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How to Fix Google Chrome 4K Scaling Issues – Windows 10

Fix Google Chrome 4K Scaling Issues - Windows 10

Google Chrome is one of the much-preferred options when it comes to ease of use, Google’s ecosystem and functionalities. That would perhaps explain the popularity that it carries. However, it should not mean Google Chrome does not come with any issues as such.

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One such point introduced with the Google Chrome Update 54 is the scaling difficulties, especially with 4K resolution. If you are one of those affected by this issue, you can check out the fixes and recommendations that we have tried to address the scaling problem on your Google Chrome browser.

What are the common scaling issues observed on Google Chrome?

The changes brought through the Google Chrome Update 54 have made Chrome detect your DPI setting automatically and scale up the display accordingly. However, this would now scale up the UI of Chrome as well. As a result, you would face scaling up issues with your desktop elements.

If you already have your DPI settings already configured to 100 percent, you will experience an issue with your UI zoomed up heavily. The following tips should help you restore the settings to what it was before the update.

But before we take that up, we will check up a few issues you would face on your Google Chrome installation.

Zoomed up Chrome UI

Of course, you may be the one who likes their Chrome UI zoomed up. However, the update has made the zoomed-in design applicable to everyone. Even when you are not happy with it. You can either change the zoom levels or correct the DPI scaling issues through the settings.

A Blurred Scaling

This may not be found on every device, but it is likely to affect only a few. Your Chrome UI can get blurry after the automatic scaling is applied through the update. Updating your browser should ideally resolve the issue.

Chrome Selling may not work effectively.

The Google Chrome scaling may not work effectively on your computer. You would want to change the settings and parameters of a few elements. Let us check them out later in this post.

How to Fix Google Chrome 4K Scaling Issues on Windows 10

There are a few fixes that should ideally address the scaling issue on your Google Chrome browser on your Windows 10 device. Let us check out the solutions one by one.

Fix 1 – Edit the Target Field on Google Chrome

You can add a launch parameter on your Google Chrome. This should ideally resolve the 4K scaling issue on your Chrome on Windows 10 installation. You need to locate the shortcut for the Google Chrome browser, and the rest of the steps should be rather quite simple and easy.

Here you go on how to do it –

  • Find the Google Chrome shortcut on your desktop and right-click on it. If you have removed it from desktop, you may need to search for it or create a shortcut.
  • Click on Properties.
  • Locate the target section and change the details by adding up the following line to the end of the target field –
    high-dpi-support=1 /force-device-scale-factor=1

You will need to save your settings by clicking Apply and then OK.

That should do it. Whenever you launch Chrome from this shortcut, your scaling issues would not affect you. You can unpin the Google Chrome icon from your taskbar and re-add it there.

Fix 2 – Turn off Display scaling for Higher DPI.

Turing off DPI scaling for higher DPI settings can be one of the best options. Configuring the environment should be quite simple and easy to opt for. With this fix, you are asking Google Chrome to ignore the changes made by Windows.

Here is how you would be able to do it –

  • Right-click on the Google Chrome shortcut and click on Properties.
  • Go to the Compatibility tab.
  • Locate the option Disable display scaling on high DPI
  • Check the box for the option.
  • Click on Apply and then on OK.

Restart your Google Chrome browser. Your issue should now be resolved. While this solution works quite effectively on your Windows 10 and 8.1, we have not checked it on other versions of the operating systems. However, we assume it works on different versions as well.

Fix 3 -Change the Scaling Settings on Windows 10

We attempted resolving the DPI scaling issues with the manipulation of the settings on the Google Chrome browser. Adjusting the DPI settings from within Windows 10 ecosystem should also address the issue.

Here are the steps involved in adjusting the DPI settings on Windows 10 –

  • Launch your Windows Settings.
  • Click on the System group and click on the Display category if you are not already on it.
  • Locate the option Scale and Layout
  • Find the option Change the size of text, apps, and other items
  • Change it to 100 percent.

This should ideally resolve the issues in most of the cases. However, if this does not address the problem, you can check out the other options and check if it works fine on your device.

The changes performed here would automatically be applied to Google Chrome as well. You should now get rid of the scaling issues on Chrome permanently.

Fix 4 – Change the Zoom level on Google Chrome.

This can work as the best workaround solution and should ideally address the issue on your Google Chrome temporarily. This will change the configuration for the webpage that you visit. No changes will be applied to the Chrome UI, but you are changing the zoom levels for a particular page.

Here is how the method works –

  • Launch Google Chrome and click on the Menu option. The Menu icon looks like three vertical dots at the top right end.
  • Choose Settings from the Menu
  • Under the Appearance tab, locate the option for Page Zoom.
  • Change the settings to a value that you want to change it to.

Check if the issue has been resolved.

Fix 5 – Update your Chrome

Updating your Google Chrome to the latest version should ideally resolve the issue of scaling n many cases. Google Chrome updates itself automatically. However, if it fails to update itself, check the solutions to update it manually.

Got to Chrome Settings, as explained in the previous steps, and click on About option. If Chrome says an update is available, click on the appropriate option to update it.

Fix 6 – Rest Google Chrome to default settings

A few settings and extensions on your Google Chrome can help you resolve the issues concerned with your Google Chrome scaling. Bringing your Chrome installation to default settings can resolve the problems in many cases.

This should be one of the most comfortable options. Here is how you would do it –

  • Launch Google Chrome settings as in the above steps.
  • Move to the Advanced option.
  • Locate the option to Reset Settings.
  • Confirm the option.

Wait till Chrome gets back to the default status.

Those were a few steps that should help you resolve the issue of scaling on your Google Chrome browser. Use the fixes one by one, and check option worked best for you. All the repairs should work while changing the DPI settings on Windows should provide you with a universal solution.

Check them out and share your thoughts.

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