Download Full and Complete List of Power BI Service & Desktop Samples

Power BI is a cloud-based data visualization tool from Microsoft. Power BI is arguably the fastest growing Cloud BI tool from Microsoft. The product went into GA in 2015 and from thereon it is on a roll. In order to get started, a lot of users have requested for samples to play with. Microsoft already provides various samples across industry verticals to being with. Since the list of samples is spread all across the web, I have decided to collate them in a single post. Here is my list of Power BI Service & Desktop Samples available for download.

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Power BI Service & Desktop Samples

Power BI Embedded Sample

Download sample from GitHub.

Instructions for Getting started with Power BI embedded sample.

Power BI Rest API Samples

Download the Power BI Rest API Console App here.

Download the Power BI Web Rest API Web sample here.

We hope that these are helpful. Please visit the Microsoft Power BI subsite for detailed documentation and explanations on how to implement these samples.

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