How To Setup Resonate Router UPS

How To Setup Resonate Router UPS with Separate WiFi Routers & ADSL

In this article, I will be explaining how to setup Resonate Router UPS in scenarios where users typically use a separate WiFi Router & an ADSL modem. We have previously published another article where we listed out the best router UPS that are usually suited for Indian conditions. However, Resonate Router UPS is not a typical system, where you have standard plugs at the back of the device. Instead, the output of the unit delivers a standard 12V that is typically what a DSL modem or a WiFi Router uses.

Refer to the Package documentation below:


As you can see from the literature above, the device is only suitable for a WiFi /ADSL modems and not anything else. Also, the Resonate Router UPS only provides you with a single output. So, in scenarios where you need multiple outputs for a separate ADSL Modem and a WiFi Router, you would need to buy a splitter.

I certainly needed a separate splitter, since I had an Airtel DSL Router and a TP-Link C60 Archer Dual-Band WiFi router that goes along with it. Read along to know more about my setup.

How To Setup Resonate Router UPS:

My original UPS battery died, and I needed a battery replacement. However, any mini-UPS does not typically provide a battery backup of more than a few minutes. I needed more. Since I already reviewed the Resonate Router UPS, I knew exactly what I needed. The device looks like a Powerbank and can give you a backup time of approximately 4 hours when using a single modem.

However, in my case, I was using a splitter to split the output to support both my TP-Link Router as well as my Airtel ADSL Router. Initially, I was a bit skeptical since the UPS output is only 12V and support two devices with 12V might overload the battery. I went for the splitter setup nonetheless, and this is how it looked:

Now, the installation worked perfectly, and I double-checked the battery for any potential heating issues. Much to my relief, it didn’t and I was able to use it as is. The splitter that I used was a DC Female to four Male 12V Power Splitter Adapter Cable, and it looks like the one shown below:

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The setup was simple; I used the output of the UPS to the female end of the splitter and the Male end to the 12V inputs of the Router and the ADSL modem. See below:

That is all there is to this setup. However, you need to keep in mind the following points:

  • Do check the power ratings of your WiFi/DSL router input. There are other models which support 5V and 9V’s as well.
  • To order a compatible model, do a self-check compatibility from the vendor’s documentation that can help to choose the correct model.
  • The product allows you Un-interrupted WiFi backup as you work or play from home.
  • Up to 4 hours of power backup (without splitter) for your WiFi or ADSL router
  • In-built Intelligent electrical safety protection circuits with battery management systems
  • Compatible with all 12V, <2A powered WiFi, WiFi & ADSL routers


The Resonate Router UPS is a great product for all users who need a longer battery backup for their WiFi devices which a typical mini-inverter does not provide. Since I have the setup currently in place, do drop us a comment below in case of any difficulties.

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