How to Extend and Boost WiFi Hotspot Signal on Your Android Phone?

How to Extend and Boost WiFi Hotspot Signal on Your Android Phone?

Need to Boost WiFi Hotspot Signal on your Phone? We are here to suggest you some best practices. Read along to know more.

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As the data packs are getting cheaper, we are more open to using our cellular data a lot, not only on mobiles but also on tablets and laptops. We can not take our Home or Office WiFi router everywhere. That’s where the mobile Hotspot becomes a necessity. It is an easy way to create a WiFi network which works the same way as the routers do in our Home or Office.

But there is a problem with the mobile Hotposts. The mobile Hotspot signal is not as strong as we get with traditional routers. The coverage area is very less, and speed becomes a bit slow. If you are also facing this type of issue, we have solutions for you. Some answers are basic while some require you to have an external device to boost the Android Hotspot signal.

How To Boost WiFi Hotspot Signal?

Firstly, we will try to boost the signal without using an external device, just tweaking the settings of the Android phone. Usually, the Android phones these days have dual band WiFi which allows you to connect either on 2.4 GHz frequency or 5 GHz frequency. If you are using the 2.4 GHz Hotspot, the chances are that most of the available channels overlap with each other which results in speed loss and weak signal strength.

You can switch to 5 GHz band which offers more channels. This change delivers better speed throughput when you are overcrowded with a lot of network connected devices. You can switch from 2.4 GHz to 5 GHz and vice versa in your Android smartphone using the hotspot settings inside settings menu. When you need more range 2.4 GHz band works better, and when you need much higher throughput in that band, 5 GHz band works better. So, you can give it a try and check which works better for you in your area. Also, try to place the mobile in the center as much as possible and away from any kind of metal interference nearby the phone.

Note: Dual-Band option is only available on phones which support the 801.11ac standard

Extend the Range of WiFi Hotspot of an Android Phone Using a WiFi Router

Tweaking the setting and using so-called WiFi Hotspot booster apps from the play store won’t help you much in boosting the signal strength of your mobile WiFi hotspot. It is a hardware feature of the phone and mainly depends on the make and model of your mobile chipset. Though you can not change the chipset, all you can do is use a WiFi router to extend the range of the Mobile Hotspot.

For this, your router must support WDS Bridging and rest you have to follow these steps.

  1. Access your router configuration and go to the Wireless section in the menu.
  2. There you will see an option “Enable WDS Bridging” or something like that with the same meaning.
  3. Now you have to enter the details of your Hotspot network, or you can search the same if there is a search option.
  4. Select the WiFi Hotspot connection you wish to boost.
  5. Setup a password to restrict unknown users to access the WiFi and save.
  6. Now you might get a prompt to select the proper channel. All you have to do is click “Yes” if you don’t know much about that, and it will automatically choose one for you.
  7. Now Disable the “DHCP” and restart the router.
  8. Give it few minutes to set things up for you and your Android WiFi Hotspot booster is ready.

If your router is still not working, either update the router firmware or recheck your router settings. Regular WiFi routers need a proper power supply. They are the best choice when you have to boost the Hotspot signal in your Home or Office. But when you are traveling or away from home, where there is no power supply. For such cases, you can look for portable routers that have an inbuilt battery. But this won’t be a better idea. At the same price, you can buy a mobile Hotspot that has a decent range and does not need your phone. You can put your SIM inside and create a WiFi network around you.

The idea to boost the mobile Hotspot signal is useful when you already have an extra router which you can hook up with your mobile to have better WiFi coverage. But buying a new router to extend the range of WiFi hotspot of your Android smartphones does not make any sense to me. Also, the mobile Hotspot drains the portable battery very fast. But when you have nothing Mobile WiFi hotspots are the lifesaver.

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