February 22, 2019

Tech Posts

Amlogic s912 vs RK3399

Amlogic s912 vs RK3399 Specifications Comparison for Android TV Box

Are you trying to find out how Amlogic s912 vs RK3399 compares with each other? If yes then you are in the right spot! The Android TV boxes have been quite frequent and widespread...

GDDR5 vs GDDR5X Memory Specifications Comparison for GPUs

GDDR5 vs GDDR5X Memory Specifications Comparison for GPUs

The GPU standards have been changing at a faster rate than one could ever imagine. Are you confused about the memory standards used in the GPUs today? Well, you are not alone....

List of SOCs & Chipsets Supporting 5G - Architecture & Launch Countries

List of SOCs & Chipsets Supporting 5G – Architecture & Launch Countries

In India, it feels like 4G was introduced just yesterday. We had to wait for quite a long time to get our hands on fully-fledged 4G LTE devices. For those who don’t know, we...


HBM2 vs GDDR6 – Memory Specifications Comparison & Differences

Those days are gone when the graphics cards that came integrated with the CPUs handled most of the graphics requirements of your PC. More and more apps are GPU accelerated, that...

Industrial IoT Routers

Best Industrial IoT Routers & Gateways For AWS and Azure IoT Services

In this article, we are going to list out the Best Industrial IoT Routers for professional and large-scale IoT deployments. IoT or “Internet of Things” has not...

Best DisplayHDR1000 Monitors

Best DisplayHDR1000 Monitors For PC Gaming and 4K HDR Content

Have you heard about the concept called DisplayHDR 1000? It is a standard in the 4K display technology with HDR. The HDR1000 was a standard set up by Samsung to designate a...

PCIe 4.0 vs 3.0 Specifications

PCIe 4.0 vs 3.0 Specifications and Features Comparison – Next Gen PCs

Are you trying to understand the differences between PCIe 4.0 vs 3.0? If yes, then you have landed in the right spot! If you are in the computer industry or related...


List of Android Smartphones with Rear Triple Cameras For Photography

Why should be excited about smartphones with Rear Triple cameras? It is because when you opt for a new smartphone, one of the primary features you would want to check out is its...

H.264 vs H.265

H.264 vs H.265 – Whats the Difference? Specifications & Video Format

Have you gone through a situation where you are watching a perfectly quality video through streaming and the frame freezes for a second and next second the video is available at...

What is VoWi-Fi

What is VoWi-Fi? How To Use & Basic Architecture

The GSM-based mobile phones in the ’80s were initially launched for enhanced connectivity through voice calling wherever you are. Designed explicitly for connectivity...