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Best Gaming Tower Cases with Budget Mid Tower Options & Good Airflow

Best Gaming Tower Cases

If you are a gamer and looking for an unparalleled experience in the best possible gaming setup, a full tower case is perhaps what would enhance the level of your experience by miles. Of course, the modular mid-tower cases can be good, but they tend to get cramped quite soon enough. So, are you looking for the best gaming tower cases that can handle and hold that powerful hardware right away? The choices here can be beneficial for your buying decision.

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Buying Guide for Best Tower Cases

Well, right before you can begin looking for a good tower case for your gaming excellence, it should be quite essential to check out a few parameters so that you will not miss the vital elements later on.

Of course, everyone has their own preferences, but knowing a few things before actually buying them can be quite handy.

The Size

The tower cases are available in many sizes. You can choose between across mini, micro, mid and full tower cases. The dimensions are based on the motherboards that you will be using them with. Mini and Micro tower cases are designed for use with Mini ITX and Micro ATX motherboards. The Mid and full tower cases are designed keeping the ATX and E-ATX motherboards in mind.


The cooling type incorporated can also be a good factor in deciding the type of tower case you will be going with. Case mounted cooling should be one of the best options for effective performance. You can choose the options of air cooling or liquid cooling depending upon the pattern of usage. The liquid cooling will be an option when you are opting for a high-end PC.

Hardware Compatibility

Of course, the case has no components of any kind except for the connection ports. The compatibility we mention here is sole concerning the size of the hardware components. Check the compatibility of the tower case for the motherboard, CPU, graphics card, and storage media.

Best Gaming Tower cases you can buy in 2019

Having gone through the essential considerations, you need to take note of while purchasing a tower case, let us check out a few good cases you can opt for.

Cooler Master Cosmos C700P

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It is one of the most extensive options if you are trying to push the boundaries for the tower case. It presents you the highest possible performance in terms of price, size and customization options. The modular design should be what would make it an excellent choice for a high degree of customization compatibility.

It also has options for an effective cooling mechanism. You should be able to use radiators up to 420 mm in length. The exterior of the case has a gunmetal grey construction. One of the issues you may face though is the storage space limitation that can handle a single SSD or two HDDs. The motherboard layout is rotatable, flexible and removable thus making it highly customizable. The side panel comes with tempered glass construction ensuring high-end durability.

Features –

  • Dimensions – 639 x 306 x 651mm
  • Weight – 22.2 kgs
  • Drive bays – 2.5”: 2, 3.5”: 8

The Pros

  • Excellent build quality and design
  • Modularity that supports a high degree of customization.
  • The RGB lighting integration
  • Motherboard layout can be adjusted.

The Cons

  • PSU extension cables may be required.
  • Storage bay capacity limited

Thermaltake Core V21

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The case is designed for use with the Micro ATX motherboards. You can either opt for a vertical or horizontal orientation of the motherboard, thus offering you a good deal of customization. It comes with a stackable design language where the lower part is meant for the motherboard and upper one for cooling. The case comes with a modular design for easy customization of the components to suit your exact needs.

It has larger ventilated panels and magnetic dust filters so that the internals are always clean enough. However, you may miss the noise absorption feature which may be a big no for some of us who want to enjoy a quieter functioning. You also have a 200 mm fan that delivers a comfortable cooling. It also supports the options for overclocking components.

The Features –

  • Dimensions – 320mm x 336mm x 424mm
  • Weight – NA
  • Drive bays – 3 x 3.5”, 2 x 2.5”

The Pros

  • The modular and stackable design is making its most customizable.
  • An excellent looking form factor.

The Cons

  • Cooling may not be efficient.

Thermaltake View 71

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The Tempered Glass Full Tower Chassis is what would make it an exciting combination for your needs in a full tower PC gaming case. The cooling and expandability offered by the tower case would make it a good option in spite of the expensive price tag. A superior visual appeal provided by the case makes it a great piece to show off.

The case also comes with swinging doors offering enhanced performance. One of the exciting options for RGB enthusiasts, the situation has a vertical GPU mount and enhanced liquid cooling features if you want to showcase your prized internals without having to open the case.

The Features –

  • Dimensions – 592 x 274 x 577 mm
  • Weight – 18.9 kgs
  • Drive bays – 2.5”: 6, 3.5”: 3

The Pros

  • Complete tempered glass construction on all four sides
  • Included RGB LED fans
  • Modular design for an improved flexibility

The Cons

  • Air flow may be a little concern.
  • Price tag

Corsair Crystal Series 570X RGB

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If you are looking for a lower priced option for the four tempered glass construction on all the sides, this should be a great choice. It also meets your needs if you are an RGB enthusiast. A larger ATX case, it offers you a robust cooling experience. You have access to three front RGB LED fans for efficient cooling. It also comes with three radiators if you prefer water cooling.

The case has room for practically anything you want to fill it up with. The easy cable management thanks to the included velcro cable straps. The design follows a direct airflow path for taking care of high-temperature components. The top panel and front panel filtration is designed to provide you access to the best dust management.

The Features

  • Dimensions – 210mm x 460mm x 428mm
  • Weight – 22 pounds
  • Drive bays – 3 x 3.5”, 3 x 2.5”

The Pros

  • Wonderful tempered glass design on all four sides
  • A good ventilation performance
  • A premium quality build

The Cons

  • Expensive price tag

Phanteks-Enthoo Pro Tempered Glass

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The case has simply an excellent place to cramp practically anything you want inside it. It should be able to handle even a large-sized GPU as well. The tempered glass side panel and an exceptionally well-built design quality would make it a perfect fit. The build is impressive enough.

The tool-less modular drive bays would make it one of the most contemporary option. It offers you complete customization, and thus you can prioritize it over the storage or the cooling preferences. Or you can even customize it to make enough room for your components. The cable routing and Velcro straps provide you access to the best possible cable management. The chassis has an excellent option for the airflow and multiple radiators if you are too keen on the cooling needs.

The Features

  • Dimensions – 235mm x 535mm x 550mm
  • Weight – 22 pounds
  • Drive bays – 6 x 3.5”, 4 x 2.5”

The Pros

  • An excellent build and quality.
  • Good cable management

The Cons

  • The case comes with only two fans included.

be quiet! Dark Base Pro 900

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Treated to be one of the best high-end full tower cases, the be quiet! Dark Base Pro 900 is designed to be an excellent option for the sleek design and a great interior. If you are a fan of a modular design, you will find this to be the ultimate choice to meet your enthusiasm. Practically every panel on the case is removable and customizable. You have access to high-end customization options like an inverted motherboard or a preinstalled LED lighting.

The tower case supports the largest ever motherboards and radiators to up to 420 mm in diameter. It also aids in any customized cooling needs you may have. The high-end flexibility combined with the silent operation would make it a formidable choice for almost all your needs. The Silent Wings 3 140mm PWM fans will offer you inaudible service. The Full Circuit Airflow System will provide you with the best cooling performance.

The Features

  • Dimensions – 577 x 243 x 586 mm
  • Weight – 14 Kgs
  • Drive bays – 2.5”: 10, 3.5”: 5

The Pros

  • Highly modular design makes it a modder’s delight
  • Option for wireless Qi design
  • An extremely great cooling design

The Cons

  • The expensive price tag


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An upgrade to the NZXT S340, the new device provides you access to a tempered glass side. Some of the improvements include a tempered glass side, improved intake of air, and other essential tweaks to the design. The case is available with an all steel construction options and offers you a four color combination.

You have access to two AER F 120mm fans for active cooling. Cable management is one of the best with a focus on dual-position cable management bar and cable routing kit.

Compatible with Mini-ITX, Micro-ATX, and ATX motherboards, the NZXT H500 is an excellent choice for a mid-tower case for gaming. It offers you an option for quick release SSD trays that ensures you better ease of use functionality. The steel cable management bar and PSU shroud would help you keep your system quite tidy enough. The storage optimizes airflow and interior space will provide you with an excellent build.

The Features

  • Dimensions – 210mm x 460mm x 428mm
  • Weight – NA
  • Drive bays – 3 x 3.5”, 3 x 2.5”

The Pros

  • A great quality both in terms of design and quality
  • The great aesthetics making it a formidable option

The Cons

  • The air flow may not be right up to the mark.
  • The operation may be a little noisy.

NZXT H440 White Midi Tower Gaming Case

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The case is known for a minimalistic design and clean functionality. What makes it one of the prominent options for almost all your needs is the spacious and thoughtful design offered through the interiors. Enjoyable cable management should make it a hassle-free tower case and tidy management.

The HDD / SSD sections are kept separate from the other components and are completely sealed. This will add up to the minimalistic design offered by the case. It offers you clear options for air or liquid cooling functionality. The case comes with multiple metal parts making it a little heavy though. The interiors may be a little difficult with cramping.

The Features

  • Dimensions – 220 x 513 x 480mm
  • Weight – NA
  • Drive bays – Internal 3.5″: 11 Internal 2.5″: 8

The Pros

  • It offers you a sleek design with multiple color options
  • An excellent build quality
  • A great cable management

The Cons

  • A slightly heavy construction
  • The interior may be a little cramped.

Level 20 GT RGB+ E-ATX (Full Tower Modular) Gaming Case by Thermaltake

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If controlling your smart home devices using Amazon Alexa was not enough, here we have a computer case where you can control the lights and fan rotation speeds using your voice. Ideal for large workstation builds and Threadripper motherboards where you need ample cooling. The case comes with 2 Riing Plus 200mm chassis fans, along with 1 Riing Plus 140mm Fan for colorful cooling as the company puts it.

Using the “TT RGB PLUS” software and the mobiles apps you can monitor performance, adjust fan rpm speeds, and customize the RGB lighting effects. The patented rotatable expansion slot brackets enables you to go for both Horizontal or Vertical mounting options.


  • Supports dual-radiator cooling setup
  • There is a lower chamber for PSUs and wiring
  • Long cables supplied in the box


  • Little or no option for upgrading the existing Level 10 GT fans.
  • The top has a 1/2″ gap, prone to dust.

The Concluded Thoughts

The correct choice for the best gaming tower cases will be dependent upon your personal preferences and taste you may have. However, it would be quite essential to pay attention to the finer details of the cases before actually taking the final call. We assume that the choices for the best gaming tower cases that have been featured here should meet most of the expectations you may have.

Go through the specifications and functionalities for each of them and share your thoughts with us.

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