MediaTek processor has been launched aimed at the budget range of devices, and we...

Helio G90T vs Snapdragon 730 vs Kirin 810

Helio G90T vs Snapdragon 730 vs Kirin 810 – Specs Comparison

The processor (SoC) chipset decides the overall performance of smartphones and tablets. The speed of operation, gaming performance, GPU performance, battery life, camera...


Best Foldable Android Phones – Flexible OLED Displays

The concept of foldable phones has not been new. Samsung, for instance, has been showcasing prototypes for some time. Nothing specific has emerged as of now, but with the...

Best Right Angle Low Profile USB C Cables

Best Right Angle Low Profile USB C Cables – Fast Charging 6FT Options

If you are looking for some of the best right angle low profile USB C cables, you have landed in the right place. The low speed while charging a smartphone, laptop, or tablet or...


Best USB C Power Banks with PD (Power Delivery) – Up To 100 Watts

Since the last few years, the USB C technology has gained immense popularity. Its popularity adheres to the fact that a huge number of devices use it as default. Thus, if you have...

Best KVM Switches for Dual Monitors

List of the Best KVM Switches for Dual Monitors over VGA & HDMI Gaming

Gaming nerds have several characteristics in common. You can easily confirm that a particular room belongs to a gaming nerd if you find tangled wired, poorly organized hardware...

Best Smart TV with Bluetooth and WiFi to Buy in India

Best Smart TV with Bluetooth and WiFi to Buy in India in 2021

With the advent of new technologies, more and more devices are getting smart. Smart technologies are ultimately for the benefit of the users. TVs are now implemented with...


What is UFS 3.1? List of Phones with UFS 3.1 Storage System

Storage capacity on a smartphone is not limited to the ability to store more data anymore. That is indeed one of the requirements. But that should not necessarily be the ultimate...

Phones with LPDDR5 RAM

List of Phones with LPDDR5 RAM and SoCs for High Performance

In a phone, RAM is a super-fast type of memory that stores the apps you have opened since you turned on the phone. The higher RAM your phone has, the more apps it could store for...