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How To Configure and Setup Your Reliance JioFi 4G MiFi Device

How To Configure and Setup Your Reliance JioFi 4G MiFi Device

Introduction to the Reliance Jio 4G MiFi Device

Reliance Jio is a (relatively) new entrant in the Indian Telecom space with Pan India 4G license for both VoLTE and Data. Apart from releasing Lyf branded smartphones, the company also released a MiFi device. Branded as JioFi, the device costs ₹2899 (Now 1999 after launch or approximately $43.18). The device is currently being offered with 3 months of free and unlimited phone plus 4G Data (Valid Till December 31st, 2016). Reliance Jio is currently offering free sim cards to certain branded phones like Asus, Panasonic, Samsung, LG and others. The JioFi device also comes with a free data sim. The configuration steps are fairly simple. In order to know how to configure and setup your Reliance JioFi 4G Mifi device, read along.

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How To Configure and Setup Your Reliance JioFi 4G MiFi Device
Reliance JioFi 4G MiFi Device Specifications:

  • 512 Mb / 2 GB Ram (Jiofi or JioFi 2)
  • Connectivity: FDD: LTE (2300/1800/850MHz)
  • Support for VoLTE 4G Calls
  • IEEE 802.11 b/g/n 2.4 GHz compatible
  • Connect up to 31 Devices and 1 USB Tethering
  • Battery Capacity: 2300 Mah
  • Connectivity: A micro sd card slot, micro USB port, and a full sized sim card slot
  • Product Dimensions of 85.0*55.0*16.0mm
How To Configure and Setup Your Reliance JioFi 4G MiFi Device

Jio Battery Pack

Step 1: Buying the Device

In India, you can go to any Reliance Digital or Mini stores to buy the device. You would need the following documents for processing your new SIM card connection.

  • 1 Passport Size Photograph
  • 1 ID local ID Proof (Locally to the State where you want the connection)
  • 1 Adress Proof (Optional)
  • Completed form with customer signature (To be done by the Reliance Digital Outlet)
  • Post Launch, you can now use your Aadhar Card for verification. Do note that you need to have a local Aadhar card (Statewide).

Once completed, you will receive the Reliance JioFi device and a Data Sim card. There are no extra charges for the Data Sim Card. Once completed, you need to wait for 24-48 hours for device activation. In our case, it took 24 hours for the device to get activated. You will receive 2 SMS’s from Reliance Jio. They are as follows:

Step:1 Dear Customer,
Thank you for choosing Jio. We have received your application for a new connection. Your order number is NO00000XXXXX.
Thank you,
Team Jio

Step:2 Dear Customer,
Your Jio Number 7019xxxxx is now ready for Tele-verification. To activate both voice & data services, dial 1977 from your Jio number. To activate data services only, dial 1800-890-1977 from any number.
Kindly keep documents submitted for Jio connection ready for your reference.
Thank you,
Team Jio

Step:3 As soon as you receive the second message, call the toll free number at 1800-890-1977 and complete the Tele-verification process. You might need to dial a couple of times to get through to the
customer care.

Once all the steps are completed, you will get a final SMS notification that your connection has been activated.

Connecting to the JioFi 4G MiFi Device

Once your device is activated, turn on the device using the hardware power button. The device comes with a built-in SSID preset. For some reason, Reliance Jio team does not want you to change the default password due to security reasons. If you are a PowerUser, go ahead and change it. You can retrieve the device password details by removing the battery. See below:

How To Configure and Setup Your Reliance JioFi 4G MiFi Device

Once you connect to the device wifi connection using the password given, you can start browsing the web. The internet speed currently varies from location to location. In our case, we got the following results:

The download speed is average, but the upload speed is definitely good compared to the Airtel 4G network.

Steps to Configure and Change the JioFi 4G Mifi Device Password

Login to http://jiofi.local.html/ with the default username and password “Administrator

How To Configure and Setup Your Reliance JioFi 4G MiFi Device

Go to Setting>WiFi to change the Default SSID

Go-To Setting>WiFi>Password> To change the Default Password

Go To Setting>User Management> To change the Default Admin Password

How To Configure and Setup Your Reliance JioFi 4G MiFi Device

This device also supports for VoLTE 4G Voice and Video calls using an Android or iOS device. Read here to know how to make calls using the Jio MiFi device.

Connecting Jio Mifi Device as USB Router on PC’s

Since there is only 1 USB port, you can use only 1 PC or Laptop at a time. The rest needs to connect via. WiFi. As per the original specifications, USB Tethering in JioFi is also mentioned support for 1 device explicitly. When the device is connected via. USB to a Windows PC (or Mac), it will both charge the device as well as give you internet access. Users can use both USB tethering and WiFi access simultaneously.

I hope this was useful. Share your feedback with us. Do let us know your Jio 4G Speeds in the comment section below. Happy surfing!

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