Best Dual WAN Load Balancing Routers For Multiple Internet Connections

If you have a strong use case for an automated always-on internet connection, then you would need a load balancer. The best Dual WAN load balancing routers can combine two or more internet connections from different service providers into one logical link. There are cheaper software solutions as well which you can use on a cheap Desktop PC with two ethernet ports.

Applications like Speedify and Connectify allows you to use your internet connection on your Laptop/PC into a WiFi hotspot. While it works well for Windows 7,8,8.1. However, with Windows 10’s latest build, you can use your Ethernet connection (or 3G/4G Dongle) to share your connection over WiFi. The option is available at the bottom of your Windows 10 notification panel. See below:

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This works great, it is not a fail-proof solution. For a long-term solution, a hardware platform should be your best bet. This is why we are going to discuss the best Dual WAN load balancing routers that can help you achieve a robust long-term solution. So, let’s get started.

Best Dual WAN Load Balancing Routers

While the market is flooded with different options, the way we picked our routers is based on the availability of a Dual-WAN support. These products can be either Fast-Ethernet (10/100) or a Gigabit Ethernet (10/100/1000). You will need to select the one based on your priority and more importantly, within your budget. So, here we begin.

1. Cisco Systems Gigabit Dual WAN (RV325K9NA)

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This model only comes with wired Ethernet connections. For setting up a WiFi connection, you would need to add a speedy Dual-Band WiFi Router which needs to be purchased separately. You can use the USB ports for a 4G dongle, but do remember that they are only supported as a fallback if you are disconnected from the main internet WAN.

Other than that, you can set up a site to site VPN or setup VLANs (Virtual LAN’s). See some of its highlighted features:

  • Dual Gigabit-Ethernet WAN ports for load balancing and business continuity
  • Efficiently handles large files and concurrent users to keep workers productive
  • Joins multiple sites and remote operators using a VPN
  • Big capacity, powerful-performance SSL, and IP Security and VPN abilities
  • Natural, browser-based device manager and easy setup wizards

2. Linksys Business Dual WAN Gigabit VPN Router

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The Linksys Business Router is a decent Dual-WAN router for home or small businesses. We recommend using a separate hardware firewall for added protection. Site to site VPN is supported but you would still need a WiFi router for wireless access. Here are its specifications below:

  • Up-to 50 IPsec tunnels (for site-2-site and client-2-site VPN) and 5 Open-VPN tunnels for iOS & Android users
  • Up to 900 Mbps firewall and up to 110 Mbps IPsec through-puts
  • Feature-rich to engage a wide variety of business network specifications
  • Champions load balancing & WAN failover for highly stable WAN connectivity

3. TP-Link Gigabit Ethernet Safestream VPN Router

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TP-Link champions the affordable home and small office network solutions. They offer a wide variety of specifications, and you can pick one up based on your requirements. The one that we listed here is the TL-ER6020 which supports Dual-WAN connectivity. However, you will have to remember, that it does not bond all the WAN connections together, but balances the load across them. You can attach this to your cable-modem & use it as a ‘wired‘ router to share your internet connection completely within your home or business. For wireless connections, you will need to buy a WiFi router. Here are some of the device highlights:

  • Two Gigabit WAN ports, Two Gigabit LAN ports, One Gigabit LAN/DMZ port, & a console port
  • Supports many VPN protocols including IPsec-PPTP &L2TP, which adds more flexibility for VPN setups
  • Supports up to 50-IPsec VPN-tunnels with a hardware-based VPN engine
  • Ample security features including ARP-Inspection, DoS-Defense, URL & Keyword Domain Filters & Access Control management
  • Deploys One-Click restriction of IM/P2P applications to manage staff online behavior
  • Professional 4-kV lightning shield which keeps your investments as secure as plausible

4. Peplink Balance 20 Dual-WAN Router

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Before you decide to buy this device, just for you to know, It is only meant for load balancing & high availability or failover. You will have more room in load balancing mode as the sessions will be divided between the 2 WAN pipes. You can also setup port-based VLAN’s & link them to a user or group to restrict the bandwidth. Here are the device highlights:

  • Dual WAN router (2-WAN ports) meant for power-users and home-office
  • 2 x ‘GE WAN’ ports plus a 1x USB-WAN port for use with 4G LTE – 3G dongles
  • The 3rd GE WAN port can be activated as an arbitrary upgrade with a license code available from ‘Peplink
  • 4-port GE LAN switch
  • 150Mbps router throughput

5. UTT AC750W Dual Band Wireless AC VPN Router, Dual+ WAN Ports

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The router supports both as a VPN server and as a client. VPN protocols like IPSec & PPTP are supported. For remote management, you can access this router remotely using your WAN’s public IP address. Unlike others on the list, this one does offer a WiFi AC radio built-in. See the specifications below:

  • Supports Wireless AC @ 750Mbps which is the latest wireless standard. Synchronous dual-band speed up-to 450Mbps on the 5GHz band and 300Mbps on the N band (2.4GHz).
  • 3 x 7dBi aerials to ensure max area, particularly in multiple-story houses
  • Dual WAN+which is configurable with up to 4 WAN ports. Optimize your uplink throughput using the load-balancing & failover multiple ISP links
  • VPN(s) Supported: Up to 10 IPSec VPN tunnels together; PPTP VPN server & client mode
  • Offers Enterprise-Level Performance aligned with UTT’s enterprise-level wireless product line which is highly robust and enduring
  • The setup is intuitive with a web-based GUI, It offers easy setup and troubleshooting, both locally or remotely across the Internet

6. TP-Link Gigabit Dual-WAN VPN Router

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You can setup VPN’s easily and step by step instructions are available on the TP-Link website. Supports a maximum of port forwards 16 at the same time. Suitable to support up to 100 users together.

  • Standards & Protocols: IEEE 802.3/IEEE802.3u/IEEE802.3ab. TCP/IP, DHCP, ICMP, NAT, PPPoE, SNTP, HTTP, DNS, IPsec, PPTP, L2TP
  • Flash Storage: 8MB
  • DDRAM: DDR2 @ 128MB
  • LEDs: PWR, SYS, Link/Act, Speed, & DMZ
  • Buttons: Reset Button
  • Concurrent Sessions: 60000

7. NETGEAR ProSafe FVS336G Dual WAN VPN Firewall

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You can perform load balancing & failover routing using the WAN ports. As far as bonding for something like protection monitoring and sensor placement you would have to achieve that utilizing the switch ports. Specifications below:

  • 2 Gigabit WAN ports with 4 Gigabit-LAN ports, load-balancing, & failover across dual-WAN ports
  • Enterprise-class ‘Stateful Packet Inspection’ Firewall prevents undesired access to your system
  • 25 dedicated IPsec-VPN tunnels and 10 SSL VPN tunnels for reliable remote access
  • Up to 350 Mbps LAN-WAN throughput, with up to 10,000 mutual sessions
  • Prioritize your traffic with Quality of Service (QoS) & WAN Traffic Metering


We hope you like our article on the best Dual WAN load balancing routers available on the market. For questions or suggestions, please use the comment section down below.

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