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Best 2×3 Portable Printers For Photo And Video on iPhone and Android

Best 2x3 Portable Printers

Do you want to directly print from your mobile/smartphone without transferring your images to a PC? If yes, then you would need the best 2×3 portable printers.

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A printer has not remained a luxury anymore. It has become an essential accessory for your computer or laptop. If you are into regular traveling, you would want to carry a printer along. Maybe you are on a travel and need to print a few photos rather instantly or have to take a printout of an important document. Portable printers can come in quite handy in those circumstances. Today, we will look at the top picks for the best portable printers you can buy in 2019.

Everything has become portable, and people perform most of their daily chores using smartphones and tablets. As such, the printers have also become portable. Now printers are not just confined to the room or office. We have mobile photo printers that will fit even in your jeans pocket.

The market is flooded with 2×3 portable photo and video printers. In the end, you come out confused. We have compiled a list of the best Android and iPhone 2×3 portable color photo printers in this post. These printers don’t use ink, Zinc inkless technology. Printing is quite easy; you have to charge the inbuilt battery, fit the slot with paper, connect with the phone and get color photos wherever and whenever you want in just a few minutes.

Best Portable Printers to Buy in 2021:

Article-2: Best 2×3 portable printers

Sr. No.ImageProduct NameManufacturerBuy Now
1HP Sprocket Portable Photo Printer‎ HPCheck on Amazon
2HP Sprocket 2-in-1 Portable Photo PrinterHPCheck on Amazon
3Lifeprint 2×3 Instant PrinterLifeprintCheck on Amazon
4HP Sprocket 2×3″ Instant Photo Printer (Lilac)HPCheck on Amazon
5KODAK Step Wireless Photo Mini PrinterZinkCheck on Amazon
6KODAK Smile Instant Digital PrinterKodakCheck on Amazon
7HP Sprocket Portable Photo Printer, X7N07AHPCheck on Amazon
8Polaroid Originals Hi-Print‎ PolaroidCheck on Amazon
9Zink Polaroid ZIP Wireless Mini Printer‎ ‎C&A Marketing, (Inc)Check on Amazon
10PRT 2×3 Mini Bluetooth Photo PrinterPRTCheck on Amazon

10. PRT 2×3 Mini Bluetooth Photo Printer:

Check on Amazon

This PRT compact photo printer can print photos from iPhone and Android phones with superior quality 2 inches x3 inches sized sticky-backed papers. So, you can stick the photos anywhere you like. Now you can print memories from your phone anytime, anywhere.

The included rechargeable lithium-ion battery offers enough battery power for hours. Due to its compact size, it is a travel-friendly printer. Moreover, it supports robust Bluetooth connectivity for print on the go.


  • This mini-Bluetooth photo printer is implemented with Zink printing technology and Direct Thermal technology.
  • Zink technology makes sure this printer prints without cartridges, ink, ribbons, and toners.
  • It can print both photos and videos.
  • When connected to the PRT Heyphoto app, you can easily edit and personalize your photo. You can add text, filters, frames, and emoticons according to your preference.

9. Zink Polaroid ZIP Wireless Mini Printer:

Check on Amazon

The travel-ready design of this wireless printer makes it perfect for anybody who loves to create travel blogs. Whether you are desirous of adventures or DIY projects or capturing the travel moments for lifelong, this printer proves to be your best companion. Due to its petite size, you can easily share your favorite pictures on the go. This mobile photo printer is compatible with Android and iOS devices. Also, you can use it on devices that support Bluetooth and NFC.

It is pretty easy to use it. Simply connect a tablet or smartphone through Wi-Fi. Now just see how instantly your social media photos and selfies transform into hard copies from digital images. The Polaroid mobile app is free to download. It is compatible with iOS and Android Print within a minute. No need for making computer connections. You just need to download the app and explore all the customization and editing features. You can add filters, borders, stickers, and more to your photos according to your preference. In this way, you can explore your creativity.

The printed Polaroid Zip photos are sticky, and therefore, you can easily attach them to laptops, notebooks, etc. During printing, this printer does not need toner and ink. So, it cuts down on the wastage of paper.


  • ZINK Zero ink printing technology offers vibrant prints. It removes the need for cartridges, film ink toners, and ribbons.
  • The peel-back type 2 inches x 3 inches paper prints are bold, colorful, and lifelike.
  • Each printout is tear-resistant, water-resistant, and smudge-proof.
  • A protective layer treats every 2 inches x3 inches sheet. This layer protects it against shields it from tears, water damage, and smudges.
  • There is a provision to adjust color temperatures, brightness, blur settings, etc.
  • The broad range of filters lets you set the mood from the app.
  • At once, it can print a maximum of 4 images over a single photo. This is made possible with the collage mode of the app.
  • Themed stickers can be directly added from the Polaroid Zip app.
  • Built-in battery supports a maximum of 25 points over a single charge.

8. Polaroid Originals Hi-Print:

Check on Amazon

What sets this Polaroid portable printer unique from the rest is it is implemented with dye sublimation printing technology. There is the use of cutting-edge dye-sub cartridge technology that leads to superior quality vibrant photos. Obtain premium quality photo prints within 50 seconds. With this portable printer, you can transform screenshots and pictures from your phone camera. Every time, you get superior quality 2 inches x 3 inches self-adhesive prints of your images.

Now you can print at home or travel places or anywhere with the Polaroid Hi-Print mobile app. You simply need to connect this printer to this app for editing and customizing your content. The built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery is powerful enough to provide hours of battery charge. Effectively and conveniently, you can customize and print images from a mobile device. Business card-sized prints can be stuck anywhere.


  • The robust Bluetooth connectivity allows easy connection with the Polaroid Hi-Print mobile app from your Android or iOS devices.
  • This app allows customizing and editing your photos with text, filters, frames, and emoticons.
  • Only Polaroid Hi-Print Paper is compatible.
  • Overall size is compact enough to fit well in a backpack pocket.

7. HP Sprocket Portable Photo Printer, X7N07A:

Check on Amazon

Printing your social media photos from a smartphone is now simplified with this HP portable photo printer. You just have to connect the HP Sprocket App (free downloadable) to your social media accounts. After that, it instantly transforms those digital photos into vibrant prints. Before printing, you can customize your pictures by adding text, emojis, borders, stickers, and more. Also, you can scan the printed photo and view the photo collections.

To get the best results, you can use the original HP Zink sticky-backed photo papers. These papers are uniquely designed to make sure you obtain glossy, bright photos with dynamic colors. Remove off the back of your prints, after which your pictures turn out to be instant stickers. The printer comes with 10 sheets of HP ZINK 2 inches x 3 inches photo papers, peel backing, regulatory sheet, setup card, and a micro-USB cable.


  • The maximum number of photo prints it can handle at once is 30.
  • Print resolution is 313 x 400 dpi.
  • It uses robust Bluetooth connectivity to use at travel places, parties, events, homes, etc.
  • Mobile printing lets you use this printer anywhere. You can directly print from your social media profiles.

6. KODAK Smile Instant Digital Printer:

Check on Amazon

Wirelessly connect this Kodak digital printer to your iPhones or Android phones for instant printing anywhere. With the Zink Smile app, you can edit, print, and share 2 inches x 3 inches photos. This app can be downloaded from Google Play and Apple app stores.

Its unique aspect is it comes in a fashionable pop-open design. Resembling a smile, the printer transforms from pocket-size into wedge-shaped. In this new shape, it reveals the output photo slot. Contrasting other massive printers, this smile instant printer is compact and comes with a protective case made of durable polyresin.

This compact-sized rechargeable printer does not need film or ink. Before taking out photo prints, you can customize them with stickers. You can select from a wide range of beautiful stickers ranging from balloons to emojis. Make every snap picture perfect by editing, cropping, rotating, lighting adjustment, color correction, and more.


  • It uses advanced Zink Zero Ink technology for printing pictures on 2 inches x 3 inches sticky-backed papers.
  • The support for universal wireless Bluetooth connectively suggests that this mobile printer is compatible with Android phones, iPad, iPhones, and other intelligent devices.
  • With the included micro USB cable, this printer charges within 2 hours. After every single charge, it delivers 40 prints.
  • 5 sticker frames are included.
  • The augmented reality feature from Kodak covers printed photos into videos while you use the KODAK SMILE app.
  • For posting photos on Instagram, you can use the Smile Editing Studio. It lets you apply borders, filters, lighting adjustment, color correction, amusing text, and more.
  • Supported connectivity technologies are Bluetooth and micro USB.

5. KODAK Step Wireless Photo Mini Printer:

Check on Amazon

Avoid delayed printing with this Kodak wireless mini printer. It can be connected to any Android or iOS smartphone, tablet, etc., through NFC or Bluetooth. So, you get your desired prints instantly. With this printer, it is quick and easy to transform your portraits, selfies, social media posts, and other images into physical photos. It is a palm-sized printer, weighing less than a pound.

No need to make computer connections and deal with messy wire. The beautiful prints from this printer can be attached to laptops, notebooks, scrapbooks, and more for decorating. A powerful lithium-ion rechargeable battery is included.

Kodak App is free downloadable, and it facilitates ease of editing. From this app, you can prepare collages. Also, it lets you customize your photos with unique filters, borders, stickers, text, etc. After you complete editing, you can send digital images for print. You get physical prints within a minute.


  • On a full charge, it can print 25 photos.
  • The maximum print speed (black & white) is 1 page per minute.
  • The maximum print speed (color) is 1 page per minute.
  • The printer technology used is Zink Technology.
  • It can print a maximum of 4 images over a single photo. This is possible when using the collage mode of the app.
  • Zero-ink technology from ZINK innovation removes the need for expensive ink cartridges, ribbons, or toners. This is because every sheet is equipped with color crystals that automatically trigger whenever you capture a picture.
  • The 2 inches x 3 inches sticky-back papers contain dye crystals. They deliver superior quality prints with full details.
  • Every sheet of 2 inches x 3 inches is treated with a protective layer. This layer will protect output against rips, moisture, smudges, and tear.

4. HP Sprocket 2×3″ Instant Photo Printer (Lilac):

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HP designed this pocket-size printer to streamline photo printing anywhere. It can perfectly fit in a backpack or bag. It is extremely lightweight that you would barely notice it. You can easily print pictures over Zink sticky-backed papers from Android and iOS devices. To let you get started, the printer comes with a pack of 10 sheets of photo paper.


  • Print resolution is up to 313 x 400 dpi.
  • Seamless Bluetooth connectivity lets you and other people connect simultaneously for wireless printing.
  • Paper loading is easy –open the top of the printer, place the paper and begin printing.
  • With HP Sprocket App, you can connect your social media accounts for instant printing. Also, this app allows turning your saved photos into colorful physical prints.
  • From this app, you can personalize photos before printing. You can add text, frame, filter, emojis, text, and stickers.

3. Lifeprint 2×3 Instant Printer:

Check on Amazon

Now you can convert your iPhone into an instant-print camera with this Lifeprint printer. It is an elegant, black-colored printer that can print snaps from your photos and videos. You just have to connect this compact printer to your iPhone for instant printing. One of its unique specialties is it is compatible with most slim cases.

With the free downloadable Lifeprint app, you can embed videos into your prints. After embedding photos, you can see them with the Hyperphoto viewer. Moreover, with this app, you can scan photos. A rechargeable battery is present.


  • It can print high-quality images from an iPhone in seconds.
  • The Lifeprint app allows you to connect with your friends simultaneously and share photos and videos.
  • It allows printing saved photos from Facebook, Instagram, and other social media platforms. Also, you can print GIFs and Apple Live Photos.
  • The Augmented Reality (AR) photo printer does not use ink, and every photo is sticky-based. You can attach printed photos on a wall or anywhere for decorating.

2. HP Sprocket 2-in-1 Portable Photo Printer:

Check on Amazon

This portable photo printer is called 2-in-1 because it can work as a printer and an instant camera. It can print social media photos on 2 inches x 3 inches sticky-backed paper. You can instantly print and share 2 inches x 3 inches pictures or stickers anywhere, anytime.

When used as a camera, pop up the viewfinder and click to snap a picture. Subsequently, the printer will begin printing instantly. Another way is to use this printer with a tablet or phone and the free Sprocket app. The app provides a bonus of editing images, adding stickers, drawing, and adding fun effects. After making appropriate adjustments to your images, just send them to the Sprocket app for printing.

It comes in an elegant design, and it feels comfortable to hold. The rose gold and white finish give a stunning look. A carrying strap is included for portability. You can place this printer in a back pocket. If you are confused about using it, firstly, load the photo paper in this printer. Now connect the printer to a mobile device through Bluetooth. Make sure you have downloaded the free HP Sprocket app for convenient mobile printing.


  • It is implemented with inkjet printing technology.
  • Setup of the HP Sprocket app is easy and quick with Bluetooth connectivity.
  • Customization of photos is possible by using borders, filters, emojis, and more.
  • It allows scanning printed photos and viewing photo collections.
  • All the 10 sheets of 2 inches x 3 inches of paper are smudge-proof.
  • To let you stick printed photos on different surfaces, it comes with peel-and-stick backing.

1. HP Sprocket Portable Photo Printer:

Check on Amazon

This second edition of portable photo printer from HP enables instant printing of 2 inches x 3 inches sticky-based photos. Directly from your mobile phone or tablet, you can print photos anytime. Its blush pink color appears elegant with other travel accessories you may use. Moreover, its compact design lets you easily slip it into a purse or pocket, or backpack.

Easily share customized photo albums with anyone through the HP Sprocket app. You can decorate your social media photos the way you want with desired editing and customization from this app. The setup process is hassle-free; just plug it into a USB outlet and enable charging. After you have downloaded the HP Sprocket app, it automatically connects to the printer. You may notice slight color washout in the printed photos, but they don’t badly influence the photo quality. The mentioned app comes with a user-friendly interface.


  • The maximum print time is 30 seconds.
  • Two of its main features are Zink Zero Ink technology and Augmented Reality abilities.
  • ZINK zero ink technology makes sure the printer does not use ink. So, printed photos and stickers are free from water, smudges, and tear.
  • It allows connecting multiple devices so that you and your friend can print simultaneously.
  • Personalized LED light shows whose photo is currently printing.
  • With powerful Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity, everybody can look at a shared album.
  • Scanning is possible from a smartphone when this printer is connected to the HP Sprocket app. Once connected, you can see a digital photo queue.
  • Once fully charged, the printer can print up to 35 photos.
  • OS compatibility includes Android 5 and above; iOS 10 and above.
  • Before printing, customization of photos is possible with doodles.
  • When you search the APP by hashtag, you can smoothly filter and print social media photos from a smartphone.

Best Portable Printers to Buy in 2019

Like most other devices in the 21st century, a printer has become more advanced and compact. They do not need so many connections and wires as they used to have a few years ago. The printers have become flexible and battery-operated. From that perspective, we thought of checking out a few good printers you can buy in 2019.

1. Kodak Mini Portable Mobile Instant Photo Printer

Buy From Amazon

Kodak has been a massive name in the imaging industry. If you are looking ahead to print photos on the move, the Kodak Mini Portable Photo printer should be the best choice for you. You can only connect your smartphone with the printer, and it will begin printing your photos instantly.

The Android smartphone will need the Kodak app, while for the iOS devices, you will need to connect to the device using WiFi. The printer comes with the D2T2 Dye transfer method for printing the photos. It also has a companion app that can be used to edit the images before you print them.

Some of the features worth mentioning include:

  • You can customize your photos with filters and edits
  • Ability to print the images in the convenient 2.1 x 3.4” size
  • Fade-proof printing technology ensures that your photos will stay intact with a shelf life of over ten years.
  • Innovative Kodak PMC Cartridges Combine Paper & Color Ink for Easy Maintenance

Would you want to give it a try? You may check the printer at this link on Amazon.

2. Brother PocketJet PJ763MFi Direct Thermal Printer

Buy From Amazon

The printer is capable of printing A4-sized documents on the move. The printer uses the MFI Bluetooth technology and thus should be a good option for printing right from your iOS device or Android smartphone.

You also have access to a USB 2.0 connectivity option working with your PC if you so wish. The high capacity additional battery is available as an extra accessory sold separately that can offer you up to 600 pages on a single charge.

Some of the salient features available include:

  • Printing up to legal sizes of papers.
  • Long-life battery capacity
  • The printer comes with good quality output.
  • It is a super portable thermal printer and offers all-around performance.

Did those features impress you? You can give it a try here on Amazon.

3. Pickit M2 Portable Photo Printer

Buy From Amazon

The portable printers are primarily used for printing photos on the move, and Pickit M2 can be a formidable choice from that perspective. The printer uses dry sublimation technology for printing, thus ensuring that the prints are saved for posterity.

The printed images have waterproof and fingerprint-proof functionalities and thus have a better shelf life. Replacement of the paper and ink is rather simple and hassle-free. The printer comes with an NFC and WiFi connectivity option and thus should meet all your device requirements.

A few features that impressed us are summed up as:

  • The printer comes with a companion Pickit smartphone app for easy management.
  • The real ink used in the printing enhances the printing quality
  • The compact size and lightweight make it easy enough to carry anywhere.
  • You can even share your photos from within the printer with anyone you want to.

Interested in trying out the printer? You can gather more details from Amazon at this link.

4. CANON PIXMA iP110 Wireless Mobile Printer

Buy From Amazon

Convenience and superior image quality will make Canon Pixma iP110 one of the prime choices for the best in the category of portable mobile printers. The printer is capable of printing both photos and business-level documents with ease and outstanding accuracy. If you are a professional who is always on the move, the Canon Pixma is your best friend.

The printer can print wirelessly and effortlessly over a wireless connection with a maximum color dpi of 9600 x 2400. It can also print from select online cloud services without any difficulties. The Pixma iP110 supports documents of sizes up to 8.5 x 11 inches.

A few salient features we would want to pinpoint include:

  • The compact, lightweight design provides you transport the printer anywhere easily
  • The printer comes with additional features like WiFi, an optional battery, and PictBridge functionalities.
  • It has compatibility with both color or black and white prints.
  • You can have access to attractive borderless printing for your creative needs.
  • The Easy PhotoPrint+ lets you edit and print your photos from anywhere.

In case you want to know more about the printer, you may find it here on Amazon.

5. Fujifilm Instax SP-3 Mobile Printer

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An upgrade to Instax SP-2, the new portable printer from Fujifilm, lets you print your larger photos through a few simple configurations. You can even print photos from your social media feeds as well through the easy-to-follow steps.

The printer lets you work with your smartphone over WiFi. The printer works the best with the companion app in the form of the Instax SHARE app. It offers you compatibility with both Android and iOS devices.

A few features worthy of mentioning include:

  • It offers you high-speed printing that takes just around 13 seconds to complete printing.
  • High-grade image quality
  • You can print images from your social media feeds, including Facebook, Instagram, and other networks.
  • The printer also can be used to print photos directly from your Fujifilm camera.
  • It can print on square format analog film.

Amusing features, right? Learn more about it from this link from Amazon.

6. HP OfficeJet 200 Portable Printer

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Designed specifically for the natural portable printing ability from wherever you are, the HP OfficeJet 200 Portable Printer offers you exceptional performance characteristics. Outstanding print quality is what will make it a great choice. Reviews have suggested that the printer is even capable of excellent performance than even the inkjet printers.

It also promises a faster printing performance. It can connect to your devices with just a WiFi connection. The HP printer app should help set up and work with your prints. It supports a wide range of photo sizes.

Some of the excellent features that it supports include:

  • Unique technology to achieve excellent print quality.
  • The easy portability of the printer should make it an excellent option.
  • The WiFi and USB 2.0 connectivity will make it a formidable choice for connectivity.
  • An extended-lasting battery ensures that you have no interruptions concerning charging and printing.

Want to check it out? You should be able to check it out at this link on Amazon.

7. SereneLife Portable Instant Mobile Photo Printer

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The serene life portable instant photo printer is an excellent option for seamlessly printing your photos and other documents over wireless from your Android and iOS devices. The inbuilt battery is capable of printing around 25 images on a single charge.

The maintenance is easy as you can eject the cartridge and replace the new one right away. The printer can print 2 x 3.5 inches photos and offers you borderless and high-quality images at 291 dpi. The compact size makes it one of the best options to fit inside your shoulder bag.

A few salient features that the printer comes with can be summarised as here below –

  • The printer comes with a mobile app for easy management of your prints and printer.
  • The portable design makes it a practically good option for fitting inside your pocket.
  • The complete borderless prints should make it a good choice for the need for quicker ID prints.
  • The accompanying mobile app helps you edit the images before you print them.

Wasn’t that an exciting and impressive option? You can get to know more about it on Amazon.

8. Lifeprint 2×3 Portable Photo and Video Printer

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The  Lifeprint 2×3 Portable Photo and Video Printer is perhaps the world’s first sharable photo printer. You can use the printer for sharing your images with your Lifeprint friends all around the globe.

The printer also lets you pull your favorite images from social media networks like Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat, to name a few. The portable design makes the printer the best option for parties, events, and other similar occasions.

A few excellent options that the printer offers you can be summed up as

  • The printer provides you an Augmented reality functionality for an added advantage.
  • There is an accompanying image editor suite to add filters, text, memes, and other options.
  • You can connect with Bluetooth connectivity of over 30 feet range
  • Complete compatibility with Android and iOS devices
  • The no ink printing should make it an excellent choice for your printing needs and thus ensure no smudging.

If those features impress you enough, you may find more about the photo printer at this link on Amazon.

9. HP Sprocket Portable Photo Printer

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The printer with a smartphone size, the HP Sprocket Portable Photo Printer, should be your best to print those images right away. Share your adventures easily. The printer slips into your locket right away.

The printer can connect with multiple devices simultaneously, thus allowing you and your friends to print together. The printer also supports augmented reality to view the print jobs in a queue. The accompanying HP Sprocket app helps you manage your printer and prints.

Some of the features you will love with the printer include:

  • The Bluetooth connectivity always stays connected and offers you a consistent performance without the need for the hassles of pairing over and again.
  • The HP Sprocket app also lets you customize your prints with your exact needs.
  • The ZINK Zero Ink compatibility ensures it avoids smudging.
  • Print seamlessly over Bluetooth and WiFi

You can check out the additional features from this link on Amazon.

10. Epson WorkForce WF-100 Wireless Mobile Printer

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The Epson WorkForce WF-100 Wireless Mobile Printer has been around for quite a long but has managed to live up to the expectations. It has been able to beat the competition with its functions and features.

The printer is slightly larger but offers a lightweight design. You can use it for printing right from your PC or even from your Android or iOS smartphones. It can print both in color or black and white. The printer should be the best option for the professionals who are always on the move.

Here are a few features that you will love with the Epson WorkForce –

  • The printer is perhaps the lightest and most portable printer you can go for.
  • The printer comes with built-in support for Wireless and WiFi Direct.
  • Flexible battery charging for your requirements.
  • You have access to an automatic power-off feature for saving your battery
  • The printer can print both your documents and photos with ease.

If those features impress you, it may be a good idea to check out the printer at this link on Amazon.

Best 2×3 Portable Printers: Our Recommendations

Most of the printers here use the peel and stick paper cartridge. After printing the image, you can peel the back layer, and it will work like a sticker via the adhesive coating. You can click photos at the moment, edit, print, and stick the pictures on your wall in just a couple of minutes, and that is where the beauty of portable images comes into play. Let’s jump on to the list of best 2×3 mobile photo and video printers for iPhone and Android smartphones.

1. SereneLife Pickit 20 Portable Photo Printer

Buy From Amazon  

SereneLife Pickit 20 is an affordable portable printer that fits anywhere, about the size of a cellphone. To customize your photos, you can download the Pickit app. This smart 2×3 photo printer will let you make your memorable moments scrapbook quickly. In a single charge, it will print around 25 photos. Recharging the inbuilt battery takes only half an hour.

Don’t fuss with ink or paper. You can quickly change ten-piece cartridges that are self-contained, preventing unwanted fingerprints and hassles with cleaning or maintenance. This mobile phone printer produces high-quality, fully laminated 291 dpi of glossy images.  It supports JPEG and PNG file format; you can print from the iOS and Android devices with a photo dimension of 2.1 x 3.4 inches. It comes with a 1-year limited warranty from the manufacturer.

2. Kodak Mini Portable Mobile Printer

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Kodak Mini portable is the best 2×3 photo printer for Android and iOS devices under $100. It used advanced DyeSub printing technology. As a result, image prints are beautiful and detailed, dry instantly, and last for up to 10 years. You can connect your smartphone using the WiFi and NFC and get your pictures in just a moment in your hand. It supports JPEG image format prints from iOS and Android devices.

Refilling the ink and paper cartridge is always a hassle, but that’s not the case with this photo printer.  You can edit your pictures right from your smartphone and get a preview of what will be printed on the paper. Free Kodak app, customize your photos with filters and templates, edit images and adjust the dimensions and much more. With the central unit, you will also get a micro USB cable and one photo cartridge. This printer weighs 238 grams and comes with one-year warranty support from Kodak.

3. Lifeprint 2×3 Portable Photo and Video Printer

Buy From Amazon  

If I have to choose the best-looking portable 2×3 photo printer without compromising photo quality, the Lifeprint printer will be my pick. Lifeprint uses the Augmented Reality Hyperphotos that make your photos come to life like the real portrait. Its share feature is fantastic. You can easily connect with your Lifeprint friends and share actual images directly with each other’s printers across the world.

You can print snaps from Facebook, Instagram, moving GIFs, and more. It comes with a full photo editing suite that will let you add filters, text, memes, stickers, and more. The paper used for printing photos is sticky. You have to peel the back layer of your photos, and you get the stickers that can be used for decorating walls. It uses the Bluetooth connection to connect to smartphones and works up to 30 feet range in the open. It works fine for most Android and iOS devices. But you must check on their website to whether it is compatible with your device model.

4. Fujifilm INSTAX SHARE SP-2 2×3 Photo Printer

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Fujifilm Instax SP-2 prints high-resolution images of 800×600 pixels per inch with 320 DPI to quickly show detailed gradations, facial expressions, and characters. A new laser exposure system achieves faster printing than the other 2×3 portable photo printers of this price range. It takes around 10 seconds to give the output print from the time of print data transfer.

The rechargeable battery via the micro USB port provides average backup as expected from the portable photo printers. You have to connect the SP-2 to the smartphone via a WiFi connection. Instax Share app is free to download, provides plenty of advanced photo editing settings, frames, templates, and much more.

A line of LED lights is on the top that indicates the film and battery status. There is a physical button also to share the same print with others. The Instax technology used by Fujifilm develops excellent colors that don’t fade away over the years. It is available in gold and silver color, both look astonishing. Let me be frank with you; this one is my personal favorite in this price category.

5. HP Sprocket Portable Photo Printer (X7N08A)

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HP is a big name in the printer market. HP Sprocket is the proof, why HP is so famous when it comes to printers. Sprocket is a photo printer for fun on the go. You can print your 2×3 photos anywhere anytime you want; all you need is a smartphone and Sprocket photo printer. It uses a Bluetooth connection to pair up with your smartphone. HP Sprocket App is a must to print the photos directly from your smartphone that can be iOS and Android-based devices.

Sprocket app has many features that come in handy like you can connect all your social media accounts to this and print images from there. It uses HP ZINK photo paper; thanks to them, you get bright, glossy photos every time. With the printer, you get ten sheets of HP Zink 2×3 photo paper with the peel and stick backing for instant photo stickers and a micro USB cable for charging. 1-year limited hardware warranty backs it.

6. Canon Selphy CP1200 Wireless Color Photo Printer

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The Selphy CP1200 photo printer comes with advanced functionalities and a slightly higher price. Canon Selphy CP 1200 is a wireless printer that is not entirely portable. It means it has got a battery so you can carry it along with you and print wherever you want to. But the problem is its size. You need a backpack to carry it safely. It is not like the other printer. Throw them in the bag and go. It has a lot of types of equipment that need to be handled with care.

Then why should you opt for this printer? Just because of the features and print quality it offers at this price. It has a 2.7-inch tilt-up LCD to quickly view, select and edit images for computer-free and straightforward printing. There is a dedicated WiFi button that allows quick and easy distribution from your wireless network. With AirPrint, you can print wirelessly from your iPhone or iPad.

Selphy App that can be downloaded free of cost provides plenty of photo editing and synchronizing tools with various devices and social media platforms. You can even directly from the memory cards or pen drive using the USB port and built-in card slot. Just select the images on the LCD and press print! As simple as that. The inbuilt battery in this printer gives out the most copies in one charge, which is 54 prints as compared with the others here.

In the package, you will get a Selphy CP1200 printer, paper cassette (postcard size), compact power adapter, Canon KP-108IN Color Ink Paper Set, Xtech hard case, USB  printer cable for PC connection & cleaning cloth. Plus, one year warranty and 24/7 technical support from Canon. If you could handle its comparatively large size, this is the best semi-portable 2×3 photo printer with best in class picture print quality.

To Summarize

If you are not aware of what you are looking for, it isn’t that easy to find the best portable printer for your requirements. You have several brands and models available with varying features, but some of the printers have seen to come with excellent features. We assume that the reviews of the top ten printers listed here should help you find the best options available for you.

Have you used any of the portable printers we have featured in this compilation? If you have any experiences or opinions about the printers we have shared here, do let us know your views through the comments here.


Most of these printers can print and share 2×3-inch photo snapshots or stickers from your favorite iOS or Android devices. These are lightweight & portable photo printers that can comfortably fit into a pocket or a backpack. Even though their capacity is limited, they will do just fine for light usage.

We hope you like our list of the Best 2×3 Portable Printers currently available on the market. Comments or suggestions are welcome in the comment section below. Cheers!

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