Best Budget 120mm Case Cooling Fans

Best Budget 120mm Case Cooling Fans For CPU Cases with LED Options

After a long gaming session when you are relaxing, have you ever thought that you CPU also needs to be adequately chilled. The intense gaming sessions can also heat up your computer to an alarming stage if you don’t use the right parts. One such necessary component is case cooling fans that are often neglected. So, we have compiled a list of best budget 120mm case cooling fans, that should serve the purpose.

Chassis fans play an essential role in proper functioning of the other components in the PC. They prevent your computer from overheating by expelling the hot air out. Seeing, how vital these fans are, it is a good practice to get the best one possible that suits your budget. But the market is cluttered with hundreds of case cooling fans all claiming to be the best. How to choose? See below:

Best Budget 120mm Case Cooling Fans

So we decided to make a list based on our team experience and research. We have pointed down all the pros and cons and then filtered only the best ones that are worth every penny.  Let’s jump on to the list of best budget 120mm case cooling fans.

1. Arctic F12 PWM Rev.2 120mm CPU Case Fan

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As this post is budget oriented, so we are starting with the most affordable case cooling fan Arctic F12 PWM 120 mm fan. There are nothing fancy or extra features in this case fan. But it does its work pretty well. Its innovative design improves the air flow and facilitates a highly efficient ventilation system. The noise level has also been minimized yet delivering the same airflow and pressure.

The PWM feature allows the motherboard to operate the fan precisely at the necessary speed. It can be used to blow air our or draw cold air in, you get two ways of installation. The fluid dynamic bearing posses a long service life. At such a low price, this is the best 120mm CPU case fan that we could find.

2. Rosewill Computer Case Fan 120mm

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Just raise the budget by few more dollars, and you get the Rosewell’s 120mm computer case fan. Looks are just average. Nothing fancy but still looks decent. But while picking this one for this list of best 120 mm CPU case fans, we give priority to the durability and performance that it offers. You will not be going to regret your money being spent on this one.

Its motor can rotate up to 2000 RPM with the max air flow of 74.48 CFM. Plus, you won’t have to hear that loud noise that comes from cheap CPU case fans. The noise level when it is working is just 29.28dBA

3. Thermaltake Riing 12 Series High Static Pressure 120mm Circular

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Thermaltake Riing 12 series 120mm case fan looks better than the chassis fans mentioned above. It has concentrated compression blade for high static pressure for high demanding applications like games. The hydraulic bearing helps in keeping the noise level. The hydraulic bearing also ensures that vibrations are as low as possible.

The anti-vibration rubber pads cut down further vibration at all four corners. Moreover, you can choose from the four LED lighting effects. So you are getting custom LED styles, three years long warranty and brilliant warm air flow out of the case.

4. AsiaHorse Solar Eclipse 120mm Computer Case Fan

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AsiaHorse Solar Eclipse 120mm, two pack CPU case, might be the perfect set if you are looking for a pair of stylish yet powerful case fans. This is a set of 120mm that is compatible with various types of chassis. It works in the speed range of 800- 1800 RPM. Plus, the LED lights, aerodynamic inlet design fan, and cool operation makes it even better over its competitors.

It standard 12 cm size makes it compatible with all types of chassis. On both sides of the fan frame, silicon pads are used to reduce the vibrations and noise of the motor. Also, the variety of colors that meet different users need.

5. NZXT Technologies RF-FZ120-W1

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If you are building a budget-oriented gaming PC, this CPU case fan from NZXT Technologies will match your requirements. The RF-FZ120-W1 features a powerful LED fan that operates at a low noise level of just 27dBA with exceptional airflow at 59.1 CFM. It is designed to operate at minimal speeds of 1200 RPM. It comes with two years warranty.

The bearing is one of the most critical parts of the CPU fans. The long-life bearings being used in this case fan has been tested for over 40000 hours of operation. You have to choose from the 5 LED vibrant colors, which are white, blue, orange, green, and red. It offers a right combination of durability, efficiency, and style.

However, do note its compatibility, as NZXT is known to only work with own their branded cases.

6. Cooler Master JetFlo 120mm Computer Case Fan

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Cooler Master JetFlo 120mm case fan will also cost you the same as the above to fans. But it looks more premium, sturdy and appealing to the eyes. The ultra-thin yet mighty blades operate in the range of 800 to 2000 RPM (PWM). The provides an exceptional air flow of 95 CFM.

Inside the fan, it comes with long-lasting, durable self-lubricating bearings that stay for around 160000 hours. Available in three LED color options and one non-LED black color option. The performance is not an issue with this case fan. But the noise level is slightly higher as compared to other fans of its range, with a maximum of 36 dBA. So if you have no problem with somewhat higher noise levels, JetFlo 120 mm fan is an excellent option to consider.

7. Corsair Air Series AF120 Performance Edition Single Fan

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Corsair Air Series Computer CPU fans are very famous among the desktop PC gaming enthusiasts.  Corsair has released a lot of fans under the Air Series. As this post is budget-friendly, so the one we have mentioned here is AF120 Performance edition 120 mm single fan. The noise level is nor too high neither very less just average with a maximum value of 30dBA.

It is ideal to mount on the rear or top side of your CPU case as an exhaust fan for your motherboard. It operates at 12V with a maximum speed of 1650RPM and the maximum airflow of 63.47 CFM which is decent. But it is not just the one paper specs that make a product worth the price. But it is the actual problems and workloads where the product has to sustain itself. That’s Corsair AF120 performance edition fan is our list of best budget 120 mm CPU case fans. We almost forget you will also get two years warranty on this product from Corsair.

8. Noctua 120mm NF-S12A

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The NF-S12A is the third generation of Noctua’s popular S12 series fans that are not only powerful but also quiet. In the third generation, the blades have been more refined to achieve even better results and low noise operations.  Due to anti-stall knobs, the new NF-S12A has become even more refined and versatile to airflow.

The AAO frame used in this PC case fan features integrated anti-vibration pads along with proprietary inlet to reduce noise and hike the performance by a significant margin as compared to the regular PC case fans. The low-noise adapter reduces the fan speed from 1200 RPM to 900 RPM to cut down the noise level when not under heavy workloads. Plus, SSO2 bearings with a rear magnet setup provides even better stabilization and durability. If you are still not sure, let me change your mind. Noctua NF-S12A comes with six years manufacturer warranty and an MTTF rating of more than 150000 hours.

9. Rocksoul Cool Killer 120mm fan

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Rocksoul Cool Killer 120 mm CPU Case fan has a transparent design with RED LED lights and nine blades that separates it from the other PC case fans. Due to its nine blades design, it operates quietly with just 25dBA noise and high airflow of 64.6 CFM. The long-life bearings will provide good reliability and smooth operation. It is ideal for achieving high airflow with minimal speeds of 1800 RPM. If your PC demands extreme airflow, Rocksoul Cool Killer is the coolest and affordable solution for you.  Rocksoul offers one year warranty on this case fan.

10. Corsair ML120 Pro LED Computer Case Fan

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If you could raise your budget to around $30, we have a great option to keep your PC cool. Corsair ML120 Pro LED computer case fan is the best looking and most powerful PC case fan among all the other fans here. The magnetic levitation technology used in the bearings and custom engineered rotors that helps this fan to achieve unrivaled performance and quieter operation.

Its innovative design delivers high static pressure thereby high airflow to keep your gaming PC cool. Its 2000 RPM control range provides the user better control over the performance and low-noise operations. Your PC must also look cool. So The ML120 Pro comes with color customizations, available in Red, White, and Blue. The ultra-bright LED mounted in the center gives a vivid blast of light and color that looks stunning. Corsair offers two years warranty on this one also for complete peace of mind.


We hope you like our compilation of the Best Budget 120mm Case Cooling Fans available on the market. Like we mentioned in cetain cases, check the dimentions and compatilibty with your case, before buying.

Questions and suggestions are always welcome in the comment section below.

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