Why all Current Windows Phone 8 Can Be Upgraded

Why all Current Windows Phone 8 Can Be Upgraded

Unlike the WP7 handsets which could not be upgraded to WP8 due to Hardware and Software limitations, Greg Sullivan, a senior marketing manager at Microsoft, said that “all the current Windows Phone 8 handsets would be upgraded to the next major release”.
and I quote:

“We’re not going to do this thing where we announce the next version [of Windows Phone] months and months before it’s available,” he said. With Windows Phone 8 only a few months old, Microsoft is in the middle of its product cycle.”

“Over the course of the next several months, I wouldn’t be surprised to see some exciting new devices and more interoperability before we start talking about what [opeating system] is next,” he said.”

Apparently Microsoft has decided not to disclose details of their upcoming products and features in advance, instead announce and make Products & Releases available immediately.

So, does that mean that all of the WP8 owners are going to be upgraded to Windows Phone Blue? Time will tell.

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