What is ViLTE? Best Smartphones with ViLTE Support For Video Calling

Smartphones with ViLTE

The mobile technology has been receiving huge updates and technological innovations over the years. After the most successful VoLTE revolution, the smartphone world is now heading towards the ViLTE. Of course, ViLTE is an offshoot of VoLTE. What exactly is ViLTE and what benefits does it offer? We will explore the realm of ViLTE to understand its functionality and check out a few smartphones that come with the ViLTE support.

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What is ViLTE?

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ViLTE stands for Video over LTE. We have all heard about VoLTE. The ViLTE services work as an extension of VoLTE and offer you a high-quality voice service over the video channel. It uses the same SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) and uses the H.264 codec to deliver superior video quality as opposed to the low bit rate 3G-324M codec that is used in a 3G conversational video.

VoLTE was a considerable innovation that improved the level of call clarity as it diverts your voice services over the LTE/4G data channels. Also, since it has been optimized on the latest chipsets, you tend to get excellent battery backup advantages as well. Developed as an extension of VoLTE services, ViLTE will not only improve the voice clarity further but will also work towards enhancing the video quality when you are on a cellular data network.

How does it Work?

Well, ViLTE is a conversational video service. That would mean it is a service that works as a person to person communication. The service is based on the IP Multimedia Subsystem service. The phone and your operator needs to support the VoLTE services if you want to benefit from ViLTE services. However, please note that the mere presence of VoLTE on your phone does not mean that ViLTE is available on your device or is enabled by your operator.

How will it Benefit the Stakeholders?

Well, the ViLTE services tend to be beneficial to almost all stakeholders. The major sections that would be interested in the development of ViLTE would be the operators, Equipment manufacturers, network vendors, business associates, and consumers.

How does it benefit them? Here are the beneficial effects that ViLTE stands to provide you, no matter which category of people you belong to.

Note: Conversational video is also possible through EPC-integrated WiFi or VoWi-Fi


Operators can find the ViLTE functionality providing them with better revenue opportunities. It will also benefit you as consumers in terms of leveraging the existing SIM-based security options you are currently using with the existing VoLTE network and in turn ViLTE.

The operators who opt for the ViLTE services would stand to gain a better competitive advantage over their rivals in the business. The ability to offer a single bill service for use with all SIM-based service.

A few other benefits include

  • You can ensure providing relevant service to your customers.
  • The early adoption of ViLTE services would help the operators get a head start with improved services over the existing industry standards. This will helps in improving the services concerning person to person (P2P) video calls or multi-party video call services.
  • You can extend the IMS based services for an excellent range of video telephony services.


As a consumer, the ViLTE services would help you gain a superior quality of video and voice telephony. You can benefit from the SIM-based authentication service to the VoLTE and in turn ViLTE. This will improve your experience in terms of an enhanced mobile telecommunications functionality.

Smartphones with Support for ViLTE

Well, when it comes to the launch and availability of ViLTE services, much would be dependent upon the service providers and device manufacturers, in particular, the SOCs used on your mobile device. More than the device manufacturers, it should be a prerogative of the network operators to launch the ViLTE services.

Of course, most of the smartphone manufacturers have now been supporting the VoLTE services. Only a specific cream of manufacturers has kept the ViLTE functionality ready on their newest range of devices. It would just be the matter of a software update through OTA that can help provide the best experiences in terms of video telephony services. Until the network providers do not launch the services, it would be something that may not materialize as such.

SOCs such as MediaTek’s P23 4G LTE (dual SIM dual standby) WorldMode modem, you can access 4G services simultaneously from both the sim slots.

Having understood that, let us check out a few smartphones that come with ViLTE support.

Spice V801

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The Spice V801 is a dual SIM smartphone that comes with an expandable microSD card support and is powered by an unnamed quad-core MediaTek processor. The 5 inch HD display has 2.5D curved glass.

The phone comes with a RAM capacity of 3 GB and has a dedicated Mali 720 GPU. The device runs on Android Nougat 7.0. On the imaging front, you have access to an 8 MP camera on both the front and rear. The rear camera features autofocus while the front camera comes with broad angle support.

The internal storage of 16 GB can be expanded to up to 64 GB with the microSD card. You also have access to a fingerprint scanner and a “dual apps” feature. The 2700 mAh battery provides you 270 hours of standby time. The connectivity features include Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS, USB OTG, Micro-USB, not to forget the one element that made the phone appear in this list – 4G VoLTE along with ViLTE support.

10.or D2

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The brand crafted by Amazon has already launched three smartphones so far. The latest from 10.or is the 10.or D2 is the phone that comes with an 18:9 aspect ratio and 5.45-inch HD+ LTPS panel. The smartphone offers you a Panda glass protection one of the best competitors to Gorilla Glass.

A dual SIM phone with dedicated expandable memory option, it offers you memory expansion option up to 128 GB. The IPX2 sealing ensures it safety from dripping of water. That may not be something an excellent waterproofing property, but still an exciting addition. The phone offers WiFi and ViLTE functionality.

Concerning photography, you have access to a 13 MP camera on the rear and 5 MP camera on the front. The powerful 3200 mAh battery should be an efficient performer that would last a minimum of one-day backup with heavy usage. You have access to 32 GB storage coupled with 3 GB of RAM.

Few other devices worth mentioning

Well, few more devices offer the VoLTE+ViLTE support on them. However, until the time network service providers come with the necessary updates to their network, it may not be that easy to arrive at the right kind of functionality of these devices. In any case, it may be worthwhile to give a thought to these alternative options available for you with the combination of VoLTE and ViLTE features.

Helio P23 is perhaps the first processor to offer compatibility for ViLTE. Several other processors have introduced the concept as well. In any case, with lack of complete information available as of now about ViLTE – our listing here may not be entirely on the dot though. We would welcome our readers to shed some light on the exact specifications.

Nokia 7 Plus

Asus ROG Gaming Smartphone

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The Android One phone offers you high performance with the functionality. Powered by Snapdragon 660, the phone comes with 4 GB RAM and 64 GB storage. Equipped with a dual camera setup of 12 and 13 MP, you also have access to a 16 MP camera on the front. The 6-inch display is offering a full HD and Gorilla Glass protection; you have access to 3800 mAh capacity.

Honor View 10

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Boasting an endearing performance with AI technology, the phone has a 5.99-inch screen and a full HD resolution with 18:9 ratio. The 6 GB of RAM and 128 GB of internal storage would make it a real beast when it comes to performance. On the imaging front, you have a 16+ 20 MP dual camera setup on the rear, while the front camera reads 13 MP. The ViLTE feature is expected to made available through a software update.

The Concluding Thoughts

Well, ViLTE is indeed a redefining technology. It is set to change the video calling functionality as we are using as of now. Set to extend the existing VoLTE functionality for a better and clear voice and video calling service. We assume we have been able to explain the functionality and the benefits of ViLTE service and how essential it would be for the future of your experience in video and voice calling service.

Given the fact that ViLTE is still evolving, there are not many smartphones that support the technology. Moreover, even when the functionality is available by default on a smartphone model, it would need to be enabled through a software update, not to mention operator support. In any case, we assume the smartphones we have listed in this compilation should provide you with an insight into the ViLTE functionality and added features that it offers.

Do share your inputs concerning the ViLTE technology and the smartphones that come with the feature enabled. With ViLTE all set make a massive difference to the communication requirements, we would find your inputs interesting enough.

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