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How to Fix Deleted Reoccurring Meeting Recreating Itself on Outlook 2016

Fix Deleted Reoccurring Meeting Recreating Itself

Sometimes in Microsoft Outlook, your old meetings keep coming back even if though you have deleted it from the Outlook client software. If you want to stop this, you will have to fix deleted reoccurring meeting recreating itself. In this post, we will talk about just that. It might occur due to inconsistencies with single vs. recurring meeting objects for mail-boxes located on your Exchange Server.

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For Exchange Server administrators, they have a tool called ‘Calendar Repair Assistant‘ which can be run on an Exchange Server to ‘Detect’ ‘Determine’ and ‘Correct’ inconsistencies if it is not intentional. It typically occurs when a meeting organizer sets up a “Reoccuring Meeting, ” and the attendees can sometimes delete a “reoccurring” meeting without notifying the meeting organizer.

Also, if a meeting organizer changes or updates an existing recurring meeting, the behavior might differ on different client systems. The Exchange Server records not all properties, and that might be one of the reasons for an inconsistent behavior.

Fix Deleted Reoccurring Meeting Recreating Itself

Below was a meeting that was canceled by the original organizer and a new similar updated meeting was recreated with the desired changes. You might face a weird issue where this particular meeting series re-creates itself. You might have tried to delete this series or decided to decline the meeting. It goes away for a day or two and then comes back again on the calendar, due to the Exchange Server trying to fix “Inconsistencies.”

It says this was re-created by Exchange server. See the screenshot below:

If you have faced this issue, you will need to fix it from re-creating itself. We typically recommend using “MFCMapi” tool to delete the meetings that you want to get rid of. You can go to Github and download this tool.

You can download the April 2017 release from here. It is an “Open Source” project, and you can download the source code as well. As a prerequisite, you will need to have Microsoft Outlook 2016 as the default email client.

Important Note:

There are two downloadable binaries, one for 32-bit and the other for 64-bit. If you are running the 64 Bit edition of Outlook/Office, then you should go with the 64-bit version of the MFCMAPI tool.

In my example, I am using the 64-bit version of Outlook 2016, hence downloaded the 64-bit version of the MFCMAPI tool. Follow the steps below to fix your calendar issues:

  • Extract the MFCMAPI x64 executable tool to your desired location.
  • Run MFCMAPI.exe and Click “Actions”
  • Open Calendar and delete the “Meeting Reoccurence.”

Hopefully, this should resolve the problem that you are facing.

A quick disclaimer though, we are not responsible for any accidental deletion of relevant data from your mailbox. This guide is just for information purposes only.

We hope our article to Fix Deleted Reoccurring Meeting Recreating Itself was helpful. If you have questions or doubts, please use the comment box below to start a conversation. Thanks!

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