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What is VoWi-Fi? How To Use & Basic Architecture

What is VoWi-Fi

The GSM-based mobile phones in the ’80s were initially launched for enhanced connectivity through voice calling wherever you are. Designed explicitly for connectivity without having to be restricted to one single place using a cellular network. However, later on, a host of other advancements took place in the mobile technology, and a smartphone typically replaced every other gadget we used to have. However, the voice calling has always remained the primary use-case since the initial days. But, the wave of change has been around since the last couple of years with VoLTE (Voice over LTE) and other technological innovation. One such unique concept we have been witnessing includes VoWi-Fi. What is VoWi-Fi and how useful it is? Let us explore the idea and the advantages that it offers.

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What is VoWi-Fi?

Over the years, the WLAN technology has been developed as a means to eliminate the cumbersome wiring required in LAN. Especially developed for providing data connectivity; the technology is now also used for voice transmission.

When you use WLAN network, also referred to as Wi-Fi, for the voice connectivity and voice calling features using the service providers network, it is called Voice over WiFi or VoWi-Fi. It is designed as a complementary technology for the already rolled out VoLTE technology for voice calling. VoWiFi will enable the operators a switch between an LTE network and WiFi for voice connectivity.

How does it Differ from VoLTE?

The significant difference between the VoLTE and VoWiFi services lies in the fact that the originating operators and the technology changes. It is necessarily a technology used for the transmission of commercial telephony services through the VoIP or Voice over IP technology. The technology can work with the devices connected to the WiFi.

In sharp contrast, the VoLTE uses the LTE network which is licensed to use the spectrum for the 4G LTE network. Rest of the functionality should ideally remain almost similar.

VoLTE or Voice over Long Term Evolution will help the mobile operators with an option to add additional functions and features to its subscribers. The services will also help you initialize video sessions in addition to high definition voice calling features. The VoWiFi, on the other hand, will make use of the broadband network for communication. The technology is dependent on the 802.11 ac technology used for a wireless connection. An excellent advantage the VoWiFi offers over the VoLTE is it can deliver excellent indoor connectivity which has been one of the major hiccups that VoLTE suffers from.

What Benefits does VoWiFi offer You?

What benefits do you stand to gain with VoWiFi? Well, some of the advantages that we will be discussing here will ideally overlap with VoLTE. Both VoLTE and VoWiFi are entirely complementary to each other instead of being two competing technologies in their essence.

Here are a few advantages you stand to gain with VoWiFi –

The excellent sound quality

By using your WiFi connection for voice calls, VoWiFi is set to change the quality of your voice services. The HD sound quality with consistent performance ensures that you will be able to achieve the best experience as if you are talking to people in all conditions. The technology ensures that the voice calls use a wider frequency range in sharp contrast to the narrow range used for the voice calls. This ensures that most of the background noise is reduced and you will enjoy clarity beyond disturbances.

Enhanced Quality and Reliability

VoWiFi technology offers you a higher call quality and reliability. It can even help you make use of the calling facility for the nonsubscribers as well. It also enables free calls to overseas countries in a seamless manner.

Alleviated Indoor Coverage issues

One of the major problems that most of the telecom users suffer from is the bad indoor connectivity. Homes, offices, and shops face a massive problem in terms of connectivity and frustrate the subscribers. VoWiFi lets you enjoy the best calling services quality even indoors. This is a massive advantage that VoWiFi can offer over VoLTE. The telecom operators can leverage the existing WiFi access points to provide excellent indoor coverage.

Improved Services from Your existing provider

The VoWiFi (and for that matter, even VoLTE) network is based on IP Multimedia Subsystem also referred to as IMS. This will help you access a range of new features and functionalities from your existing dialer app.  There is no need to download any new app or upgrade your smartphone. Some of these excellent services include group chat and video services, an option to check the contact presence and the sending audio messages. The business users can opt for the mobile-based UC (Skype for Business, Webex, etc.) services seamlessly.

An Enhanced Battery Life

An improved backup is yet another benefit that VoWiFi service offers you. In sharp contrast to the other OTT (Over the Top) services that work on the VoIP network, VoLTE and VoWiFi let you lesser battery resources. You are assured of getting a battery saving of over 40 to 50 percent. This is because the VoWiFi uses the network resources more efficiently and thus ensures that you end up getting a better battery backup.

The Advantages for Operators and Users

Well, VoWiFi offers both the consumers and operators an excellent option concerning its advantages and benefits. Let us break down the benefits for both the parties involved.

For the Consumers

  • You will be able to make a call without even a need to have a mobile signal. This can be beneficial if you are at a remote location or facing coverage issues indoors.
  • Security benefits as the services will be based on SIM card-based authentication.
  • An excellent indoor coverage
  • Ability to use a unique array of additional services and features

For the Operators

  • It offers you a competitive advantage over the service providers
  • It provides them with an additional option for extra revenue.
  • Provide relevant services to consumers.
  • Leveraging the SIM-based security and authentication for enhanced security.

In Conclusion

The VoWiFi technology is expecting a considerable advancement. The technology is set to bring in a new change and an enhanced customer experience no matter whether you are a regular or a business user.

What inputs would you want to share with us concerning VoWiFi? Share your views and let us have a practical discussion.

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