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List of TVs with 120Hz Refresh Rate with 4K and HDR as Optional

List of TVs with 120Hz Refresh Rate

The hefty investment in your TV will prove valuable if you are thoroughly satisfied with its output and performance. While purchasing a TV, there are many considerations to focus on, right from the size to the picture quality. Suppose you want to have simple video watching or game playing, how the image changes will hold utmost importance. This correlates with the term ‘refresh rate.’ A refresh rate is a number specifying how many times per second the image portrayed on your TV changes. Alternatively, you may understand refresh rate as the number time times per second a TV refreshes its image. It is usually measured in Hertz (Hz).

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The recent models of TVs are advertised with terminologies like motion, action, and numbers like 60, 120, etc. Occasionally, we might wonder what these terminologies all about. They are associated with refresh rate, and it may confuse you if you do not know of this. The higher refresh rate is indicated with numbers like 120, 240, and higher; however, this is not always accurate. Most TV units refresh at 60 Hz; some higher-end models will do it at 120 Hz. In this article, you will get familiar with the best TVs having a refresh rate of 120 Hz:

Our Recommended List of TVs with 120Hz Refresh Rate:

Sr. No.ImageProduct NameManufacturerBuy Now
1Samsung QN55LS03RAFXZA QLED 4K LS03 Series Smart TVSamsungBuy from Amazon
2Hitachi 22E30 Class FHD 1080p LED HDTVHitachiBuy from Amazon
3TCL 55S405 4K Ultra HD Roku Smart LED TVTCLBuy from Amazon
4VIZIO D55-D2 D-Series 55″ Class Full-Array LED Smart TVVIZIOBuy from Amazon
5Samsung QN55Q60RAFXZA Q60 Series Ultra HD Smart TVSamsungBuy from Amazon
6Sony XBR85X850F 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TVSonyBuy from Amazon
7Samsung QN75Q8FN QLED 4K UHD 8 Series Smart TVSamsungBuy from Amazon
8Sony X950G 75 Inch TVSonyBuy from Amazon

8. Sony 75 Inch TV Model “X950G” :

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The X950G TV from Sony is a 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV with advanced features. Now you can unleash the world of ultimate colors as well as contrast through this 75-inch TV unit. The Picture Processor X1 Ultimate is driving the apparent quality 4K HDR picture at the output. You will see vibrant colors and dark blacks. There is no compromise in the viewing experience, and you can view the output from any seat in your room.

Not just picture quality, but this Sony TV also delivers incredible audio quality. The immersive audio at the output is conveyed because acoustic multi-audio syncs sound with action. You will get a stand, batteries, remote, IR blaster, power cord, start guide, and manual in the box along with this TV unit.


  • It packs in HDR and Alexa compatibility.
  • You will perceive incredible detail, exceptional brightness, and clarity with the support for the high dynamic range. All these will be experienced in the 4K UHD resolution.
  • One of the best aspects of this 75-inch TV is it comes with an x-wide angle. This will allow you to sit anywhere in your room to relish the incredible realistic output. The reason behind the bright, dynamic colors represented at the output is essential to note. This TV comes with the TRILUMINOS Display and 4K HDR Super Bit Mapping to deliver realistic output.
  • The content at the output is represented bright with the Full Array Local Dimming & Boosting.
  • With the implementation of the X-Motion Clarity technology, the action scenes will appear realistic.
  • Through the Motion flow XR technology, realistic actions will be shown on the screen without any blur.

More options to consider:

SonyX950HCheck on Amazon
SonyZ8HCheck on Amazon
SonyA9GCheck on Amazon
SonyA8HCheck on Amazon

7. Samsung QN75Q8FN QLED 4K UHD 8 Series Smart TV:

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This QLED 4K UHD TV model comes with a refresh rate of 120 Hz to let you see the action scenes. The unique 360° design is essentially a beautiful, clean back and bezel-free design. This design will keep your focus on the picture. High performance is the fundamental specialty of QN75Q8FN TV.

For a cutting-edge picture, there is the implementation of the full array backlight controlling and HDR. You need not worry about how to watch in bright rooms. This is because this smart TV is equipped with an anti-glare screen and quantum color. The key design aspect of this UHD smart TV is its Q Style. It represents the thoughtful design with a neat cable solution. So, you will be able to focus on TV output solely and not on the cable clutter.

You will not notice this TV on the wall because it perfectly blends with your decor. Now you can revive your memories or transform your living space into a private gallery. This is successfully possible by showcasing photos from either your mobile device or the Samsung Cloud. With its proprietary Quantum Dots, the color boundaries are pushed like never before. You need to face hassles while searching for the desired streaming and live TV shows. This is because this smart TV comes with Bixby Voice. With your voice input, you can easily find the desired content.


  • Its Q Engine will intensify your view with an efficient processor. This processor will optimize your content for delivering 4K clarity, HDR, and bright color.
  • When used in the Ambient Mode, you can beautify your living space through decorative material. Not just content, but you can adorn your living space with your photos, useful information, and some background music.
  • The full array of LEDs are smartly controlled, and there is an anti-reflective screen. Both of them will showcase detail from extreme black to pure white.

Note: When you see the word ‘Motion‘ in their specifications sheet, the number ‘120‘ indicates that the TV supports a native 60Hz refresh rate. In contradiction, everything higher, including 240, 960, 1440, usually means that the TV has support for 120Hz or higher by the native panel.

6. Sony XBR85X850F 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV:

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Those as mentioned above, smart LED TV not just display content, but it expresses emotion. If you have no experience using an Android TV, then this unit is the commonly preferred choice. Being smart in operation, you can connect it with Google Home and play music, online videos, etc. There is Bluetooth profile support with version 4.1.

Within a few minutes, you will be able to complete the setup quickly. With the use of an appropriate mounting system, you will be able to mount it at a certain height from the floor conveniently. You can install it in any of the two options –with a stand or in the absence of a position. Right from the remote control to the setup guide, all the essential accessories are included in the box.


  • The elegant scenery will appear realistic with the 4K HDR X1 Processor and its TRILUMINOS display.
  • At the output, lifelike detail is showcased with the Dynamic Contrast Enhancement.
  • The 4K HDR Super Bit Mapping will depict color gradation and contrast with high accuracy.
  • The non-HDR content will be boosted to the next level using the x1 processor and its 4k x-reality pro.
  • Sony has implemented the Motionflow XR technology to make sure the action scenes without any motion blur.
  • This 85-inch smart TV with Google Assistant is found compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Home.
  • Different inputs supported are four HDMI inputs, two USB 2.0 ports, a USB 3.0 port, and composite input.

5. Samsung QN55Q60RAFXZA Q60 Series Ultra HD Smart TV:

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The critical working operation of this Q60 series smart TV is based on the 4K Quantum Processor. This intelligently powered processor will quickly upscale the content for presenting sharp detail and pure color. When operated in ambient mode, the black screen can be turned into beautiful visuals. This mode allows QLED to blend perfectly with your home decor. The Quantum HDR 4X allows detail and shades of color to be represented in bright and dark scenes. The powerfully deep colors and the super-fine details are enlightened with cinematic clarity. There is an on-screen guide to conveniently find streaming content as well as your favorite live TV shows.


  • Samsung has implemented the Quantum Dot technology to let you feel images with a stunning range of more than one billion colors. Every painting is upscaled to clarity by its 4K processor.
  • The HDR10+ powers the Quantum HDR 4x. So, it will convey the lightest to darkest colors based on each scene. Therefore, a beautiful picture output is shown in a lifelike manner.
  • There is the use of a Dynamic Black Equalizer to present exceptional visibility in the dark. This is useful for gaming enthusiasts. The detailed scene analysis optimizes the image quality.
  • The execution of the FreeSync VRR (variable refresh rate) technology allows this appliance to present the real-time gaming speed with reduced lag.

4. VIZIO D55-D2 D-Series 55″ Class Full-Array LED Smart TV:

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This 55-inch full-array LED TV from the D-Series boasts a modern design. In addition to enhancing the aesthetic of your space, this smart TV signifies brilliant picture quality. So, this Vizio TV will convey HD entertainment at an excellent value. There is a uniform distribution of LEDs, i.e., the full-array LED backlight behind the while screen. This will assist in delivering exceptional light uniformity and superb picture performance.

With support for the VIZIO Internet Apps Plus and dual-band Wi-Fi, you will immediately relish the recent movies, music, TV shows, and apps. The app home and app launcher simplify the process to your desired entertainment content. One of the best benefits of this D-series smart TV is that the apps automatically update. So, there are the newest improvements and upgrades incorporated for a flawless viewing experience.


  • There are 12 active LED illuminated zones to adjust the LED backlight for every zone. So, deeper black levels are shown with higher contrast.
  • The Clear Action 240 shows the improved motion clarity with its 120Hz effective refresh rate.
  • All the fast-moving content will be shown with high clarity because the refresh rate is 120 Hz. So, you will feel each second of your continuous action scenes, swift play video games, etc., with a limited amount of motion blur.
  • In its working, 2+ million screen pixels blend to create 1080p full HD output. As a result, an excellent level of radiance and brightness is represented.

3. TCL 55S405 4K Ultra HD Roku Smart LED TV:

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At an affordable price, you will enjoy the high-quality output from this Roku smart TV. Whether you want to enjoy game playing, movies, or shows for hours, this ultra HD TV is simply the best choice. The included remote is comfortable to use, and all the buttons are perfectly placed. This unit also comes with a phone app if you have a terrible habit of misplacing your remote. The app works identically as the remote.

The Roku is nicely integrated with this TV unit; therefore, you need not use an external box. Furthermore, the Roku interface is beautiful, and the remote is controlling it. Whenever you connect this TV to the computer, you will admire the crisp screen output and excellent resolution.


  • The dimensions of this Roku TV without stand are 49.1 (W) x 28.5 (H) x 3 (D) inches, and that with the position are 49.1 (W) x 30.8 (H) x 8.7 (D) inches.
  • Its smart functionality provides flawless access to 4,000+ streaming channels. These channels feature thousands of movies and TV episodes.
  • The effective operation will pair the 4K Ultra HD picture clarity with the color, contrast, and HDR detail. As a result, the picture is always lifelike.
  • The inclusion of the direct-lit LED generates incredible picture quality. The panel resolution supported is 3840 x 2160.
  • There is the absence of motion blur due to the 120Hz refresh rate.
  • There is the availability of dual-band WiFi and Ethernet port.

2. Hitachi 22E30 Class FHD 1080p LED HDTV:

Check on Amazon

Belonging to the latest Alpha Series, this LED HDTV from Hitachi conveys a fabulous viewing experience. This experience is conveyed at a cost-effective price. This Hitachi TV’s key specialties are full 1080P resolution, a stunning gloss black bezel, and an efficient LED backlight. All these features will let you believe that this HDTV is quite affordable. Apart from the rich functionalities, the design of TV matters a lot. This 1080p LED HDTV is made compact and lightweight. So, it will perfectly fit in any sized room. For example, you can conveniently set it up in your kitchen, bedrooms, RVs, etc.

You would certainly realize the 1080P picture quality. Names of the included accessories are a remote control, user guide, quick-start guide, and AAA batteries. There will be no much hassles or time wasting for its set up. You may find a bit of difficulty while connecting the small screws from the stand to the unit. You will be able to plug the power into the USB outlet available on the back part. So, you will need only one plug for the entire TV and fire stick set.

Different inputs supported are two HDMI inputs, RCA video/audio Composite, VGA, RF antenna, and USB. These inputs will deliver awesome picture quality for a wide range of devices. They include Blu-ray, DVD, Xbox, PlayStation, or other gaming devices.


  • The 1920 x 1080 p resolution with a full 1080p HD is combined with a brilliant LED backlight. Also, there is an anti-glare screen to show your preferred shows, movies, etc., elegantly.
  • Its 120 Hz refresh rate allows motion reproduction with critical smoothness and clarity.
  • There are twin 3W stereo speakers along with Surround sound output. Also, there is support for 5 sound modes to deliver incredible sound quality.
  • This Hitachi TV provides optical digital audio output as well as a stereo line out. So, it can be used with a soundbar or some other audio equipment.

1. Samsung QN55LS03RAFXZA QLED 4K Smart TV:

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In this Ultra HD TV belonging to the LS03 series, there is support for HDR and Alexa compatibility. There is a customizable frame to uplift the decor of your space. You may make the frame your own by upgrading it using a frame in colors like white, black, walnut, or beige. There will be no troubles while hanging and snugly fitting your TV to the wall. This is because, with the no-gap wall mount, it becomes simple to install and adjust.

With the innovative Art Mode and the support for 4K UHD, this 55-inch smart TV will be transformed into exquisite art. In this way, the decor of your living space will be boosted uniquely. When you switch into this mode, the included frame will convert into magnificent artwork while not watching TV. By enabling the built-in motion sensor, your TV will display any of your preferred selections whenever you step into your room. This TV’s pack includes Samsung Smart Control, remote control, batteries, and customizable frame support.


  • The 4K depth of detail is exhibited with the HDR10+. This will deliver the output right from the lightest to darkest colors on a per scene basis. Hence, a realistic and clear picture will be shown every time. It will also make sure the output picture consists of super-fine details.
  • With the Quantum dots’ assistance, this Samsung TV provides four times the resolution of Full HD 1080p HDTV. This resolution is actually 3,840 x 2,160 pixels. Also, Quantum dots present more than a billion shades of color. This will make sure you find out what is being missed with the high clarity of the picture.
  • Regardless of the native or non-native 4K sources, the Quantum Processor 4K will immediately upscale content to the 4K picture quality. In this way, there will be a great reduction in macro-blocking, banding, and artifacts.

Concluding Note:

The 120 Hz refresh rate packed in these TVs will deliver a clear motion resolution regardless of the moving scene’s pace. Many of them are packed with smart functionalities to benefit users with cutting-edge technologies.

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