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Find Emails and Contact Details of Any Individuals Using Clearbit Connect

Find Emails and Contact Details of Any Individuals Using Clearbit Connect

Introducing Clearbit Connect

So what is Clearbit Connect you ask? It is a Chrome Browser Extension. It works in conjunction with your Gmail personal or business account. After Rapportive was acquired by Linkedin, it lost most of it’s useful features and created a void in the market. Knowing that there would be users looking for an alternate solution, Clearbit developed Connect. Clearbit may not be a known company to many in the consumer space. However, in the Enterprise market, it already serves data to established startups like Sales Force, Slack, Zendesk, Adroll, Asana etc. It already provides many API’s to scrape data from the web from Publicly available data sources. Currently, the San Francisco based Clearbit builds a suite of business intelligence APIs. Their aim is to help companies find more customer relevant information for lead generation and fraud reduction. Clearbit aims to be the data backbone for data driven businesses. Powering everything from credit checks, marketing, to lead scoring and Digital marketing. So what does Clearbit Connect do? Read on to know how to find emails and contact details of any Individuals using Clearbit Connect.

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Find Emails and Contact Details of Any Individuals Using Clearbit Connect

How to Find Emails and Contact Details of Any Individuals Using Clearbit Connect

To get started as an End User, first you need to download the Chrome extension from the Google Chrome Store here. Alternatively, you can also find the download link from here. Once the Extension is Added, you can Open up your Gmail Account and allow Clearbit Connect to access your Gmail Account. That’s it, really!

Here are some Product Installation Screenshots

Once, installed, you can straightaway start searching for contact information, outside of your contacts list of course. You can start by searching for the individual company first. Once you have retrieved the company information, you can start typing the contact name. Do note that there will be a list of people populated by default. However, to narrow down the list, you can type the contact name you are looking for. See below:

All these information and data-sets are coming from Publicly available data-sources and indexed by Clearbit. This helps the developer community to use these information and incorporate them in custom solutions. Currently more than 2 million companies are indexed and will grown in size with time. From the privacy perspective, people can also opt out of the Clearbit index.

The startup already raised $2 million from multiple investors who are also their customers. For the rest of us, enjoy the features and keep searching!

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