List of Phones with esim support – Android and Apple iOS

List of Phones with esim support - Android and Apple iOS

If you are looking out for a list of phones with eSim support, check out our inventory. We have listed some of the best-recommended choices that you can buy from the marketplace. Read below to know more!

The advancement of technological innovation has reached a level where there is no need to insert a SIM card into the phone, and yet it works with your service provider. This may surprise you, but this is now possible. Some of you have heard the term ‘eSIM,’ but there might be some who still might be unaware of this emerging tech.

The term ‘eSIM’ stands for ‘Embedded SIM,’ and it eliminates the need for a physical SIM to be inserted into a phone. It immensely benefits those people who prefer to change providers, or for those people who do not want to be bothered with the physical SIM card changing process. There are plenty of benefits of using phones with eSIM support. In the market, there are lots of Android and iOS phones equipped with eSIM support.

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One of the prime benefits of using the phone with eSIMs is you need not change the SIM cards when you are traveling overseas. All you need to do is find a compatible eSIM provider and head on for your trip. It came to know that eSIMs allow two numbers to be saved on the same phone.

Furthermore, it also facilitates the connection between wearables like the Apple Watch with a compatible smartphone. When you look at the details of the below-discussed phones with eSIM support, you will be able to make a wise buying decision:

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iPhone X and 11 series

pic: Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max, source: Apple

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Apple is one of the manufacturers who has moved to the eSIM category for in the last couple of years. You will find that the Apple iPhone offers you access to iPhone XS, Apple XS Max, and iPhone XR. The new devices launched this year, i.e., iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, and Pro Max, come with advanced features of eSIM.

The iPhones we listed here come with both the choices of physical SIM cards and eSIM options.

iPhone XS

List of Phones with eSim support

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The phone comes with fully unlocked and compatibility with practically every network. The device comes with a 5.8-inch super-retina display. You will get access to the perfect combination of glass and steel design. You would find access to color options such as gold, silver, and black—the dual 12 MP camera with wide and telephoto lenses. You would find a front camera that offers you a TrueDepth 7MP camera with 1080p HD video recording. Powered by an A12 Bionic with a second-gen neural engine, it is one of the top powerhouses ever.

The phone comes with a larger speaker then its predecessors. You would find that it offers you a more robust and broader audio experience. The camera has also has been improved with the smart HDR feature. The battery management is also one of the excellent along with a powerful chipset.

The Features –

  • You have access to up to 512 GB storage options
  • Faster Face ID and edge-to-edge display
  • A faster Gigabit LTE offers you speedier internet service.
  • The phone is termed as the best and durable glass construction ever.
  • It comes with improved IP68 water and dust resistance features.

Samsung Galaxy S20 Series

S20 Ultra

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The recently launched Samsung Galaxy S20 series has been one of the best options in the realm of the perfect eSIM functionality. All the three Galaxy S20 devices viz Galaxy S20, S20 Plus, and S20 Ultra come with the features such as eSIM compatibility.

An excellent masterpiece, the Galaxy S20 series devices come with advanced features and high-end specifications. The S20 offers you 12GB RAM and 128GB internal storage. You would find the Galaxy S20 Plus comes with 12GB RAM and optional 128GB and 512GB storage. The expensive variant among them, the Galaxy S20 Ultra offers you access to 12GB or 16GB RAM with optional 128GB and 512GB storage.

Both Galaxy S20 and S20 Plus offer you access to 12MP+64MP+12MP triple rear cameras. The Galaxy S20 Ultra provides you access to a whopping 108MP (wide-angle), 48MP (telephoto), 12MP (ultra-wide) cameras. On the front side, the Galaxy S20 and S20 Plus offer you access to 10 MP sensor,s, and the Galaxy S20 Ultra features a 40 MP camera. All the three smartphones come with the support for 8K recording.

As for the battery, the S20 offers you a battery capacity of 4000 mAh, while the Galaxy S20 Plus comes with a 4500 mAh battery capacity. The Galaxy S20 Ultra provides you with a whopping 5000 mAh battery efficiency. All the three devices provide an IP 68 water and dust resistance capabilities. The 5G connectivity support is yet another plus point that you will find on all the three Samsung Galaxy S20 series devices. You will get access to the Android 10 operating system on all three methods.

  • Samsung Galaxy S20 – Amazon
  • Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus – Amazon
  • Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra – Amazon

Motorola Razr

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This is the first foldable smartphone from Motorola and offers you access to the eSIM functionality. It is one of the best flagship gaming devices that are provided by Motorola. You can get access to a lot of beautiful features such as wireless charging, water resistance, an illuminated Razer Chroma logo, and an upgraded processor.

The Motorola Razr comes with a vapor chamber cooling that further enhances your experience. Support for HDR and 5.1 surround sound is what would make it a great choice in more ways than one. That should be huge news for those of you who love the Netflix content in the highest possible clarity.

List of Phones with eSim support: Android

Sr. No.ImageProduct NameManufacturerBuy Now
1NUU Mobile X5NUU 

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2Best Android ARCore PhonesGoogle Pixel 2GoogleBuy from Amazon
3Best Android ARCore PhonesSamsung Galaxy S9SamsungBuy from Amazon
4Samsung Galaxy Note 9SamsungBuy from Amazon
5Google Pixel 3GoogleBuy from Amazon
6Best Android ARCore PhonesSamsung Galaxy S9+SamsungBuy from Amazon

6. Samsung Galaxy S9+:

Best Android ARCore Phones

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Belonging from the prestigious Samsung Galaxy flagship Series, the S9+ phone is equipped with eSIM support. Now you need not be concerned about the change of SIM card while moving overseas. You can use S9+ without bothering about the SIM card changing issues. One of the most appealing aspects of this flagship smartphone is its camera.

It comes with a sweeping new adjustable-aperture camera that produces impressive results at the output. So, the users will now be able to capture the best daytime as well as excellent low-light photos. Its category-defining Dual Aperture lens would effortlessly adapt like the human eye. This lens is capable of switching between different lighting conditions and intelligent scene detection without any hassles automatically. In this way, all your captured photos appear stunning in any lighting conditions.

The feature where the Galaxy S9+’s camera surpasses over its rivals is in its Super Slow-mo feature. This feature allows the user to observe things they might have missed in the blink of an eye. Furthermore, this Galaxy phone facilitates the secure sharing of photos and videos by syncing your devices through your Samsung Account. It is quite easy to share your screen with your other Samsung screens in a hassle-free manner.

There will be no issues to add your favorite music to the video or transform the video into a looping GIF, and subsequently, share it with a tap. Finally, sit back and relax, watching the videos, or listening to music. Other than photos and videos, S9+ also excels in terms of sound output. It will surround you in Dolby Atmos sound on stereo speakers, which are tuned by AKG.


  • The S9+ comes with a super speed dual pixel camera along with the rear dual camera.
  • It comes with the infinity display competent to showcase the edge-to-edge immersive screen. Therefore, it would enhance your personal entertainment experience.
  • It has an internal memory of 64 GB, and it is expandable up to 400GB.
  • Being IP68 rated, the phone is proficient to withstand spills, splashes, and rain.
  • Whenever it is dark, the camera’s lens would open to F1.5 aperture mode to drag in light for capturing a bright and clear photo. This model is capable of finding the light even in the dark. Henceforth, the low light camera conveys vivacious images even in absolute darkness.
  • In the daylight, the lens of the camera would shift to F2.4 mode to make sure the picture output is sharp.
  • Execution of the fast wireless charging prevents the wire mess and also power up quickly by charging your phone through a fast wireless charger.
  • It comes embodied with the Intelligent Scan technology, which blends face recognition and iris scan to simplify unlocking in low light.

5. Google Pixel 3:

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It was in December 2018 when the Pixel 3, beside the Pixel 3 XL, started incorporating eSIM support. The eSIM support was included just after 2 months of its release, i.e., the phone originally was released in October 2018. We came to know that the Google Pixel 3 boasts a superb camera that performs similar to any compact camera or identical to entry-level DSLR.

Once you start using this Google flagship, you would have no complaints, and you will undoubtedly admire its user-friendliness with a clean Android experience. Compared to the Galaxy line, this device is easier to use. For people demanding a feature-rich phone with eSIM support, a great camera, and ease of access should consider investing in Google Pixel 3. The classic black colored design conveys a sense of sophistication in a new way.


  • Despite being a relatively larger handset (with dimensions being 5.73 x 2.68 x 0.31in), the Google Pixel 3 fits would perfectly fit in the palm of your hand.
  • With the help of included Google Lens, you can explore the world. Through this lens, it is easy to capture beautiful photos when operated in the Portrait Mode.
  • With the facility of Google Assistant, you can make screen phone calls and get an AI-powered Q&A feature.
  • It comes with the wireless charging feature and includes an all-day battery for delivering more power on the go.
  1. Samsung Galaxy Note 9:

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There is no doubt when it comes to the popularity of the Samsung Galaxy Note series. Belonging from the same series, the Note 9 phone is embodied with eSIM support. The dual SIM feature-packed in the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is a fantastic feature. Whenever you need to travel between different countries, there is no need to fidget with a micro sim. If required, both the SIM cards can be active simultaneously. What sets the Note 9 apart from the rest of the smartphones is its S-Pen.

With the 6GB of RAM for the base model, the included apps will stay longer in the Android system memory. Henceforth, there is no need to wait for them to refresh while switching between the apps. It comes with an upgraded and improved stylus. It is observed that Note 9 is packed with tons of tricks for customization.

Most high-end phones don’t have a jack for headphones, but this one possesses it. You can stay stress-free about dust accumulation and other damages because the phone comes with a transparent plastic case. The box will include S Pen, ejection pin, earphone, USB cable, USB power adaptor, USB connector, charger, pen nibs, cover case, Tweezer, USB connector leaflet, and quick start guide.


  • The surface of Galaxy Note 9 flaunts 6.4 inches display with a super AMOLED capacitive touchscreen.
  • Its primary camera is essentially a dual camera, i.e., 12MP+12MP. The primary camera is accompanied with features like f/1.5-2.4, 1/2.55″, 1.4µm, dual pixel PDAF, and OIS. The device comes with the 8MP front camera equipped with features like AF and DIS.
  • The operation is based on the Octa-Core 2.7GHz + 1.7GHz CPU processor. This phone comes loaded with Android 8.1 Oreo OS along with the cutting-edge Samsung Experience Skin.
  • It comes with the 128GB ROM, 6GB RAM, and supports microSD, which can be expanded up to 512 GB.
  • Its 4000 mAh battery boasts excellent battery life, which powers all the business operations in a day. Even after constant usage through WiFi, this battery would be able to last for a full day. It is possible to extend its battery life by disabling location or by reducing the screen display resolution. Moreover, you can close the unnecessary running apps.

3. Samsung Galaxy S9:

Best Android ARCore Phones

Pic – S9+

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Presented in soothing color –coral blue, Samsung Galaxy S9 is regarded as a high-end smartphone. Now your desire to shoot like a pro will get fulfilled with this Galaxy series phone. When operated in the pro mode, the users will be able to adjust the camera settings manually. Therefore, every shot would appear professional. Its infinity display showcases the edge-to-edge immersive screen, which ultimately enhances the entertainment experience.

When you carry S9 to a rainy atmosphere, you need not to concern since it is officially an IP68 rated device. Brilliant photo outputs are guaranteed even in the dark. The camera’s dual-aperture F2.4-F1.5 lens adjusts to allow more light to penetrate inside when needed. Hence, the appropriate amount of light will be captured during day or night.

Through Augmented Reality, the users can prepare an emoji library from a single picture. Now you can send personalized messages to your friends through emojis resembling your appearance. Clear and loud sound output is guaranteed by the stereo speakers who are pre-tuned by AKG. The users will feel the surround sound through Dolby Atmos.


  • This4G LTE phone comes with 64GB ROM, so there will be no memory concerns.
  • It can resist water up to 5 feet for a duration of up to 30 minutes. There is no need to stress if the phone comes in contact with rain or spills.
  • When measured diagonally, the size of the screen is 6.2″ in the full rectangle, and it is essentially 6.1″ due to the rounded corners.
  • It comes with the 12MP super speed dual pixel camera.
  • The built-in 3000 mAh battery comes with a talk time of up to 31 hours.
  • It is possible to record 4K videos at 30 fps or 60fps
  • To remove the cable mess while charging, it comes with a fast wireless charging mechanism.

2. Google Pixel 2:

Best Android ARCore Phones

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The eSIM support implemented in the Google Pixel 2 allows you to operate it without a SIM card. While traveling, you can carry this Google device without concern about a necessary SIM change. Those people who are extremely fascinated to capture selfies, Google Pixel 2’s front-facing camera assist a lot. It is found that the device works outstandingly for selfies because it automatically blurs the background and also performs automatic lighting touch-ups on your face.

The camera quality is so decent that you would prefer to full the phone with all the captured photos and videos. You will be able to capture every detail and flawlessly access all your photos from any device, by using Google Photos.  While shooting video, there are reduced camera shake issues, so the recorded video will be devoid of a blur.

The appearance of Pixel 2 boasts a streamline look identical to the Galaxy edge series or iPhone. The reason behind this is the screen is not edge-to-edge. On top, there is a huge bezel. The presence of bezels benefits a lot for mobile games because you can conveniently hold your phone horizontally. For travel enthusiasts, this is an excellent phone since it is dust and water-resistant.


  • The 5 inch AMOLED touchscreen display is furnished with protective corning gorilla glass 5. So, it is needless to concern about the damage on the screen due to external parameters.
  • The included adapter streamlines the process of transferring data. If you are using an Android phone, every app will get transferred easily. All you need to do is re-enter some passwords in case it is not directly connected to your Google account.
  • Its IP67 water-resistant metal unibody resists water and dust penetration up to 1 meter for 30 minutes.
  • The configuration houses the cutting-edge Qualcomm MSM8998 Snapdragon 835 chipset. It comes with an Octa-core processor, i.e., 4×2.35 GHz Kryo and 4×1.9 GHz Kryo CPU.
  • With just 15 minutes of charging, the battery lasts for up to 7 hours.

1. NUU Mobile X5:

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Exceptional craftsmanship is signified in the design of NUU Mobile X5. Despite being affordably priced, this dual SIM smartphone embodies eSIM support. Its structure represents a perfect combination of contemporary design with cutting-edge technology. So, it presents a sleek and well-designed appearance yet upgrading your smartphone usage experience. Now you can keep up with life’s fast pace because the NUU X5 comes with all features any savvy consumer may anticipate in a smartphone.

Primarily, the NUU X5 operates on the dated Android 7 (Nougat) on a 1.5 GHz 64-bit Octa-core processor. With the sufficient storage of 32GB, which could be expanded with a memory card, there will be storage concerns. Additionally, the 3GB of RAM makes the X5 fast, responsive, and potent to meet the demands of a hectic lifestyle.

To spend a long day in office or travel trip or outdoor, eliminate the worries. This is because its long-life battery assists a lot, and it also boasts the benefit of quick charging. Since the 5.5″ true-to-colour Full HD display is packed with 401 pixels per inch, it conveys an unobstructed viewing experience in any lighting conditions.


  • The 32 GB storage can be expanded up to 128 GB with microSD.
  • The 2,950 mAh lithium polymer battery makes sure you can use the phone for the entire day once fully charged. This battery is equipped with power-saving optimization so that you can spend your day even after heavy usage with just a single quick charge.
  • It is possible to simultaneously record videos with the 13 MP rear and 5 MP front camera. The rear camera utilizes SONY (f/2.0) 13 megapixels as well as a complex 5-P element lens. This lens focuses on a portion of a second so that you can capture smooth videos and stunning photos.

Apple iOS: List of Phones with eSim support

Sr. No.ImageProduct NameManufacturerBuy Now
1Apple iPhone XRApple 

Buy from Amazon

2Simple Mobile Prepaid – Apple iPhone XSAppleBuy from Amazon
3Apple iPhone Xs MaxAppleBuy from Amazon

3. Apple iPhone Xs Max:

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The dual SIM Apple iPhone XS Max phone possesses eSIM support to eliminate the dependence on SIM cards while traveling. You can use this iPhone device without a SIM card. Weighing just 208 grams, this phone is a lightweight device from the renowned brand Apple. The phone was launched in 3 color options –silver, gold, and space grey.

The users can be relieved about the damage due to dust and water because this device is equipped with the IP68 rating to offer protection against water and dust. It is observed that the device delivers the best-in-class performance, and the cameras’ quality is unparalleled.

Some of the advantages of this iPhone device include a superb display, excellent battery life, and timely software updates. There are ample connectivity options in this device. These comprise of WiFi 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac, Bluetooth v5.00, NFC, GPS, 3G, and 4G (supporting Band 40 used by few LTE networks in India) with active 4G on both the SIM cards.


  • The overall measurements are 157.50 (H) x 77.40 (W) x 7.70mm (L).
  • It has a 6.5‑inch Super Retina HD display, which boasts an all-screen OLED multi-touch display. Moreover, this iPhone supports HDR display with a resolution of 2688×1242 pixels at 458 PPI.
  • It is being rated IP68 water-resistant at a maximum depth of 2 meters for a maximum duration of up to 30 minutes.
  • The built-in 3174 mAh battery is suitable for use throughout the day through a single charge.
  • Its operation is driven by 2.5 GHz Hexa core Apple A12 Bionic processor.
  • The included 4GB of RAM makes sure the device operates flawlessly regardless of how powerful the applications are. Moreover, there would be no signs of lag. The internal storage is 64GB.
  • It packs in 12-megapixel primary camera along with an f/1.8 aperture as well as a pixel size of 1.4-micron. Moreover, the primary camera also has a second 12-megapixel camera possessing an f/2.4 gap. There is an autofocus feature included in the rear camera. To capture selfies, Apple has added a 7-megapixel camera on the front, and this camera comes with an f/2.2 aperture.
  • Names of the sensors included are an accelerometer, barometer, gyroscope, ambient light sensor, proximity sensor, and magnetometer.

2. Apple iPhone XS:

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The Space Gray-colored 64GB iPhone XS possesses eSIM support. Along with the phone, you will get a simple mobile SIM kit along with this iPhone.  You need to carefully follow the instructions to make sure the service activated through the simple mobile plan of the preferred choice.

It is known that Apple has included face unlock along with 3D face recognition. The 3 color choices are silver, gold, and space grey. Excellent stereo output is guaranteed with the help of included wide sound field playing back stereo video as well as music. Moreover, the phone comes with the new potential to record video with stereo sound.


  • Apple iPhone XS comes with the 12MP dual cameras with dual OIS as well as a 7MP TrueDepth front camera. This camera has functions like portrait lighting, portrait mode, smart HDR, and depth control.
  • It is IP68 rated to protect against water and dust.
  • It supports wireless charging to function with Qi chargers.

1. Apple iPhone XR:

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Securing the first position in this list, Apple iPhone XR has eSIM support. This classic white-colored device allows you to capture superior quality photos and videos. The 64GB phone is straightforward to set up when it comes to SIM card insertion. It comes with the aerospace-grade aluminum bands. In its making, there is a special Apple-designed alloy, which is precision machined to generate structural groups as well as anodized to match the color of the back glass.


  • In its making, there is the execution of a seven-layer color process. The use of a cutting-edge process attains the elegant finishes of the back glass. This process enables deep, vibrant colors.
  • To capture stunning photos and videos, the iPhone XR has a 12MP rear camera with ƒ/1.8 and a wide-angle lens.
  • It supports 4K video recording up to 60 fps.


All the Android or iOS support phones discussed above are famous for their eSIM support. They belong to renowned brands and equipped with all essential functionalities.

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