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How Indians can Apply New Zealand VISA for Business Tourist or Work

How Indians can Apply New Zealand VISA for Business Tourist or Work

If you based out of India and is looking to apply for a New Zealand Visa, then you have come to the right place. New Zealand is an emerging economy with excellent healthcare facilities. It’s rich, picturesque landscapes and beautiful climatic conditions also attract tourists from around the world. That being said, let’s get right to it. Let us understand how to Apply for a New Zealand VISA from the Indian perspective.

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Apply New Zealand VISA for Business Tourist or Work

There are two ways to apply for a New Zealand Visa. There is an Online and an Offline process. The Offline process is comparatively hectic and more tedious. However, most of the travel agencies in India would ask you to follow the Offline process. It might be due to the added commissions and what not. The offline and the online forms are identical and will ask you the same set of questions. So, let’s find out the offline process to apply for New Zealand Visa first.

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Offline Method to Apply for New Zealand VISA

As per the area of jurisdiction, the completed application needs to be submitted to your nearest TT Service Center (addressed to the visa officer in Mumbai Consulate). Here are the detailed requirements mention below:

Business/Work Visa

  • Duly filled Form with signature. Download the form here.
  • Your Passport(s) should be valid for at least three months beyond the intended duration of stay in the destined country
  • Two recent color photograph 35 x 45 mm in size, Matt finish with white background with 80% face coverage. 2 Recent Photos (Photograph should not be old for more than six months)
  • Covering letter addressed to the visa officer, Consulate General Of New Zealand, Mumbai
  • Copy of the Passport (2 copies of the first page on a separate sheet, one copy of the last page)
  • Invitation letter addressed to the visa officer, Consulate General Of New Zealand, Mumbai

Note: You would need two invitation letters. One locally from India and the other from your contact in New Zealand. If you are going there on work, these would be provided to you by your employer.

Important Points to remember:

  • Enter the Consulate location as Mumbai
  • The Photo specifications are the same as Singapore Visa specifications. You can use the same or let your photo studio know about it.
  • Do not provide photocopies. Only original letters need to be submitted.
  • Updated Bank statement for the last six months with applicant’s name, a/c no. With bank seal & sign (Should be notarized). Do not take printouts to the Bank. The bank will print them out and stamp on it. Bank’s generally will not ‘stamp’ on customer provided copies.
  • Income Tax papers for the last three years (Should be notarized)
  • Six months Salary slips or income statements if self-employed (should be notarized)
  • All documents submitted in support of the Visa application must be originals or certified copies. Certified copies must be stamped or endorsed as being exact copies of the originals by a person authorized by law to take statutory declarations. Only documents in English are accepted. All materials which are not in English must be translated into English by a translation service.
  • Complete passport copies of pages should be submitted; All transcripts should be notarized along with original passports.

Time Taken

  • 12-15 Working Days or more
  • The New Zealand Consultant Team will contact you directly at your phone number if they need any additional documents.
  • In our case, it took eight days to get the Work Visa after Visa Application submission.
  • Go to your nearest TTSERVICES branch in India to submit your application.

Online Method to Apply for New Zealand VISA

Note: You don’t need to notarize any bank documents when applying online. You can start using right away and save your application until you arrange all your materials. Once all documents are uploaded, submit your form and pay using a Credit Card. Once done, you would need to go to your nearest TTSERVICES branch in India. In order to send your request, a Demand Draft of INR 950 is required for them to take the application forward.

Step 1: (Create Real Me Account and Log In)

Once you have a “Real Me” account, please go to the online portal and start applying for a Work Visa Only.

Step 2:

If you are going to attend or provide “Training” ensure that you only apply for “Work Visa” category. If you apply for Business Visa, your application would be rejected and Visa fees will not be refunded.

Once your application is submitted to TTSERVICES, you will receive an acknowledgment. See below:

How Indians can Apply New Zealand VISA for Business Tourist or Work

Document Checklist to Apply for New Zealand VISA

  1. Completed Work/Business Visa Application
  2. Invitation Letters
  3. National Identity Card (Aadhar)
  4. Bank statements for the last five months
  5. Pay slips for the previous five months
  6. Flight Ticket Copy (Pre-Purchased Travel)
  7. Online Visa Fees transaction receipts
  8. IT Returns for the last three years.

Apply New Zealand VISA

I hope this was information helpful. Let me know if you have any comment or feedback.


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