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Corsair H115i Vs. H100i v2 CPU Liquid Coolers Specifications Comparison

Corsair H115i Vs. H100i v2

As the title implies, today we are talking about / comparing two Corsair liquid cooling systems. Liquid coolers are best when you are building powerful gaming with all high-end components inside. With exceptional performance, these components also generate an excessive amount of heat. Thus, you require a robust cooling system. Corsair is a trusted manufacturer famous for their cooling solution, cases, and more high-quality computer components. Their hydro cooling solution series is pretty popular among gamers and professional desktop builders. Today, we are comparing following elements (Corsair H115i Vs. H100i v2):

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  • Corsair H115i
  • Corsair H100i V2

Corsair H115i Vs. H100i v2

Both of these products belong to same hydro cooler series produced by Corsair. To define which product suits best according to your requirements, first, you need to understand how exactly these products differ from each other. The hydro series alone has 5+ variations of the liquid cooling system. Every variety is unique in its way, making it hard to decide which one is for you. Following is a side by side comparison Corsair H115i and Corsair H100i V2 with all essential specs and technical details. It will help you to understand these both products entirely and choose the best. So without any more delay, here we begin:



Corsair H115i

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Corsair H100i v2

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Product Type:Liquid cooling systemLiquid cooling system
ManufacturerCorsair Microsystems Inc.Corsair Microsystems Inc.

Heatsink & Fan

SpecificationCorsair H115i

Corsair H100i v2

Fan Diameter140 m120 m
Rotation Speed 2000 rpm2435 rpm
Noise Level40 dBA37.7 dBA
Fan Height0.98 m0.98 m
Air Flow104.65 cfm70.7 cfm
Air Flow (metric)178 m³/h120 m³/h
Air Pressure3.99 mm4.65 mm
Compatible WithLGA1150 Socket, LGA1151 Socket, Socket FM2, LGA1155 Socket, LGA1156 Socket, LGA1366 Socket, LGA2011 Socket, LGA2011-3 Socket, Socket AM2, Socket AM3, Socket FM1LGA1150 Socket, LGA1151 Socket, Socket FM2, LGA1155 Socket, LGA1156 Socket, LGA1366 Socket, LGA2011 Socket, LGA2011-3 Socket, Socket AM2, Socket AM3, Socket FM1
Heatsink Materialaluminum with copper basealuminum with copper base
Fans Qty22
FeaturesPulse-width modulation (PWM) supportPulse-width modulation (PWM) support

As we mentioned before, both Corsair H115i and Corsair H100i V2 are liquid cooling systems manufactured by Corsair Microsystems.

The Fans:

Corsair H115i features two 140mm fans. These fans deliver 2000 rpm rotation speed. On the other hand, Corsair H110i V2 features two 120mm fans with 2435 rpm rotation speed, almost 435 reps more than the former one. We believe this difference is because of smaller size. Thanks to the smaller fan size, the noise level of Corsair H100i v2 is a bit lower compared to Corsair H115i. As the table shows, H100i v2 has a noise level of 37.7 dBA while H115i has a noise level of 40 dBA because of bigger fan size. It is pretty impressive that even with smaller fans, H110i v2 delivers better speed at the reduced noise level. Fan height of both the liquid coolers is same that is 0.98 mm.

Air Flow Performance:

When it comes to air flow, Corsair H115i is quite dominating over Corsair H100i v2. Corsair H115i manages o maintain 104.65 cfm or 178 m3/h (metric) of air flow. On the other hand, Corsair H100i v2 delivers only 70.7 cfm or 120 m3/h (metric) of air flow that is almost half of the former one. However, Corsair H100i v2 has better air pressure performance. It delivers 4.65 mm of air pressure throughout the operational time, while Corsair H115i provides only 3.99 mm of air pressure. The difference might seem tiny, but it leaves a high impact on overall performance of these liquid coolers, especially in those performance intensive peak moments.

Compatibility & Additional Features:

The compatibility is nearly same for both the Corsair H115i and Corsair H100i v2. They are compatible with a wide range of CPU sockets from both AMD and Intel. It really makes them ideal choices if you will be tweaking the PC a lot. Talking about the additional features, both of these coolers offer aluminum heatsinks with copper base, which helps them to stay cool all the time. Moreover, they offer pulse width modulation or PWM support.

Pulse Width Modulation:

PWM is one of the most general methods used for controlling fan speed. In pulse width modulations, fans are generally connected to a 4 pin connector. If you choose right motherboard which offers proper firmware and software for utilizing PWM, the fan speed will be controlled according to the temperature of computer case/processor. It might save a bit voltage and reduce noise when full fan speed is not required. In simple words, fans will rotate faster on peak moments, and spin gently or even stop completely when the temperature is low.


SpecificationCorsair H115i

Corsair H100i v2

Product Type:liquid cooling systemliquid cooling system
Category of Accessorycooling and fanscooling and fans
Mounting Kitincludedincluded
FeaturesCorsair LinkCorsair Link
Color Categoryblackblack

Corsair Link Support:                 

Both of these coolers support corsair link dashboard, which is a monitoring software provided by Corsair, themselves. With Corsair link dashboard, one can monitor and control the case fans, lighting, Corsair power supplies and liquid coolers (compatible ones only). You can also monitor temperature and performance of various components and tweak the performance according to the requirements of your systems. You can find more details about this on their official website.

Dimensions & Weight

SpecificationCorsair H115i

Corsair H100i v2

Width5.5 in4.9 in
Depth12.3 in10.9 in
Height1.1 in1.2 in
Weight4.41 pounds4 pounds

As the table clearly shows, Corsair H115i is a bit bigger and bulkier compared to Corsair H100i v2. The former one weighs 4.41 pounds while the later one weighs 4 pounds only. To get the lighter and more compact mode, you will have to compromise with the performance a bit. However, if performance is your priority, then you want to go with Corsair H115i.

Service & Support Details

SpecificationCorsair H115i

Corsair H100i v2

Typelimited warrantylimited warranty
Full Contract Period5 years5 years

Since both products come from the same series and the same manufacturer, you will get five years of limited warranty on both of these CPU coolers.

Buy these here:

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Corsair H115i and H100i v2 are identical. Noise level and the fans are the only difference we can see here. Moreover, the size and weight are a bit different too. We hope this post helps you to determine which of Corsair H115i and Corsair H100i v2 fits best according to your requirements for your next build. We have covered all essential details and specs, still, if you feel like we are missing something, feel free to let us know in the comment section below. Do contact us for any query or suggestion, Thank You!

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