Best UPS for WiFi Routers For Power Backups (Mini-Inverters) In India

Are you looking for the best UPS for Wi-Fi Routers? Why? It is because those days are long gone when we rarely required the internet connection while using our computers/laptops—in fact, connecting to the internet once a day was quite enough even for professionals, that too for exchanging emails only. In short, if we compare today, the use of the web on the professional and personal level was insufficient to back then. However, the situation has significantly changed now.

If you observe your daily life thoroughly, you need access to the internet almost 24/7, if that was possible. It mainly applies to professionals specifically.

The term professional consists of not only the official workplaces but also those freelance operators, outsourcing workers, professional gamers, etc. When you look at these professions, you realize that 24/7 internet access is their primary need.

Power cuts due to maintenance or any other reason can be significant trouble. You may have your system backed up with a UPS. However, it is not necessary that you might not need a full-fledged UPS but just a backup solution for your Wi-Fi router. If this situation applied to you, we have come up with an excellent solution for you.

In this article, we will discuss some mini-UPS that are capable enough for handling your Wi-Fi router for more than an hour during power outages.

What’s so special about these units is that they would not cost you as much as a full-fledged UPS does and also handle your smaller devices easily, such as smartphone chargers, miniature LEDs, Wi-Fi routers, etc. Here we begin:

[Note: These types of models are quite rare in the Indian market, before ordering any, and please check compatibility according to power ratings with the Wi-Fi router you own]

Best UPS for Wi-Fi Routers

Our list comprises of small dedicated routers, more significant UPS systems which can power other computer peripherals as well. Here is our list of recommendations:

1. Resonate Router UPS CRU12V2:

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This mini UPS unit will make sure that you enjoy an uninterrupted internet connection as you game, work, shop, or just chill out on social media at home. The manufacturer promises that it would last up to 4 hours once fully charged.

Notice that it will last around 4 hours only when you use it for a single Wi-Fi router or ADSL router and not for any other tool/device. The circuits used in the unit are equipped with intelligent electrical safety protection. Moreover, there is an intelligent battery management system, blessing it with long operational life.

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It is compatible with all Wi-Fi routers and Wi-Fi / ADSL routers that require 12V, <2A power supply. So as mentioned before, this model might be or might not be compatible with your device, depending on the power ratings. It is a CE and RoHS standard certified product that comes with six months of limited warranty from the manufacturer.

There is also another variant available with 5V, 9V, and 12V powered router compatibility. You get a set of bridge cables compatible with most of the modern Wi-Fi routers. Note that this is a DIY friendly product and can be installed within a couple of minutes.

2. Cyber Power BU600E IN:

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Well, this one is packed with quite a lot of features and totally worth paying money for. It will provide great value for the price you pay. It comes with automatic voltage regulation or simply AVR technology. It helps it to protect the connected devices from changes in current levels and intensity. Moreover, there are auto restart and auto charge features.

It is a Generator compatible mini UPS unit. The design is really compact, so placement will not be a question for you. You would love to know that it is also fired resistance. It comes with a configurable alarm. Battery management technology helps to increase the durability of life.

Talking about the actual application, it is pretty impressive for smaller gadgets, including cordless phones, modems, NAS storages, etc. It is pretty enough for backing up these kinds of devices. It will keep your LAN running during power outages.

Now coming to fallbacks, the sockets are really close to each other, so you would probably not be able to pug three devices at a time. Moreover, there are not of universal types. With full-fledged use with triple devices, it can last up to 10 minutes and even more with only Wi-Fi router connected.

3. Surbiton SMART Mini Supply:

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Note that it doesn’t ship with the battery, so you will need to throw some extra cash for purchasing one. However, this is not trouble since these batteries are easily available both on online and local marketplaces.

In India, you are more likely to face short and long power cuts compared to western countries. In such a case, you need some backup so you can save yourself from losing your valuable data you are working on. In today’s digital work, more than half of the work is done online, including data processing and storing. This power supply would help you to keep the internet connection or say your Wi-Fi router was running during such power cuts.

Other than the router, you can use it for CFL tubes, LED bulbs, Mini DC fans, portable speakers, etc. It also comes with option sockets for charging devices such as mobiles, smartphones, tablets, cordless phones, etc.

It is a lightweight and highly portable power backup with an LED light when you want to move around in the darkness. It is an ideal product for multiple purposes such as household use, office, workplace, shop, godown, for carrying around in four-wheelers, etc.

4. Generic 5V2A 14. 8W UPS:

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It is a mini UPS with an uninterruptible power backup capacity. It is equipped with sage lithium cells, stable PCBs, constant current voltage lithium battery charging BMS, etc. quality hardware. All this together with help the entire unit to provide a reliable power backup for smaller devices such as smartphones, and this also includes your Wi-Fi router.

Despite the fact that it is not advertised as a Wi-Fi router UPS, it is compatible with a wide range of Routers. Moreover, it can also use as emergency lighting, digital cameras, camcorders, Bluetooth devices, etc. The list is long, which makes the device really good.

It is highly recommended that you do not attempt to charge high voltage requiring devices using this UPS unit as it can impact on the life of the unit. Moreover, load it only using the compatible and voltage matching adapter. If the unit is not in use for more than three months, we highly recommend charging it often; otherwise, it is likely to lose its overall battery life. It ships with the verified charging adapter.

5. CyberPower BU1000E in:

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We can say it is a more powerful version of Cyber Power BU600E IN that comes with an additional output. Yes, it has four outputs in total. Moreover, it implements Line Interactive UPS technology. It is compatible with most electronic devices.

All of the power outlets are simulated sine wave outputs. Moreover, there is automatic voltage regulation technology, which keeps the connected devices safe from increasing and decreasing the level of voltage and current intensity. There are LED indicators for battery status, power status, voltage, current, connected devices, etc.

It is quite a reliable battery backup and safeguards device suitable for both personal level and professional level use. It protects the connected devices from surges, spikes, and brown-down in between the users. It is designed with the fireproof plastic material, making it quite sturdy and reliable.

In case of fire, it is capable enough for keeping the damage to minimal. Innovative battery management is there for increasing battery efficiency and improve battery performance and make it last longer.

Cuzor 12v UPS for Router

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Cuzor 12V UPS is a power backup solution for any 12V and 2A rated WiFi or router device. The built-in “Zero Lag Switching” and “True Online UPS” function guarantees glitch-free 12V output, during short power interruptions/fluctuations or longspun power outages. Cuzor 12V UPS can provide up to 5 hours of uninterrupted power to your Wi-Fi or ADSL or Fiber-based Router / Modem, Security camera, Set-top boxes, or even a Cordless Phone. Cuzor 12V UPS addresses the specific use case of power outages.

It allows your device (Router / Set-top BOX / Wi-Fi Modem / Security camera) to continue generally functioning through short/extended power outages. The textured exterior of Cuzor 12V UPS is easy to clean and sustain. The superior look and feel are achieved with the usage of high-quality ABS material. It is designed and manufactured in India.


We hope you like our list of the best UPS for Wi-Fi Routers available in India. Questions or suggestions are appreciated in the comment section down below.

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