Best X570 Motherboards for AMD Ryzen 2 Matisse 3800x, 3700x, 3600 etc

Best X570 Motherboards

Recently, there has been a launch of the much anticipated, AMD 3rd Gen Ryzen CPUs, and to them, the motherboards and it’s surrounding ecosystem. Since the official launch of these CPUs, the motherboard partners are eager to grab everyone’s attention. Within no time, you will perceive a broad range of new motherboards on the market. The latest Ryzen processors are exclusively designed to pair with the AMD X570 chipset which is recognized as the first desktop chipset to allow users to use PCI Express 4.0 connectivity.

Some of the top motherboard manufacturers like Gigabyte, Asus, and MSI have announced several offerings to support these new processors. To power, these CPUs, the incorporation of X570 motherboard will present tons of benefits. One of the prominent benefits would be the support for PCIe 4.0. It would considerably enhance the bandwidth accessible for solid-state drives (SSDs), graphics cards, and other internal components. While purchasing these motherboards, the prominent aspects to consider are chipset, DIMM slots, form factor, memory, expansion slots and connectors, GPU support, storage, connections, and more. The below section highlight the best X570 motherboards:

A motherboard is a printed circuit board (PCB) that creates a kind of backbone with connects all the computer peripherals with the CPU over various serial bus interconnects.

List of Best X570 Motherboards

  1. X570 AORUS Xtreme (Amazon | Newegg)
  2. X570 Aorus Pro (Amazon | Newegg)
  3. ASRock X570 Taichi (Amazon | Newegg)
  4. PRESTIGE X570 CREATION by MSI (Amazon | Newegg)
  5. X570 I Aorus Pro Wi-Fi (Amazon | Newegg)
  6. X570 Aorus Elite (Amazon | Newegg)
  7. X570 Aorus Master (Amazon | Newegg)
  8. X570 Aorus Ultra (Amazon | Newegg)
  9. MEG X570 GODLIKE (Amazon | Newegg)
  10. MPG X570 Gaming Plus (Amazon | Newegg)
  11. MPG X570 Gaming Plus: (Amazon | Newegg)

MPG X570 gaming plus by MSI

Designed primarily for gaming enthusiast, the MPG X570 gaming plus motherboard is sure to satisfy gamers with their needs. The essential components of this motherboard include Extended Heatsink Design, Core boost, Frozr Heatsink Design, M.2 Shield Frozr accessory, Lightning Gen4 M.2, Turbo USB, and MSI latest Dragon Center. Presented with 6 other models anticipated to be obtainable at the launch of the X570 chipset, it is known that MSI has focused excessively on its entry-level X570 motherboard, i.e., the MPG X570 gaming plus motherboard. Some of the prominent components of this MPG motherboard are two PCIe 4.0 M.2 slots, two-full length PCIe 4.0 slots and an actively cooled chipset heatsink.

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It is anticipated that this MSI gaming motherboard will be one of the excellent wallet-friendly gaming themed motherboards. Your processor would stay free from excess heating because the chip includes a cooling fan to deliver the heatsink cooling. This cooling is recommended for optimal performance. Moreover, the power delivery heatsinks are detached from one another to present cooling to the SoC elements and the CPU VCore.  There are several distinguishing factors to note. Mainly, the aesthetic is depended on a conventionally identified red & black theme. It is known that this design protrudes from the heatsinks on the PCB.


  • In the upper right-hand corner of the board, there are a total of 4 DDR4 memory slots. Also, the CPU receives power from a pair of CPU power inputs comprising of an 8-pin as well as 4-pin 12 V ATX connectors.
  • There is the availability of two full-length PCIe 4.0 slots along with an extra 3 PCIe 4.0 x1 slots. There are two PCIe 4.0 M.2 slots and one of them boasts a Lightning Gen 4 M.2 heatsink. Remaining of the storage abilities of the motherboard is 6 right-angled SATA ports.
  • There is the exclusive use of the Frozr Heatsink design in this X570 motherboard. It is exclusively designed with the patented fan as well as double ball bearings to deliver the most exceptional performance for serious gamers.
  • It comes equipped with the Dragon Center, which is essentially a brand new software assimilating all MSI tools. Names of these tools are VOICE BOOST, GAME MODE, and LIVE UPDATE with the intuitive user interface.
  • The combination of 16.8 million colors or 29 effects is controlled through a single click to deliver mystic light.


Exceptional performance and power are the key specialties of the MEG X570 GODLIKE motherboard product. In this motherboard, there is flagship 14+4+1 phases IR digital VRM as well as latest infinity design. The mentioned design represents exceptional performance. It would surpass the competition with the Mystic Light Infinity II, Triple Lightning M.2 with Shield Frozr, Dynamic Dashboard, XTREME Audio DAC and Killer xTend with 2.5G LAN plus WIFI 6 solution.

MEG X570 GODLIKE exemplifies another zenith of the contemporary design, stunning aesthetics, and excellent reliability from a prolonged line of flagship motherboards by MSI GAMING. At the bottom of the Mystic Light Infinity II, there is an efficient “Core Boost” power delivery system. This system is proficient of enhancing the output of the overclocked AMD Ryzen processors. The processor will be benefitted with exceptional expandability and the built-in accessory cards.

The motherboard conveys its premium offering for serious gamers through a broad range of features. The accessories pack comprise of Twin Frozr M.2 PCIe add-on card and an Aquantia AQC107 10 GbE add-in card. So, the users are allowed to incorporate an extra two PCIe 4.0 x4 M.2 drives on the peak of the three that are available on the board.  Every M.2 slot on the board contains its own distinct Lightning Gen4 M.2 heatsink. Its chipset is maintained cool through a single fan that showcases double ball bearing technology.


  • There is a contemporary OLED screen included between the 4 DDR4 memory slots and the unit’s 24-pin ATX 12 V motherboard power input.
  • It boasts an exact 14-phase power delivery for the VCore. It is known that this power delivery utilizes the Infineon TDA21472 MOSFETs and also incorporates an IR35201 Digital PWM controller.
  • The operation is powered by the two 8-pin 12 V ATX CPU power inputs. These inputs let the Godlike as the suitable desktop board for intense users.
  • It supports second and third generation AMD Ryzen™ / Ryzen™ with the Radeon™ Vega Graphics Desktop Processors especially for the AM4 socket
  • It is possible to personalize and establish your preferred color scheme with the help of MSI Mystic Light. There is a combination of a unique mirror reflection to create infinite light effects.
  • There is the implementation of isolated audio along with ESS DAC, two audio processors and Nahimic to present astounding sound quality with 384kHz/32-bit
  • The I/O shielding is facilitated through the EMI protection and convenient installation.
  • Designing is made complete with the fan and double ball bearings to deliver supreme performance for gaming.
  • Fast game playing experience is facilitated through the PCIe 4.0, StoreMI, Triple Lightning Gen4 x4 M.2 with M.2 Shield Frozr, and AMD Turbo USB 3.2 Gen2.

X570 Aorus Ultra:

Compared to other X570 motherboards, the Aorus Ultra incorporates more elaborate features and hence the name. Some of these fancy features include shroud covering the IO area, three M.2 slots equipped with heatsinks, and a uniquely different design on the chipset heatsink capable of concealing a fan underneath. The board utilizes a 14-phase digital VRM accompanied by massive finned heatsinks on the two sets of power bits.

Discussing the PCIe slots, it exhibits full-length and durable slots along with a 3rd full-length slot which is devoid of the reinforcement. It is found that the upper top two slots function at PCIe 4.0 x16 and x8 respectively through the use of 3rd gen Ryzen CPUs. On the other hand, the last slot gets the power supply from the chipset, and it functions at x4 speeds. Other than the full-length slots, there are two x1 slots present.


  • The X570 Aorus Ultra incorporates an Intel GbE LAN chip for facilitating wired networking. Moreover, there is an Intel Wi-Fi 6 802.11ax adapter equipped with Bluetooth 5.0. Usually, the speeds can attain the maximum limit of up to 2.4 Gbps.
  • The facility of storage on the SATA front comprises of 6 SATA ports capable of supporting RAID 0, 1, and 10.
  • It houses 3 M.2 slots -two 22110 and 2280. Every driver supports SATA modules and PCIe 3.0 x4/x2. The mentioned slots utilize heatsinks for the M.2 modules.
  • All 4 DIMM slots are powered with speeds listed up to DDR4 3200 MHz along with the maximum capacity of up to 128GB.
  • There is no point of concern regarding the USB connectivity, which is identical to the Pro. There are 3USB 3.1 Gen 1 ports and a USB 3.1 Gen 2 (Type-A). On the back panel, there is the presence of a USB 3.1 Gen 2 Type-C port. Apart from all the USB 3.x support, there are four USB 2.0 ports present at the back, so in total, there are 10 ports.

X570 Aorus Master:

When carefully observed, it is found that the X570 Aorus Master appears identical to the X570 Ultra. Moreover, the functionalities of both of them are similar. There are obvious differences, i.e., X570 Aorus Master include 2.5 GbE networking and an autophile centric unique audio codec. However, it still utilizes the 14-phase digital VRM and heatsink setup as found in X570 Ultra. There is minimal RGB lighting on the cover overhead the VRMs and near the audio area. The entire operation is made efficient by the presence of more switches, fan headers, and debug LEDs. On the top of the DRAM slots, there are voltage read points available.

One of the prominent aspects in which the Master excels is the networking capabilities. Inside its structure, there is an Intel GbE LAN chip hardwired. Also, there is the inclusion of a Realtek 2.5 Mbit LAN chip to deliver ultra-fast transfer potentials.


  • The storage facility is accomplished with the help of 6 SATA ports that supports RAID 0, 1, and 10 accompanied with 3 M.2 slots. Every M.2 slot is PCIe 4.0 x4/x2, and they are capable of handling SATA modules.
  • On the back panel, there are 10 ports available. Names of these 10 ports are 3 USB 3.1 Gen 2 Type-A ports, a Type-C support Gen 2 for facilitating 10 Gbps connectivity, 2 USB 3.1 Gen 1 ports and 4 USB 2.0 ports.
  • On its surface, there are 3 full-length reinforced PCIe slots and a single x1 slot. At the top, there is a primary GPU slot which executes at PCIe 4.0 x16 whereas the second slot executes at PCIe 4.0 x8. It is known that the third slot is linked through the chipset and performs at PCIe 3.0 x4 whenever there is the use of a Third Gen Ryzen CPU.
  • 4 reinforced DIMM slots can support maximum RAM of up to 128GB with supreme speeds up to 3200 MHz.
  • Provision of the multi-GPU support is made available in the form of NVIDIA Quad-GPU SLI, 2-Way SLI with Quad-GPU Crossfire as well as 2-Way Crossfire support purposely for AMD based video cards.

X570 Aorus Elite:

Recognized as the entry-level X570 Aorus board, the X570 Aorus Elite is essentially an ATX board. The Elite motherboard pitches a 14-phase digital VRM along with dual heatsinks intended to maintain coolness. In the cover, you will find the RGB lighting to deliver sufficient illumination. The corresponding chipset contains the Aorus eagle accompanied by a small fan to maintain the cooling effect.

For any X570 motherboard, the network connectivity is a crucial aspect to consider. A wired Intel GbE LAN chip manages its network connectivity. Furthermore, the audio is solely managed by the Realtek ALC1200 codec and there is support provided for up to 5.1 channels.  The facility of the storage on this Elite board contains 6 SATA ports as well as 2 M.2 slots. These two M.2 slots hold up SATA drives, or they hold up PCIe 4.0 x4/x2 drives while utilizing a 3rd gen Ryzen CPU. The upper slot comprises a heatsink to dissipate heat from the NVMe drives.


  • The X570 Elite motherboard comprises of 2 full-length PCIe slots along with two x1 size slots. On the board, the top slot holds up PCIe 4.0 x16 from the CPU through 3rd gen Ryzen processors. There is also a second slot which executes at PCIe 4.0 x4. AMD Quad-GPU Crossfire. Furthermore, it supports 2-Way AMD Crossfire technologies.
  • Discussing the USB connectivity, the Elite motherboard contains two 3.1 Gen 2 Type-A ports working at the maximum speed of 10 Gbps. There is one more Type-C port supported through an internal header. At the rear IO, there are 4 extra USB 2.0 ports available.
  • The 4 DIMM slots support maximum DDR4 memory of 128GB. The maximum speed is DDR4 3200 MHz for Third Gen CPUs whereas it is a 2933 MHz for the Second Gen Ryzen CPUs.

X570 I Aorus Pro Wi-Fi:

A minute sized motherboard in this list, the X570 I Aorus Pro Wi-Fi boasts an 8-phase Digital VRM, and there is also a massive heatsink for dissipating the heat of the power bits. In its structure, the chipset heatsink is positioned above the PCIe slot, and there is a small fan to maintain the cooling effect. On the board, you will find Intel Wi-Fi 6 (802.11ax) wireless with Bluetooth 5 support. Moreover, there is also the inclusion of a wired Intel GbE LAN chip. The built-in audio system is powered from a Realtek ALC1220-VB codec through Nichicon Audio capacitors. This sound system would support up to 7.1 channel audio.


  • The facility of the USB connectivity is offered on the back panels by including a total of 6 ports. Classification of these 6 ports is as follows: 4 USB 3.1 Gen 1 ports, a USB Type-C, and Type-A ports that support USB 3.1 Gen 2 connectivity.
  • When you look at its storage front, you will find the presence of two M.2 slots. When this motherboard is operated for a Third Gen Ryzen processor, these two slots will execute at PCIe 4.0 x4/x2 speeds. In case, there is the use of SATA-based drives; there would be 6 SATA ports that support RAID0, 1, and 10.
  • The included 2 reinforced slots assure the maximum memory capacity of up to 64GB. The maximum memory speed is up to DDR4 3200 MHz when this board is used for Third Gen AMD Ryzen processors. When it is being used with Second Gen, the maximum memory speed is up to 2933.

Prestige X50 Creation by MSI:

The overall aesthetics of the MSI Prestige X570 Creation motherboard is alluring. The similar look resembles the MSI X399 Creation, and it also replicates some of the elements from it. All these elements are implemented on an E-ATX sized consumer desktop model. It is vital to focus on the front and rear panel of any motherboard.

The rear panel is made exquisite with the help of an RGB enabled design along with the creation logo at the center. This cover would encompass the vast power delivery heatsink which showcases a great design. The unique design is present near the MOSFETs, at the bottom of the 4 DDR4 memory slots, and inside the chipset heatsink. In the chipset heatsink, there is a cooling fan available to enhance the cooling effect. Names of some of the prominent elements are an Aquantia 10 GbE networking controller packed with an M.2 Xpander and 12 USB 3.1 Gen2 ports present on the rear panel.


  • Near the southern region of the Prestige X570 Creation motherboard, there is the exclusive inclusion of a PCB cover. This cover is dedicated to offering a premium appearance and also complements the beauty of the chipset heatsink.
  • On the surface of this motherboard, there is the availability of 3 full-length PCIe 4.0 slots and 4 PCIe 4.0 x1 slots. This kind of configuration allows the board to support two-way AMD CrossFire as well as two-way NVIDIA SLI multi-graphics card configurations.
  • The board comes with two 8-pin 12 V ATX CPU power inputs, and the board is also fed with a single 24-pin 12 V ATX motherboard power input.
  • Its rear panel is one of the most imposing ones because it comes with lots of useful ports. There are 11 USB 3.1 Gen2 Type-A and a single USB 3.1 Gen2 Type-C port. Furthermore, there is also a PS/2 combo port, two USB 2.0 ports, and dual LAN.

ASRock X570 Taichi:

Representing the new Wi-Fi standard, you will find that the ASRock X570 Taichi motherboard pack in lots of advanced functionalities. This ASRock motherboard is the first board equipped with next-generation Intel® Wi-Fi 6 802.11ax adapter. Maximum working speed will be up to 2.4Gbps, and it can also natively execute with 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz concurrently. One of the appealing aspects is there is a considerable enhancement in bi-directional MU-MIMO support.

Inside its structure, the next generation PCI Express 4.0 is competent of executing at twice the speed than that of the previous 3rd generation. The exclusive Steel Slot from ASRock with additional anchor points is innovatively incorporated to guarantee excellent signal stability. They also assured that the heavy graphics cards are safely installed inside the PCI-E slot.

The heatsink top cover is manufactured with aluminum alloy to enhance the heat dissipation. At the bottom, there is the next generation PCI Express 4.0 Hyper M.2 Socket that operates at the double the transfer speed that of the previous 3rd Generation. Unlike other cheap quality motherboards, this ASRock motherboard conveys outstanding performance and beautiful aesthetics due to the multicolor lighting way. There is the implementation of complete control to power the built-in RGB LEDs. This kind of control is also helpful to power the connected LED strips, coolers, CPU fans, chassis, and other RGB devices.


  • The typical pre-mounted I/O shield is only adorned with stylish color schemes. However, the ASRock X570 Taichi employs increased tolerance space, and the IO shield is also adjustable while installing. Therefore, the chassis will fit impeccably without any concerns.
  • Its structure exhibits important components and smooth power delivery into the CPU. Moreover, it conveys unique overclocking potentials and improved performance by working at a reduced temperature.
  • On the rear I/O, there is a pair of onboard Type-A and Type-C USB 3.2 Gen2 ports. These ports help support the next generation USB 3.2 Gen2 devices, and they are also accomplished to offer maximum data transfer rates up to 10 Gbps.
  • The convenient BIOS flashing is presented with a simple click. The users will be able to effortlessly attain the contemporary BIOS support through a USB and power supply. Hence, there is no need for RAM, CPU, or other components.

X570 Aorus Pro:

Similar to the most X570 motherboards discussed in this list, the Aorus Pro utilizes a 14-phase digital VRM along with dual heatsinks. The noticeable difference between the Pro and Elite are diverse heatsinks and enhanced styling with the incorporation of a 4-pin EPS 12V to the prevailing 8-pin EPS. Within its configuration, the RGB lighting is attractively executed with a minor line on the upper part of the IO cover. It is inferred that the chipset heatsink is identical to the Elite along with the Aorus eagle and a small fan for cooling purpose.


  • For managing all the network tasks, the X570 Aorus Pro motherboard possesses a single Intel GbE LAN chip. The audio functionality is being led by a Realtek ALC1220-VB codec and by up to 7.1 channel audio.
  • There is the provision of USB support on the back IO which comprises of 3 USB 3.1 Gen 1 ports and a USB 3.1 Gen 2 (Type-A). Besides, on the back panel, you will see a USB 3.1 Gen 2 Type-C port. To sum up a total of 10 ports, there are 4 USB 2.0 ports also available.
  • Storage facility on this Pro motherboard comes in the configuration of 6 SATA ports which hold up RAID 0, 1, and 10. The included two M.2 slots operate at PCIe 4.0 x4/x2 and based on SATA modules. These two M.2 slots utilize heatsinks to dissipate heat from the drivers.
  • The maximum memory capacity of the 4 DIMM slots is up to 128GB, and the maximum speeds at which it operates is 3200 MHz when served with a ThirdGen Ryzen processor.

X570 AORUS Xtreme:

All the Gigabyte X570 motherboards are essentially based on the AMD X570 chipset and they offer comprehensive support for third generation AMD Ryzen™ Processors. Belonging from the Gigabyte line of motherboards, this X570 Xtreme motherboard boasts the latest design to prove how the brand meticulously focuses on the design quality. It presents a useful list of features including the support for PCIe 4.0 and the availability of USB Type-C™ interfaces. With the upgraded audio, fast speed of Ethernet and the contemporary standard of WiFi design, there is no doubt that whether it fulfills the users’ needs or not. The expectations of users regarding performance, data transfer speeds, and audio quality are successfully fulfilled.

With the execution of the cutting-edge power and thermal design, the users can explore the performance on the AMD Ryzen™ 3000-Series Processors. This makes this motherboard an immaculate one for those users expecting to set up the top-notch AMD platform gaming system. There will be a significant boost in the potentials of your PC with the implementation of AMD StoreMI technology. The StoreMI enhances the speed of the traditional storage devices to cut down boot times. This utility assimilates the speed of SSDs with the extreme capacity of HDDs within a single drive. Also, there will be an enhancement in the read or write speeds to boost the performance of the system ultimately.

Incorporating this motherboard will let you share your outstanding gaming moments with XSplit Gamecaster + Broadcaster. Its completely optimized social media integration is always available for real-time chats so you can be notified and yet stay concentrated in the game. With a single click, it would be easy to stream your gameplay to Twitch, so you can now host your game like a seasoned gamer.


  • The X570 AORUS Xtreme implements the precise, unparalleled, and cutting-edge thermal design to guarantee excellent performance of chipset, CPU, SSD stability, and low temperature when operated for gaming or full loading applications.
  • To deliver improved performance, the Xtreme motherboard incorporates full PCIe 4.0 design, high-frequency memory, and comprehensive SSD thermal guard.
  • It is made future-proof, so your PC system always stays up-to-date with contemporary technology. It offers all next-generation storage, network, and WIFI connectivity to make sure you stay updated with the new market.


The discussed X570 motherboards are dedicated to boosting the overall performance of the new Ryzen 2 processors. These are among the most modern motherboards on the market and will not let you down in terms of efficiency, performance or overclocking.

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The Computex event is fast approaching, and from this perspective, we have been expecting a host of new advancements and announcements. The first option we have been hoping would include the motherboards. We are planning the launch of an impressive number of X570 motherboards from several manufacturers. While we would hasten to add that there are no products launched as of now in this genre and the products we will cover here may not be available anytime soon. Moreover, the specifications we list out here are likely to change when the motherboards are actually launched.

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The X570 Motherboard – An Overview

The new X570 motherboard is compatible with the Ryzen 3000 series chipsets. There have been several informational tidbits are available on the internet concerning what will it offer you. Of course, there isn’t much information available on the specific feature sets available on the new motherboard.

To begin with, the new X570 will be an all PCIe 4.0 option. There were words about the support for PCIe 4.0, but an all 4.0 functionality is what is being touted as of now. It has been designed to work with the new Zen 2 architecture.

The new motherboard is stated to be the enthusiast level hardware option. It will support the new Ryzen 3000 series chipsets.

The new X570 motherboards are expected to offer speeds of around 4.5 GHz. Experts believe that the motherboard will provide a 15 percent enhancement as compared to the previous generation of motherboards. The X570 motherboard is expected to carry a total of 40 PCIe 4.0 lanes. The PCIe lanes will be shared with the SATA interface.

The number of USB ports has been expected to be 12. There will be eight USB 3.1 Gen 2 ports and four USB 2.0 ports.

The Best X570 Motherboards in 2019

Well, it may be too early to share information on the best X570 motherboards. There are no specific launches currently available for the X570 motherboard format. However, there have been a few leaks that are being indicated.

Now that Computex is arriving shortly, several new X570 motherboards are being launched by several manufacturers. The first lot of motherboards are expected to come from partner manufacturers.

We will check out the leaks available as of now and will update the post when the products are actually launched. The prominent options will include ASRock, Asus, and MSI, to name just a few.

X570 Motherboards from ASRock

ASRock has been teasing a lot of options in the realm of X570 motherboards. The ASRock X570 Phantom Gaming Motherboard is one of the options we found. They are expected to come up with flagship designs with excellent heat sink functionality. Specifically designed for use with gaming, the motherboard comes with an updated Polychrome RGB system. This will help you improve the best possible RGB lighting performance.

The new motherboards are expected to be launched and displayed at the Computex 2019. The company has recently teased the launch of the new motherboard through its Facebook page. The video that the company has recently posted on its Facebook page gives a clear indication of the upcoming range of motherboards. ASRock has not come up clearly on the exact models, but we expect it to be an X570 motherboard. The new motherboard is likely to be compatible with AMD’s next-gen Ryzen 3000 series CPUs.

BIOSTAR X570 Motherboards

BIOSTAR has also been launching its X570 based motherboard – as per the new tease that they have come up. The upcoming motherboard from BIOSTAR will be based on AM4 socket and X570. The motherboard will support the new forthcoming AMD Ryzen 3000 series CPUs.

Once again, the official launch pad for the new X570 motherboard would be the Computex event 2019. The full black color theme offered by the silver accents and is offered as part of the racing range line up. This motherboard is cooled by tow metallic fin heatsinks. You also have access to the multiple expansion slots.

The motherboard offers you access to 16 PCIe 4.0 slots. There are three M.2 slots, and one of them is available in full length.

The motherboard also comes with an option for switching off the fan for lower noise. There are several connectors which include DisplayPort, HDMI, DVI, PS/2, four USB 3.1 Gen1, two USB 3.1 Gen 2 (Type-A + Type-C), a Gigabit Ethernet LAN port and a 7.1 channel HD audio jack.

Having said all that, it should be clearly noted that the information currently available for these motherboards is through the PR released by BIOSTAR. The actual specifications may change slightly by the time the motherboard is made available for the consumers.

X570 Motherboards from MSI

MSI last year launched three series of motherboards – MPG for mid-range budget, MAG range for budget builds of a PC and MEG series for the enthusiasts and high-end users. There has been no word on whether the same format will be utilized for the X570 motherboards.

However, some confirmations indicate the possibility of an X570 launch. You can expect the MSI motherboards with X570 specifications in the Gaming Plus and Gaming Carbon Pro series. There are many details available about the specific features offered on the new motherboards, but there are a few features we would expect to arrive on the latest motherboards.

You have access to the dual PCIe slots that would offer 16 lanes in total. The motherboard will support PCIe 4.0 version. You will also have access to an onboard fan for an enhanced cooling effect. These motherboards will come with features like VRMs and M.2 slots. The motherboards from MSI will come with two M.2 slots for NVME and SATA drives. Other options available will include two full PCIe 4.0 slots and 12 CPU power connector options. There will also be active fan support on the motherboard.

The Gaming Plus variety will come with six SATA ports while the Gaming Pro Carbon will offer you access to five of those ports. While the motherboards will be similar in every respect to the previous range of motherboards from MSI and the only difference will be the active cooling fan that comes on the chipset.

The colorful range of X570 Motherboards

Colorful is yet another motherboard manufacturers you will find interesting and an efficient one at that. Of course, the brand is not something we have been aware of since quite long enough. Once again, the motherboard is almost similar to the motherboards launched by MSI.

There is yet another additional PCIe 4.0 slot. The motherboard comes with an active cooling fan as well. It appears that the active cooling fan will be something we will continuously be witnessing consistently with the X570 motherboards. The motherboard is also expected to arrive with a decent level of RGB.

The best we have heard about the Colorful CVN X570 motherboards. The motherboard has been made available in the Gaming Pro, and it should be one of the excellent options for your needs in a high-end motherboard in the gaming-centric option. The motherboard is one of the best options and provides you access to the best standards in terms of a gamer centered PCs. The availability of multiple RGB accents is a clear indication of this proof.

The motherboard does offer you 10 phase CPU and 2 phase Memory VRM options. It also comes with an 8 pin AM4 power socket as well.

The AM4 socket will come with support for AMD Ryzen 3000 series of CPUs. You have access to two massive aluminum heatsinks available on the motherboard.

Asus X570 Motherboards

Well, Asus is one of the most popular partners for AMD. Can we expect any X570 motherboard arriving from the manufacturer? Well, there are no items or launches that they have indicated as such. But there are indications of a full X570 motherboard lineup coming up quite soon. We would indeed expect some sort of news from Asus during the Computex event 2019.

The motherboard comes with three full PCIe 4.0 slots, but that may not necessarily mean this is the X570 motherboard itself. Some other indications that may indicate the possibility of it being an X570 motherboard is the availability of two M.2 slots and four RAM slots. Asus showed off only a part of the motherboard, and thus it is quite challenging to detect the exact type or category of the motherboard. There is no accurate information currently available about the number of SATA slots and other details. We could not find a precise location of the active fan, though.

Any Other options coming up?

That was all we could gather from around the world and could scrape through those few possible X570 motherboards. It should be noticed that several manufacturers have not come up clear enough with what they are planning for the new range of motherboards. However, there have been a few hints let out, and a few teases indicated.

Even in that case, we would expect a few more launches being announced precisely when the Computex takes off on May 28. Maybe a few manufacturers have been into their homework and may be planning more of the motherboards in the X570 option.

The Concluding Thoughts

That was all we have had with the launch of X570 motherboards as of now. Of course, there are no official launches currently available. We are just waiting for the exact launches, and that is exactly what we will be checking out on the sidelines of Computex 2019.

Practically speaking, there is no physical presence of an X570 motherboard as of now. What we currently have access to is a planned schedule of the launch from multiple manufacturers. Let us wait for the actual launches of the X570 motherboards and update the post as and when that happens.

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