How to Convert PDF to PowerPoint Word or Excel with Free PDF Converter

How to Convert PDF to PowerPoint Word or Excel with Free PDF Converter

Why do you need a Free PDF Converter?

PDF’s are the de facto standard for document formats, just as much as Microsoft Office. Generating PDF’s from Microsoft Office is as easy as “Save As” > Save as PDF. Many a time, you would convert your PowerPoint presentations to PDF’s before sending them over to your clients. You might do this to protect your content, or to hide your instructor notes. Whatever might be the reason, converting PDF’s back to its original format is just not easy. There are no “Out of the Box” tools available in Windows to do this. This is where a Free PDF converter comes handy. Since there is a strong use case for it, the internet is flooded with such tools. So, how do you choose? Offline vs Online converters or just freeware stuff. Online tools are helpful and easy to use without the need to install any applications. But, would you take the risk of uploading your confidential documents to an unknown website just because it is free? However, not all are bad. Trustworthy Websites such as freepdfconvert  will give you online document conversion facilities at a cost. What’s more, they will also give you a developer API to add these functionalities to your custom app. However, if you want a true free pdf converter offline, then we would recommend you the PDF Converter Elite.

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PDF Converter Elite 4.0 is a Free PDF Convertor App for Windows

The PDF Convertor Elite 4.0 is a Windows application that enables you to convert your PDF’s into well-known file formats. Currently, the following file format’s are supported:

  • Microsoft Word (.docx)
  • Microsoft Excel (xlsx)
  • Microsoft PowerPoint (pptx)
  • Microsoft Publisher
  • OpenOffice (.org)
  • HTML (Standard)
  • AutoCad (DWG and DXF Formats)
  • Image (jpeg, png, gif, tiff, BMP)

How to Convert PDF to PowerPoint Word or Excel with Free PDF Converter

In addition to this, you can do the following:

  • Create or “Print to PDF
  • OCR capabilities to extract Text from Images
  • Create PDF’s from more than 300 file-formats

Testing the PDF Converter Elite 4.0

We downloaded the App from their website and spent some time playing with its functionalities. First, we tried to convert a pdf (originally a pptx file) into a PowerPoint file. It worked with flying colours. We had some presenter comments which got removed once we exported to pdf from Microsoft PowerPoint. When we converted it back from pdf to pptx, it was 99% restored into its original format with minor hitches. The presenter comments were all removed (or lost) but some of the images got distorted. See our screenshot below:

How to Convert PDF to PowerPoint Word or Excel with Free PDF Converter

However, that did not turn out to be a major issue since 99% of the slides were perfectly fine. I don’t think it would take a lot of time to make those minor adjustments before moving on. Next, we tried to convert the same pdf into a word document. In our case, since the source was originally a PowerPoint file, the word document output was neatly separated by each slide on separate pages.

How to Convert PDF to PowerPoint Word or Excel with Free PDF Converter

Next in line was converting a pdf file to excel. To test this functionality, we created a data-grid extracted from a SQL Server Analysis Services data model. We converted the pdf into an excel spreadsheet. This worked out as expected. The output file lost all the formatting it originally had, but we were expecting that to happen. Once the data is in excel, you can easily make new charts and reports with a couple of clicks. So yes, it works just as you would expect. 5/5 for that!

Here is how our source file (pdf) looked and check out the output that we got below:

If you wanted to convert the excel back to PDF again, it will not restore the formatting that it originally had. This is because the formatting was lost when you converted the pdf file to excel. The free pdf converter does it again and passed our test with flying colors.

Next, we tested out the OCR (Optical Character Recognition) functionality by importing the pdf image file that contained the data grid. We selected the option “PDF to Text” from the convert menu and got the following results.

The output extracted the data pretty well and we are surprised to see the results. This functionality will definitely help a lot of data analysts. Extracting data from an image file is definitely an added plus.

This is definitely an essential software for users who deal with large volumes of mixed PDF content. Even though we did not get to test the other file formats like AutoCad and Openoffice, we are confident that it will work as per specifications.

Overall, the Elite 4.0 is an awesome free pdf converter app for Windows and we highly recommend it.

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