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Best 8K Video Capture Phones in 2020 – Budget and Top End Options

Best 8K Video Capture Phones

When it comes to the smartphone arena, the year 2020 seems to be bringing in a massive variety of options – especially from the technology perspective. We are looking at the prospect of a wide range of foldable devices, as well as the bezel-less designs. However, one of the significant aspects we would find interesting would be the availability of improved video recording capabilities on our devices.

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Yes, the new phones are arriving with the ludicrous 8K video recording functionality. There have been a few announcements, while we already have a few phones that would support the feature. We thought we would check out a few exciting options in this genre – from the list of devices that are already available.

Phones with 8K video Capture – An overview

Well, an 8K video on a smartphone would be something we would find to be a remarkably attractive idea. However, the question is, do we really need it on the phone? Well, that would be something preferential and would ideally be dependent on your taste.

Samsung has been the player who is at the forefront of this 8K video capture innovation. The Galaxy S20 from the brand is touted to be the first phone to support 8K video with 24 fps. That should ideally make it the highest resolution for video capture on any phone currently available.

Of course, innovation and advancement should always be welcome. But, does the hype around the 8K resolution justify the benefits? If you have a look at the press release and other promotional materials from Samsung about its Galaxy S20, you will observe that it is all about 8k and its imaging capabilities.

It should be noticed that a high resolution does not necessarily translate into a better quality when it comes to images and videos. It may be too early to predict the success of 8K yet.

Best 8K Video Capture Phones – Table


Mi 10 5G

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Mi 10 Pro

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ZTENubia Red Magic 5G

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Redmi By XiaomiK30 Pro

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SharpAquos R5G

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Do you really need an 8K video on your phone?

We will cover that question in a little more detail. As we said, a bump in the resolution should not be taken as an improvement in the quality of a video. People had this experience with the Sharp 8K camera already and not very much impressed with the 8K recording capability offered therein.

The processor currently in the forefront concerning the 8K video recording is Qualcomm Snapdragon 865. Samsung Galaxy S20 has it, and that is what has provided it with the capability to opt for 8K video capture.

Do you remember what happened when 4K was first launched? There were several issues, including device shutdowns, when trying to shoot in 4K and overheating problems. In fact, there have been issues being reported even now. Sony Xperia 1, LG G4, and Galaxy S5 are a few good examples. Galaxy S5, in fact, limited the 4K recoding to just five minutes.

So, similar things can happen even now, especially because this is the first batch of phones with 8K video capture. We do not think it should be the right time to jump into the 8K video bandwagon.

We have our very own reasons. Once again, we will take the example of 4K resolution. There aren’t many devices with a display with 4K resolution. So, there would be no meaning in opting for 8K video resolution in case the screen on your device does not offer an 8K resolution. Okay, you are planning to transfer the file onto another device with an 8K display. Sadly enough, there aren’t many of those yet, and even if there are – the technology is new and is bound to create issues.

Secondly, you cannot expect all the features of 8K resolution per se. In fact, we have seen (and it is being followed even today) that the OEMs on most of the smartphones that support 4K recording limit a host of features. That would ideally be the case with the phones with 8K video capture as well.

Further, storage would be a big issue. How many videos in 8K resolution will you be able to store on your device? Of course, phone storage is trending upwards in terms of capacity, but still, 8K videos will be really, really large. Except for a few shooting sessions for the awe of it, most of your video recordings would be in HD to be maximum.

Do not get us wrong. We are not against the 8K resolution for video capture. We are super excited about the 8K video capture on smartphones like you all are. But, these are the facts, and opting for the phone with 8K video capture just because it has that particular feature would not be advisable. At least – not as of now. Of course, if your chosen phone has a few additional features as well, along with the 8K video capturing – yes, do opt for it. And we are sure – Galaxy S20 and a host of other 8K video smartphones will offer you something else apart from 8K video resolutions alone.

Best Phones with 8K video Capture

Having checked out the Pros and Cons of a phone with 8K video resolution, we ill now move to discuss a few good options from this perspective.

Samsung Galaxy S20

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Well, that would be an obvious choice for the first place when we are talking about 8K video capture on phones. The phone introduces the feature and has goaded a host of manufacturers into joining the bandwagon.

Samsung has stated in its promotions for the device that the S20 is a massive leap forward in resolution for photography and cinema-quality video. The term cinema-quality may not be the right one here, but we would excuse it as a marketing gimmick than being a technological truth.

The phone offers you the following resolutions for recording your videos –

  • 8K video recording at 24 fps (7680×4320)
  • 4K UHD video recording at up to 60 fps (3840×2160)
  • 1080p FHD video recording at up to 60 fps (1920×1080)
  • 720p HD video recording at up to 30 fps (1280×720)

The phone will also support HDR10+, but it will currently be in beta and will be offered only on the rear camera. You need to be remarkably steady while shooting in 8K. That would make you need a tripod or other similar option. You will be able to pull the 8K videos in time slots of five minutes each – no continuous 8K shooting at a stretch. Something we warned you about above!

Storage will definitely be an issue. A five-minute shoot in 8K will take up 3 GB of your storage space. That would something be too heavy. You are not using the phone for the videos alone, there are plenty of other things on your phone, and they need storage for them as well.

You have 512 GB of onboard storage and can expand it further to up to 1 TB with a micro SD card. Powered by Snapdragon 865 processor, the phone provides you access to a 108 MP primary sensor. The 120 Hz refresh rate on display should be yet another excellent feature that the phone offers you. This should assist you with flicker-free screen transitions with ease.

Effective removal of Blue light is one of the best features we found on the phone, though the actual results are yet to be seen. The IP68 water and dust protection make it a safer option to carry in rains or sporting activities. It can withstand the water at 1.5 meters for 30 minutes.

The 5000 mAh battery is quite thoughtful, especially given the high-end specs that can be quite power-consuming. Samsung claims that the battery is smart enough to learn from your usage habits and adjust the power usage in tune.

The Samsung Galaxy S20 will have the other two variants with minor differences viz Galaxy S20 Plus and Galaxy S20 Ultra. Both these phones will support 8K video capture.

Any other phones with 8K video Capture?

Well, at the time of composing this post, there were not many visible options. Maybe manufacturers will let Samsung test the water, and based on the success it receives; they may also take a call on whether it would be practical to jump into the bandwagon.

However, Xiaomi, which has always been innovative, is learned to be checking out the possibilities of launching a phone with an 8K video capture feature. The rumors began doing the rounds back in 2019 that the brand is checking out the possibility of launching a phone with 8K recording at 30 fps.

In fact, Xiaomi had been planning the phone even before Samsung announced its Galaxy S20 with the feature. However, as things stand as of today, it is only Samsung that has scheduled a device with the capability.

The Closing Remarks

Well, that was all we have concerning upcoming phones with an 8K video capture feature. If Samsung Galaxy S20 and its two variants achieve the expected outcome in terms of customer reception, we may be in for more such phones being launched.

Until then, it is just Samsung, and things will be evident when the device is launched this year.

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