Overview of PowerBI App for Android

Overview of PowerBI App for Android

PowerBI over the last one year has evolved into a complete Cloud-based BI platform. In addition to the rich integration features, Microsoft also provides you with mobile applications. Mobile apps are available for iOS, Android Play and of course Windows Store. In this post, we talk about an overview of PowerBI App for Android.

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If you do not know what Power BI is, take a step back and visit the Microsoft site to know more. In order to use this App, you need to have a Power BI enabled account on your company tenant. If you want to stay connected with your companies dashboards, leverage these apps and access them on the go.

Overview of PowerBI App for Android

The Android App is a fully touch-enabled App which can interact with your rich dashboards, reports, visualizations, charts, maps, and graphs published on the Power BI Service. You can also share the content published to your colleagues to view the dashboards.

Quick Note: This is a consumption tool and not a Publisher tool

Supported capabilities:

  • Set favorites for important visualizations
  • Zoom in and out of visualizations
  • Annotate visualizations and share snapshots with others
  • Configure alerts to receive notifications of critical business KPIs

Visit: The Official Site for more details.

You can also use the free Power BI account to access the Dashboard and Reports using the Power BI mobile Apps.

For Power BI pricing visit :

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