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How to Connect Xiaomi Yi Dome Camera To PC Using Windows App

Connect Xiaomi Yi Dome Camera To PC

In order to connect Xiaomi Yi Dome camera to PC, you would need to download their companion software. At the time of writing this, their Windows PC app isn’t quite finished yet. It needs quite a lot of work, in order to work with its devices. Nonetheless, we have collated all the information that we got at this time. Read along to know more about it.

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Connect Xiaomi Yi Dome Camera To PC

The software can be downloaded and installed from this location. Even though the software development work is in progress, once ready, it is supposed to show you video feeds from multiple cameras. Here are some of the most highlighting features:

  • Capture and view video feeds from multiple Yi Cameras simultaneously.
  • View the video feeds on large PC screens.
  • Users can log in with the same Yi account or Facebook authentication, as you would on the Android and iOS app.
  • Capture and take snapshots directly from the PC software and save it locally on your hard drive.

However, even though this sounds promising, the PC software isn’t ready yet. When we tried installing and connecting to the camera, we were unable to add or view or even connect to the Yi Dome camera. Here is a screenshot below:

We will update this post from time to time as the company adds more features to its PC software. Till then, I guess we would need to wait and watch.

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