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How to Get a Transit Visa in Singapore for Indian Nationals for 3 Days

How to Get a Transit Visa in Singapore for Indian Nationals for 3 Days

Singapore is the epicenter of economic activity in South East Asia without any doubts. In addition to that, some tourists visit Singapore all throughout the year. So the one main question that arises more often than others are, as an Indian citizen, do I need a Visa? What is the process of getting one etc.?

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I traveled to Singapore on multiple occasions and under different circumstances. I traveled as a Tourist, on Business and even on transit to another country. So, I guess I am qualified to write about business, Tourist & Transit Visa related queries for Singapore.

Transit Visa in Singapore for Indian Nationals

If your final destination is a different country and you are just flying through Singapore’s Changi Airport then you might get a free transit Visa and an optional free tour of Singapore. In my case, I was traveling to New Zealand and I had a layover in Singapore for over 18 hours. I had no intention to stay inside the Airport for that long while waiting for my connecting flight. As soon as I landed at Singapore’s Changi Airport, I went ahead and spoke to the representative at the Information Desk for a transit Visa in Singapore. The lady at the information desk asked me to go to the immigration officer’s desk and request for one. She also added that getting a Transit Visa is at the sole discretion of the Immigration Officer. I was also asked to fill up the arrival card first, before approaching the immigration officer. The entry cards are available on the right-hand side, just before the immigration desk. Here is a sample of how an arrival card looks like:

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I had to show my boarding passes to my final destination along with my passports (Old & New). I was not asked any specific questions, and the immigration officer just stamped my passport along with a four day Visa. See below for your reference:

How to Get a Transit Visa in Singapore for Indian Nationals for 3 Days

So, here are the highlights for getting a Transit Visa in Singapore

  • I had to show my destination boarding pass, arrival card, and my Passport only.
  • Category of Visa given is called: Visa Free Transit Facility (VFTF)
  • Keep the Visa Token and ensure that you return it on your way back.
  • Select preferences for travelers traveling on Singapore Airlines or any of its Codeshare partners.
  • The Visa is free of cost and was valid for four days.
  • To get a transit Visa is at the sole discretion of the Immigration officer.
  • One of my colleagues was denied a transit Visa and was forced to spend the entire layover period at the Airport.
  • Be prepared for a rejection possibility.
  • There is a separate counter for the free Singapore Bus Tour.
  • Always travel with a valid Visa beforehand if you intend to visit Singapore for a short visit.

If you are going to Singapore on Business, you need to apply for a Business Visa. Here is the list of documents that are required for a Business Visa.

  • VALID ORIGINAL PASSPORT ALONG WITH ALL OLD PASSPORTS. Your Passport should be valid for a minimum of 6 months from the Date of return.
  • You would need to provide copies of your Passport – 2 copies of the first page on a separate sheet, one copy of the last page.
  • APPLICATION FORM ALL COLUMN DULY FILLED and signed by the applicant. Applicant contact number is mandatory in the form. No correction or use of fluid is allowed in the Visa Application form.
  • Completed V39A Form
  • Provide two recent photographs with white backgrounds. As per specimen ( 45 MM X 35 MM, 80% of the Face should reflect on the Photographs )
  • Confirmed Return tickets/Confirmed Itinerary
  • Invitation letter From the SINGAPORE company (It comes from your Singapore counterpart)
  • Hotel Confirmations
  • Return Air tickets not exceeding 30 days.
  • A copy of your company ID card if applicable.
  • A copy of all previous expired Visas.

In addition to this, you would require providing additional address proofs if the passport address does not match with your current address. You would need to provide two address proof, Exp Rent agreement, Adhar card copy, Company letter with address, Society letter on Society letterhead original, Landline bill, Electricity bill, etc.

I hope this was helpful for anyone who is looking for additional information on Transit Visa in Singapore for Indian nationals.


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