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How to Resolve Outlook 2016 Stuck on Processing Screen in Windows 10

How to Resolve Outlook 2016 Stuck on Processing Screen in Windows 10

Outlook is arguably the world’s most used email client today. If you are reading this you are probably once of them. Are you reading this because you are stuck on the “Processing” screen? If yes, then you’ve have come to the right place. Outlook 2016 is a resource heavy email client. If not closed properly it might give you errors the next time you try to reopen it. In this post, however, I am going to talk about a popular issue that Outlook users typically face at least once. Outlook 2016 Stuck on Processing screen or it hangs or freezes.

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How to Resolve Outlook 2016 Stuck on Processing Screen in Windows 10?

The typical symptoms could be the following:

  • Outlook not responding with or without an error
  • Outlook is stuck on a screen that says “Processing”
  • Outlook hangs, freezes, or stops working when you’re trying to open an email attachment, file or while sending an email message?

There are multiple probable causes that might be causing Outlook 2016 Stuck on Processing. Here are the most typical causes:

  1. A dialogue box is open but hidden to the user’s view.
  2. Office Terms and Conditions have been updated and the “Accept” button is not visible.
  3. 3rd Party Add-Ons not responding or causing Outlook to crash.
  4. The Data files for Outlook could be corrupt (.pst & .ost)

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Quick Fixes to Outlook 2016 Stuck on Processing Window

  • Run Outlook in safe mode. In order to do this, type ‘Outlook.exe /safe‘ in the start menu. See the screenshot below.

How to Resolve Outlook 2016 Stuck on Processing Screen in Windows 10

  • Press Alt+Tab to see of there are any dialogue boxes that might be open.
  • Install the latest updates from the official Office Website.

Repair your Outlook 2016 Installation

  • In Windows 10, Click “Start” and type or look for “Programs & Features
  • Select Microsoft Office (Pro Plus in our case) and click change.
  • Select “Quick Repair” for the first time. If this does not resolve your issue, then select “Online Repair“.

See the screenshots for your reference:

Online repair takes more time but is a more comprehensive process. The success rate is more in “Online repair” but more time consuming. If you think that your Outlook Data Files are corrupted, reach how to fix them here.

Create a New User Profile for Outlook

The mail user profile contains settings and user information. If Outlook 2016 Stuck on Processing screen is due to a settings issue, create a new profile. You can do this by following the steps below:

  • Click on “Start” and Type “Control Panel“. Open Control Panel.
  • Select “All Control Panel Items
  • Click on Mail(Microsoft Outlook 2016)
  • Click on “Show Profiles” and click on “Add” to add another profile.
  • Select “Always Prompt for a Profile to be Used

See below for the Screenshots:

Once a new profile is created for your Outlook client, there would be a prompt to select the profile. In this example, select the new profile that you just created, and add your Email accounts.

Hope this helps your to resolve your Outlook issues. If not, you know whom you should reach out 🙂

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