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How to Reset App Lock Password on MIUI – MI Redmi Poco & K20 Series

How to Reset App Lock Password on MIUI

If you are looking to reset app lock password on MIUI, read our article to know how it needs to be done.

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Xiaomi has been a clear leader when it comes to affordable smartphones in India. The MIUI interface that the phones come with will help let you have a host of innovative in-built features that are directly baked into the MIUI skin. Some of these features are not easy to get on a default Android device without third-party supported apps. One of the unique features we loved with the service would be the App Lock feature we observed on the device.

What is the App Lock Feature on MiUI?

The app lock feature – as we all are aware of – is a feature that lets you lock your apps from being accessed by others. The apps will need you to enter the password (or pattern) to access any of the apps. This will keep your personal information safe and secure.

Ideally, an Android device will need you to install a third-party application on your phone for that functionality. However, if you own a Xiaomi device, you do not need to install any third-party app and worry about the compatibility of the app with your phone. The Xiaomi devices have the MIUI customized operating systems based on the latest version of Android. The App Lock feature comes pre-installed on your MIUI OS.

The App Lock feature lets you protect your apps with the use of a password. No one will have access to the app without having access to the password. The feature should be an ideal option for you to safeguard your apps, or even personal files like videos, images, and other essential data.

How to reset App Lock Password on MIUI?

Imagine a situation where you have used app lock feature on your MIUI enabled smartphone and forgotten the App Lock password. That can be a serious issue and can be quite devastating. You will lose access to all your apps if you have opted for the App Lock feature for your entire device, or to your select apps and files if you have opted for locking a few of them.

Do not panic! You can easily reset your App Lock password. Just ensure that you have linked your app lock feature with your Mi Account. If you have done that, it should be much easy to get your access to your apps and files back instantly.

Follow the steps here carefully –

  • Enter the pattern or password five times. Do not worry if it is wrong.
  • After five wrong entries, you will find a notification popping up.
  • Click on Forgot Password
  • You should be prompted to enter your Mi account name and password.
  • Enter them, and you will have access to your App Lock instantly.

Once that done, you can get configure your new app lock password or pattern.

What if you have forgotten your Mi Account and password? Now that you do not use it quite often, it may be quite common to forget it. You should be able to able to reset or regain access to your Mi Account password through the recovery options available from the Mi Account link. You can either click of the forget password link or enter your phone number to gain access to your account. Once inside your Mi account, it can be easy to configure a new password.

What if I have not Added Mi Account to my App Lock?

Well, if you have forgotten your App Lock password and have not added it to Mi Account, that would indeed be a piece of bad news. The earlier versions of MIUI had a workaround that would have worked.

You could add a new fingerprint and use it to access the apps with a new fingerprint. In fact, that was a loophole, and Xiaomi has now fixed the issue. You will no longer be able to add a new fingerprint and use it for unlocking your App Lock. The only option currently available is to link your App Lock to your Mi account. Do note you will not be able to add it after you have forgotten the password or pattern app lock feature on your Xiaomi device.

If you have not added your App Lock functionality to your Mi Account, nothing can resolve the issue for you. The only option in such a circumstance would be to reset your device. Of course, that should be a severe concern for most of us, in case you have forgotten or misplaced your App Lock password.

You should ideally get the option to add your App Lock feature to Mi Account when you set up your account on your device. Do not skip the option when you do so as it will be helpful enough for recovering your password just in case you have forgotten it.

How Can you Lock or Unlock your Apps on MiUI?

Well, if you have used the app lock feature on your devices, you should be aware of how capable the service can be. It helps you effectively safeguard your apps and files. How would you be using the feature to lock or unlock your apps and data on the phones based on MiUI?

You will need to enable the app lock functionality on your Xiaomi or Redmi devices before opting for locking or unlocking your apps using the App Lock feature. Here is how you would do it –

  • Launch Settings and select App Lock
  • You will need to enter a password pattern. You will need to join a minimum of 4 dots to create a pattern. Do note that the pattern need not be the same as on the lock screen.
  • Confirm your new pattern.
  • You should now get an option to link your app lock with your Mi account. Follow the instructions to do the same.

That completes the task of enabling the App Lock feature on your Xiaomi device. Once that done, you can easily lock your apps or files through steps here below –

  • Choose settings and then App Lock
  • Choose the app that you would want to lock.
  • Enable the app lock for the particular app.
  • Continue the same with all other apps that you would want to lock with the App Lock feature.

Exit from the settings option and you are done with the task.

When you launch the app, you should get an option to unlock it using any of the lock options you have chosen. You can enter the password and open the app or file with ease.

If you have unlocked a few apps and would wish to unlock any of them, you can follow the steps here below –

  • Go to Settings and then App Lock
  • You would need to enter your password or pattern.
  • You will now be taken to screen where you will find the apps that have been locked along with the ones that have not been locked.
  • Tap on the app that you would want to unlock
  • Follow the options to unlock the apps.
  • Continue the same procedure for all your locked apps.

Once you have enabled the App Lock feature, locking and unlocking your apps should be quite easy and straightforward enough. You will only need to toggle it to on or off.

In addition to the password or pattern, you can also use fingerprint for working with your App Lock functionality. However, to configure the fingerprint feature, you will need to enter the pattern or password set al

ready for the App Lock functionality.

The Concluding Thoughts

That was all we have concerning how to reset your App Lock functionality. We would assume that the tutorial outlined in this compilation should assist you in arriving at the best possible option for your safeguarding your images and other apps.

Check out the best options we have featured for arriving at the best possible opportunities to reset your App Lock feature. Share any other alternatives if you have come across any.

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