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Why Upgrade to SharePoint 2016 BI Features

Why Upgrade to SharePoint 2016 BI Features

Why Upgrade to SharePoint 2016 BI Features

In SharePoint 2016, Excel Online is the only service that can load workbooks with embedded data models. Other service application such as PPS, Reporting Services etc which needs to access data models must first invoke Excel Online to load them. Excel Online uses the Analysis Services client libraries to handle the communication. This makes it important for Excel Online must be able to communicate with Analysis Service for any application that wants to consume a workbook with an embedded data model.

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Here are the Excel Online features which are added on SharePoint 2016:

  • Search in FiltersWhy Upgrade to SharePoint 2016 BI Features
  • Value Field SettingsWhy Upgrade to SharePoint 2016 BI Features
  • Viewport
    • Number FormattingWhy Upgrade to SharePoint 2016 BI Features
  • Print Selection
  • Insert CommentsWhy Upgrade to SharePoint 2016 BI Features
  • Excel JS APIs
  • data model PQ refresh

PowerPivot for SharePoint 2016

  • PowerPivot add-ons for SharePoint supports Excel Online on OOS.
  • You can enable “Scheduled Data Refresh” for data refresh of Excel workbooks
  • You can use Power Query – to import data into a data model, like in Power BI Service on the cloud.

SQL Server Analysis Services 2016

  • SSAS supports workbooks authored in Excel 2016 which includes all the new DAX functions
  • Due to faster query processing, optimizations and data model load times, there is a more responsive performance in the overall BI experience.

Reporting Services 2016 in SharePoint-integrated Mode

  • The new SSRS experience with support for the latest chart types based on HTML5 supporting all Tier 1 browsers.
  • Support for cross-browser printing and new options like export to Microsoft PowerPivot
  • Introducing a new version of Report Builder.

There will be many more options and features which might not be mentioned. Ensure you visit the Microsoft website for detailed documentation.


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