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How to Enable and use WiFi calling on Android Phones

If you are in such locations where the network coverage is low, the WiFi calling feature should be a real lifesaver. Whether you are looking for work or personal requirements, WiFi calling should ideally be one of the preferred choices. There are several situations where you would find that it becomes a real lifesaver.

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VoWiFi is a lifesaver for those who stay on highrise buildings or where connectivity is poor indoors. So, what is it? let us find out!

What is WiFi Calling?

Well, the answer should be quite obvious. WiFi calling is a calling facility that would require no option for cellular networks. If you have access to a WiFi network in the region you are currently in, you should be able to make a call to your number. The WiFi calling works efficiently with both landlines and mobile numbers alike.

If a phone supports WiFi calling, it does not need you to access individual apps or other services. You would be able to call or text any of the numbers – including overseas numbers – as long as you have a working WiFi network. Since the calling functionality does not work with the cellular network but relies upon the WiFi connectivity, it is called WiFi.

The service will work with T-Mobile, Sprint, and Verizon, and all these significant carriers support WiFi calling.

How is WiFi calling beneficial for your needs?

Well, there is a considerable number of services and free WiFi connectivity options available. The number of free WiFi access points has been quite efficient, and you would find that the WiFi points are set to go up by the year 2021. The number of WiFi hotspots is expected to go up to about 250 million soon.

The faster connectivity would be a good idea for use with the WiFi connection. However, one of the difficult tasks would be you would find that there would be one or two seconds of delay during the conversation. That would be a little annoying for you.

Yet another excellent option that it would offer you would be a saving in terms of battery. A weak cellular coverage can result in severe issues and can drain your battery faster. Using WiFi calling in such situations can prove to be a battery saver in more ways than one.

How much would the WiFi calling cost? The WiFi calling should not cost much. Most of the carriers would treat your WiFi calls as regular calls themselves. The call charges would apply to the WiFi calls even when making a call using WiFi or a cellular network. If you are a frequent overseas traveler, the roaming or international call charges will not apply to you. This can be the perfect option for use with WiFi calling.

Equipped with that knowledge, here are a few pros and cons that the WiFi calling feature comes with.


  • You do not need any specialized apps or third-party dialers for the sake of connectivity. You can use the same dialer that you use with the cellular calls.
  • The calls made to the US would be free. These calls would be open even when you call from an overseas country.
  • You would be able to make video calls if your phone supports such a feature.


  • WiFi calling functionality will work with only those devices which support HD voice technology. If you are using other phones with no support for HD Voice quality or 4G connectivity, you would not be able to use WiFi calling.
  • Not every operator may support WiFi calling feature. Many Android devices may not support WiFi calling.
  • Calls made to non-US numbers may or may not be free. You may need to check out the features.

How does WiFi Calling Work?

Source: Network architecture for Wi-Fi Calling. Source: Terve 2015, slide 22

WiFi Calling is dependent upon HD Voice Technology, to begin with. It is equivalent to 4G LTE technology. The 4G LTE connectivity would offer you a faster connection speed and a high-quality performance. You can be assured of the perfect natural quality of voice quality.

WiFi calling has been around for a long. Multiple third-party options offer you WiFi calling functionality. Some unique concepts would include Skype, WhatsApp, and Facebook Messenger. However, this is in sharp contrast to the WiFi calling feature offered by smartphones and carriers, which provide you access to the built-in WiFi connectivity. You do not need to be reliant on any of the third-party options for the purposes.

If you are unsure whether your service provider supports WiFi calling or not, you can check their official website to check if the connectivity option is supported. The WiFi calling feature may also be dependent on the type of plan that you are subscribed to. Some networks offer WiFi calling features on post-paid connections, while the same may not be available on the prepaid plans.

How can you find whether WiFi calling is supported on your phone?

Not sure whether your phone supports WiFi calling? Several options can help you find if your phone supports WiFi calling or not. You may need to check if a particular phone supports WiFi calling if you are looking for the options on whether you are upgrading your phone or switching to another device.

You can check if your Android device supports WiFi calling using your Android phone itself. You can even check the IMEI number and find if the WiFi calling functionality is supported on your device through an IMEI check-up. Yet another excellent option would be to call your service provider to confirm if they support WiFi calling on your particular device.

How to enable and use WiFi calling on Android phones?

If your phone and the network supports WiFi calling functionality, you can use the feature to make your WiFi-enabled calls to locations around. However, the function is not enabled by default. You will require to enable the feature on your device if you want to use the functionality.

Do note that the steps used for enabling the WiFi calling functionality on your phone may not be the same across all devices. There would be a few select options that may make it a little different across the devices. However, the broader steps should ideally be the same across all Android devices.

Follow the steps as in the following tutorial –

  • Go to your Android Settings app on your device.
  • Look for the option of WiFi calling. The alternative would be disabled by default.
  • You would also need to enable Location services as well.

That does it. If you find that the service does not work, the WiFi service may not be compatible. It may be possible that the WiFi calling cannot be enabled because of the old router that does not support the WiFi standards more past than the 802.11 standards. Switch to a router that supports 802.11n or 802.11ac. Once you do that, everything should be back to work, and you should have access to WiFi calling functionality.

You would find that you are connected to the WiFi connectivity through a WiFi calling icon on your device. As soon as you move out of the area where the WiFi coverage is available, you would find that the call switches to the cellular network, if possible. However, you may need to check it with your service provider.

Want to turn off WiFi Calling? Check these steps…

Reverse the steps that you used to enable WiFi calling. Just change the steps you would use for turning on the WiFi calling options. Use the options Settings > WiFi Calling > Turn Off to disable the connectivity.

Please note that there would be separate options for turning off WiFi, calling, and deactivating it. The exact options would be dependent – as we already have stated multiple times – on your device model and operating system version.

The Concluding Thoughts

WiFi calling has been one of the unique concepts, and it would be a great option you would want to work with. It would be an excellent opportunity to fall back on if you find having issues with the cellular network. Having access to WiFi calling can save grace, and we assume the tips featured in the above discussion should help arrive at the best possible solutions.

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