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Best External Microphones For Android Phones For Recording Video

Best External Microphones For Android Phones

In this article, we are going to list out the best external microphones for Android Phones that we recommend to our visitors.

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The one thing that is high on my priority is the camera in any smartphone. Smartphone camera has evolved a lot over the past years. From 4K video recording to amazing slow-motion, there is plenty of features being added to the smartphone camera. Video quality has continuously improved over the time. But for a good movie, video quality is not just everything, audio quality also matters a lot, unless or until your film is a silent one.

The audio recording quality on the Android phones is often neglected. For regular use built-in microphones are good. But now the market is competitive, and things have to be more than okay to compete. What matters the most is the quality of content? And Audio quality plays a crucial role when you have a story to tell. You don’t always need a high-end camera to make movies. A decent smartphone with a good camera and a good-quality external mic is more than enough to start your journey. So here is our list of best external microphones for Android devices to record high-quality audio.

Best External Microphones For Android Phones

The market is full of microphones and it not easy to pick the best one. You can even get a microphone as low as $20 to as high as $200 and even more. But for Android devices, a $200 external microphone is more than enough. Usually, a receiver below $100 will do the job pretty well. Before you go to the market, you should have a budget and requirements in your mind. So let’s move on to the list in ascending order of price.

1. Movo PM10 Deluxe Mic

Best External Microphones For Android Phones

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If you have a very tight budget and you need an external microphone to pull out the job, Movo PM10 is for you. This is the best external mic that you can buy for under $20. It has got a 3.5 mm TRRS Jack to connect it to your Android smartphones, iPhones, and iPads. In the box, you will get a carrying case, two wind muffs, and two lapel clips. The unit is very lightweight and designed for portability. The audio recording capability is much better than others in this range. It is perfect for interviews, podcasts, etc.

2. PowerDeWise Lavalier Lapel Microphone

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PowerDeWise Lavalier Lapel Microphone is a great external mic for professional recording for Youtube, Interviews and Video conference. It records clean and crisp sound while minimizing the surrounding noise. It has a 3.5 mm TRRS compatible jack that you can plug into your Android smartphones or even Apple devices. There is a clip that can be hooked on to your shirt to keep the mic on the place while recording audio. It is a plug and play device and does not need any external power source. If you still not sure about the quality. It is one of the best-rated microphones in its class on Amazon.

3. Purple Panda Clip-On Mic

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Purple Panda Clip-On Mic comes with a complete kit that you need to record professional audio from your Android smartphone. You can even use this with your iPhone, iPad, Mac, camcorders, laptops and also GoPros. It perfect for those who want to start vlogging or moto-vlogging. It is durable, lightweight and gives you the confidence to create compelling videos. In case if you like the mics mentioned above, the Purple Panda mic is equally likable, since it is also a plug and play device.

In the sales box, you will get five accessories which include a 3meter  extension cord, mini USB adapter, TRS adapter (2 rings), fuzzy windscreen, extra clip, and a pouch to carry all these things. The omnidirectional mic with a metal capsule records clean and clear stereo audio. It is an excellent pick for newbies who want to start their carrier in movie making or something like that, where audio quality does matter.

4. Rode VideoMic Me Directional Microphone

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If you have a budget above $50, you will get more options which are performing better than the above ones. Rode VideoMic Me is a professional level external microphone for Android phones and iPhones. It is compact and does not come with extra accessories to extend the place the mic away from the phones. It captures sound in the frequency range of 100Hz to 20 KHz with its directional microphone that connects directly into your Android smartphone via 3.5 mm TRRS jack.

It might be as lightweight as others, but its robust architecture takes up the day to day shocks and drops quickly. Its flexible mounting bracket will let you place the mic on the phone, and you can then record high-quality videos flawlessly with high-quality audio. There is also a 3.5 mm headphones jack that allows audio playback while recording and even when not recording. You need not have to unplug the mic every time to listen to the recording. A deluxe furry windshield will let you record audio even in adverse weather conditions.

5. Rode smartLav+ Lavalier Microphone

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We have one more great external microphone from Rode for your Android phone, Rode SmartLav+. It is a tiny mic with a clip on end to clip it on your shirt. It lets you broadcast high-quality audio by connecting to your iPhone or Android phones using the TRRS jack. The omnidirectional condenser capsule picks up sound equally from all around the microphone. The Kevlar reinforced cable is flexible and has excellent tensile strength.

A foam pop shield is also included in the package to minimize the wind noise. It can record audio with any app that supports audio recording. But Rode Rec app provides users with a lot of equalization presets to suit various recording situations. Also, Rode SmartLav+ is backed by 12 months warranty.

6. Saramonic SmartMixer Microphone

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Finally, the last and the best of all, Saramonic SmartMixer is an excellent microphone that will record audio in breathtaking quality. If you have a high-end camera smartphone, then the stock mic won’t do them justice with the video quality. You can consider Saramonic SmartMixer that will cost you more than $100. Besides the mic, this unit includes some accessories that will not only enhance the audio quality but also gives you stability to record videos.

It gets a handheld holder on which you can place your phone and connect to the microphone pivoted on the top. It features two 3.5 mm stereo mic inputs and one mini-XLR input. A volume control knob along with a level meter allows easy volume input adjustment. Also, there is a headphones jack that can be used to monitor the audio while recording. You can even use this with iOS devices lightning port via the LC-C35 connector.

The sales package includes central unit, two condenser microphones, smartphone holder, Mini-XLR to Standard-XLR Cable, 3.5mm output cable for Android, 3.5mm output cable for iOS, TRS to Lightning Cable, video stabilizing grip and guide to set up the whole thing correctly. So it is a complete package that you need to record professional video from your Android or iOS device. If you are vlogger or moto-vlogger or make youtube videos on your smartphone, Saramonic SmartMixer microphone is a great option to add professionalism to your content.

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