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How To Prevent and Disable JioFi MiFi Device Reaching Standby Mode

How To Prevent and Disable JioFi MiFi Device Reaching Standby Mode


If you are from India, you would probably be familiar with Reliance Jio telecom service provider. They are a new entrant and stormed its way through the telecom space. To familiarize yourself see my previous posts. I have already spoken about how to make calls using the Jiofi MiFi device. I have also talked about the MiFi device setup and Jio Tariffs. A lot of the users, using the Jio MiFi devices complained about the device going into Standby mode after 30 minutes. In this post, I will explain how to prevent and disable JioFi MiFi device reaching standby.

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Prevent and Disable JioFi MiFi Device Reaching Standby

  • Step 1: First, connect to your Jio MiFi Wifi Connection using the SSID and password provided (** Found below the battery of the Device)
  • Step 2: Now, Login to http://jiofi.local.html/ (or IP Address with the default username “Administrator” and password “Administrator
  • Step 3: Optionally, if you want to change the default SSID or WiFi Settings,
  • Go to Setting>WiFi to change the “Default SSID.”
  • Go-To Setting>WiFi>Password> To change the “Default Password.”
  • Go To Setting>” User Management “> To change the Default “Admin Password.”
  • Step 4: Under Setting Menu, Click “Advance Settings. Change the  “Power Save” mode to “Off.” Optionally, you can also change Standby Time to “60 Minutes” depending upon user preferences.

How To Prevent and Disable JioFi MiFi Device Reaching Standby Mode

That’s it! That should prevent the device from going to Standby every 30 minutes, due to inactivity.


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