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Android Phones with Sliding Camera

Well, have you ever fancied something like a sliding mechanism for the camera of your phone? We have had an experience with similar options with the sliding keyboards in the past. Devices like Nokia C6-00 have been good examples for this type of opportunities presented to us before. But, how about a sliding camera? It should indeed be a dream come true from a science fiction movie, right? It need not be a dream anymore. Smartphone manufacturers have brought the concept into reality. Two of the devices that have been capable of achieving the feat include Vivo and Oppo. The flagship devices from these two manufacturers (sister companies) have been making news for a radically innovative concept par excellence. Let us check out the two phones with sliding camera models in finer detail in the following paragraphs.

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Android Phones with Sliding Camera:

Vivo Nex and Oppo Find X are the two extraordinary phones that have made a dramatic appearance in the smartphone arena and have been creating mixed reviews. Why is this concept exciting and innovative? We will explain to you in more exquisite detail. Let us check out the Vivo Nex and Oppo Find X and the unique feature that it offers you.

Vivo Nex

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The concept of screen notches has been making massive news in recent times. You cannot have a smartphone without the notch, and that is precisely what smartphone manufacturers are attempting to avoid. If that has to happen – you need to relocate the earpiece, front camera and the sensors from the front and needs to go somewhere else.

Vivo found a solution to get rid of the notch. The fingerprint sensor has been moved to a place below the display, the earpiece has been replaced with a motor that will vibrate the front glass to provide the functionality, and the front camera has been moved to the slider mechanism that pops up when needed.

The Design

By every standard, the Vivo Nex is indeed one of the beautiful devices that you would find from Vivo. The design is full of class. The phone is made of a combination of glass and metal. The build quality is excellent in every aspect, and you would indeed feel you are holding a superb device in your hand. With the notchless design, you will screen and nothing except screen on the front. There are a faint border and a slight chin at the bottom.

The smartphone weighs 199 grams and is quite hefty at that. Using it with single hand should be a tough task in its own right. It can also be a little difficult to handle as it tends to be slippery. Bottom line, get a case!

The Camera

The Unique Selling Point that Nex comes with is the pop up front camera that slides up when you need it. The camera module pops up within a second with a strange sound. However, you can turn off the sound if you want to.

On the rear, you have access to a 12 MP camera. The camera has an IMX363 sensor and a four-axis optical image stabilization. The secondary sensor on the rear camera reads 5 MP. The sliding camera on the front has an 8 MP resolution. The quality of the images is quite excellent. The colors are vibrant, and the autofocus does not disappoint with its accuracy. Even the dynamic range is impressive enough.

The processing applied to the final image is quite high enough, and you tend to get a few natural colors. There are a few cases of overexposures though. The Selfie camera disappoints a little even with the innovative pop-up sliding mechanism. Low light performance is an issue, and the daytime shots tend to suffer from overexposure. You can rectify the images with the Beautify mode though. The camera app impresses with its innovative features. You have a Pro Mode for the best photography if you are an expert. There are AR Stickers which you can use with your friends. They are available both on your rear and front cameras. The front camera can take videos at 1080p. The rear camera can shoot videos at 4K. The slow-motion videos are limited to 1080p though.

The Other Features

Vivo Nex is powered by Snapdragon 845 and offers you a generous 128 GB internal storage that is coupled with 8 GB RAM. The phone runs on Vivo’s Funtouch OS. It takes a lot from the iOS. The operating system comes with a host of gestures you can use with the phone. A vast deal of gestures can get overwhelming at times, though some of you may like it.

The app drawer is massively bloated. You have a considerably large number of preinstalled apps. But the good thing is that you can uninstall them if you do not like them.

The Battery

The 4000 mAh battery should be something you will indeed fall in love with. A fully charged battery should ideally provide you with a slightly more than a day’s usage. The HD video loop test ran through 16 hours and 20 minutes.

The phone has a quick charge option wherein the phone can get charged from zero to 50 percent in just under 40 minutes or so.

Oppo Find X

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Keeping in tune with the new age trend of switching from the 16:9 aspect ratio to 18:9 in the recent range of smartphones, Oppo has unveiled its new flagship in the form of Oppo Find X.

Just the way Vivo has experimented with the moving parts for the front camera with its Vivo Nex, Oppo has followed suit with the Oppo Find X.

There is a considerable difference between Vivo and Oppo offerings though. While Vivo offers you the moving front camera, Oppo Find X has all the cameras and sensors included in the sliding mechanism.

The Design

The device has thin borders around the display and a curved body akin to the Samsung Galaxy S9. The back too has been made from the glass and has curved edges. The curved edges will make it comfortable to handle. Just like the Vivo Nex, Oppo Find X too comes with a glass making will make it a little slippery – so you need to take care while carrying it.

When you swipe up from the lock screen, the camera module will pop up. It has all the cameras and Face-Recognition sensors. It consists of a selfie camera and earpiece in addition to the infrared camera, flood illuminator, dot projector, and ranging sensor. On the rear side of the module, you will find the dual cameras and a single LED flash. The back of the phone is plain except for the Oppo and Find X logos.

The Display

The Oppo Find X comes with a 6.4-inch panel with AMOLED quality. The full HD+ resolution offers you a high output. It also provides you an option to change between natural and boosted colors. You also have an Always On display mode.

The cameras

The cameras on the rear have a dual camera setup. The primary sensor has a 16 MP primary sensor and a 20 MP depth sensor. On the front, you would get a 25 MP snapper. Both the cameras are hidden, and that should be helpful in safeguarding your cameras from being scratched.

The camera software is quite excellent in its own right. You have access to multiple modes including Portrait, Sticker, Pano, Slo-mo and Time-lapse modes. There is also an Expert mode for the professional photographer in you. Oppo Find X offers you AI technology for the camera so that the settings are detected and applied automatically. The camera app also provides you with a Google Lens integration. And yes, if you do not like the AI implementation, you are free to apply the manual settings as you would please.

The camera can switch scenes quite easily and even turn on the HDR mode if you are taking the night shots. The shots taken are excellent, and it helps you allow capturing accurate colors. The recent software update has brought up new improvements that have considerably improved the camera performance in low light. Selfies shot produce excellent results. The front camera offers you shooting at 1080p. The rear camera supports 4K recording, but the optical stabilization is a little laggy with the resolution, while it works great with the 1080p video recording.

Other Features

The Oppo Find X is powered by a Snapdragon 845. The octa-core processor clocks at 2.8 GHz. The 256 GB internal storage should be one of the best options to store almost all your files and documents. The 8 GB RAM capacity works in an excellent manner providing you with an excellent multitasking capability.

The phone comes with a non-removable battery with a capacity of 3730 mAh. You have access to multiple connectivity options in the form of Bluetooth 5, dual-band Wi-Fi 802.11ac, GPS, and A-GPS. The smartphone is powered by ColorOS 5.1 based on Android Oreo 8.1. It is quite customized OS, and you may not find many traces to the stock Android.

There are multiple gestures to work with. There is also a Smart Call feature that can answer the calls just by lifting the phone to your ear. It can also switch to speakerphone when you move it away from your ear. You also have a Smart driving feature to help you out with answering your calls when driving. Other unique features include Dual Apps, Game Space, and Balance Manager. You also have access to the Smart Assistant option as well.

The Future of the Sliding camera Phones

Well, the sliding camera modules may make themselves a standard in a few years if the developments offered by Vivo and Oppo become successful enough. We would consider it a classic example of hardware meeting software providing a unique functionality aimed at improving the user experience.

However, there are a few cases that may prevent people from opting for these phones. The primary issue can be the mechanical wear and tear. Moving parts would always mean bad news. Oppo and Vivo have been claiming that they have tested the mechanism multiple times, but finally, this is part of the mechanical movement and can affect durability considerably.

Then there is another issue that may appear negligible but still may still hold water. Given the fact that these sliding smartphones are made of glass, you would want to put a case around to protect them, but the sliding mechanism can impede in that direction. One more point that would need a little degree of consideration is what would happen if you drop the phone with the slider open – and even a slighter drop can damage the mechanism.

The high amount of power consumption can be one of the issues associated with the slider mechanism. Oppo has offered a high battery capacity of 4000 mAh and can be good news. In any case, we do not think it is a technological enhancement. Mobile technology is all about being all-inclusive and compact and increased productivity. The slider mechanism would be akin to going back in time.

The Parting Thoughts

Well, both Oppo Find X and Vivo Nex have been the technology showpieces in their own right, but if you are looking at the daily usage – we do not think the slider mechanism can be a good option. Of course, we live our lives in the real world and handling the physical expansiveness can indeed be a hard task. There are several practical issues you may come across some of which we did explain in the above discussion.

Leaving aside the slider mechanism both Vivo Nex and Oppo Find X offer you excellent functionality in essence. We would consider being a good option in every aspect. Check them out, and you will indeed feel the difference. In case if you have already used them, do share your experiences with us so that the horizons of our knowledge will expand.

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