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Best Smart TV with Bluetooth and WiFi to Buy in India in 2021

Best Smart TV with Bluetooth and WiFi to Buy in India

With the advent of new technologies, more and more devices are getting smart. Smart technologies are ultimately for the benefit of the users. TVs are now implemented with intelligent technologies to make easy access to the required content. These quick techniques are not only for internet access, but they are dedicated to enhancing the audio and video outputs. Whether you want to watch movies, access online content, play games, etc., the smart TV will benefit you in innumerable ways.

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By upgrading to a smart TV, it is assured that you will obtain a crisp and better quality output than ever before. The key intention of intelligent TVs is to boost the entertainment quotient uniquely. Now you will watch your preferred program, movies, online content, etc., at your convenience. It might seem cumbersome to pick a suitable smart TV because there are many intelligent TVs available on the market. Get to know more about the best smart TV with Bluetooth and WiFi by reading below:

Sr. No.ImageProduct NameManufacturerBuy Now
1LG 55UM7300PUA Smart LED TVLGBuy from Amazon
2Samsung UN55RU7100FXZA 4K UHD 7 Series Smart TVSamsungBuy from Amazon
3Samsung UN55RU8000FXZA 4K 8 Series Ultra HD Smart TVSamsungBuy from Amazon
4LG Electronics 55SK8000 Smart LED TVLGBuy from Amazon

4. LG Electronics 55SK8000 Smart LED TV:

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The UHD TV from Electronics comes with contemporary features to benefit the customers the most. This TV with AI (Artificial Intelligence) ThinQ possesses the Google Assistant built-in. It allows you to control the compatible smart home devices with the convenience of your voice. , by using the LG Magic Remote, you will be able to manage several different functionalities at your convenience. It is possible to devise a center for your smart home. Furthermore, this smart LED TV is compatible with the Amazon Alexa devices.

The two main aspects in which this LG smart TV excels are the audio and picture quality. It is easy to gauge the improved picture quality in decent TV models, but many people overlook the audio quality. This LED TV delivers the musical sound output through the Dolby Atmos. The Dolby Atmos transports you with moving audio. You will be able to listen to the delicacy of the crickets chirping all around, an airplane soaring overhead, etc. The monster Dolby Atmos content generates a more detailed sound experience. The corresponding sound output seems to emerge from everywhere for an excellent immersive experience.


  • In the working of the 55SK8000 TV, there is an α7 Intelligent Processor. It improves the 4K HDR content for presenting a real cinematic experience. With this processor, you will relish realistic pictures with exceptional depth, sharpness, and accurate color.
  • The facility of the local dimming can brighten and dim independently. Consequently, it will enhance the contrast and help the TV attain deeper black levels for conveying lifelike images.
  • It comes with Bluetooth version 4.2.
  • The 4K Cinema HDR with AI ThinQ exhibits comprehensive support of key high dynamic range formats. The formats covered are Dolby Vision, HDR10, and HLG. With the assistance of LG’s latest tone-mapping technology, there is a scene-by-scene optimization at the output.
  • The Nano Cell Display possesses an expanded color gamut to convey lifelike colors. This display will absorb unwanted light and decreases reflectivity to make sure the black levels are deeper at any viewing angle.

3. Samsung UN55RU8000FXZA 4K 8 Series Ultra HD Smart TV:

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Now you can watch your favorite entertainment in the desired manner using this 55-inch smart TV from Samsung. UN55RU8000FXZA 4K UHD TV belongs to the 8 Series and comes with several smart techniques. The key aspect of this smart TV is an efficient 4K UHD processor capable of providing four times the Full HD 1080p HDTV resolution.

The incorporated 4K UHD processor quickly upscales content to 4K-level picture quality. This upscaling is possible even from non-native 4K sources. In this way, you will get immersed in the world of 4K with the content or scene you watch. This 55-inch smart TV incorporates HDR (High Dynamic Range) and Dynamic Crystal Color to convey the lifelike output. They assist in exhibiting millions of shades of color through a dynamic, realistic picture that HDTV could not create

This 4K UHD 8 Series TV allows you to immerse yourself in captivating colors. So, you will be able to feel the entertainment bursting with color. You may get stunned by the beautiful shades and stunning detail in the picture output. One of the best aspects of this 4K TV is that it lets you easily control your content in a hands-free manner. You will be able to effortlessly find and play music, shows, and movies through a simple voice command. The included OneRemote is designed sleek and slim. It allows you to automatically detect and control all the compatible connected devices as well as the content. Furthermore, you will be able to feel high convenience with the clean cable solution. It will neatly manage cords for presenting a crisp, clean look.


  • The dynamic crystal color reveals the millions of shades of color. They will showcase the picture output in a lifelike manner.

  • With the assistance of the Bixby voice command, you will be able to control this TV by your voice. It will accurately recognize English (U.S.), Korean, and Mandarin Chinese.
  • The real game enhancer avoids the issues of tearing and stuttering. So, you will get smooth, realistic visuals along with cinematic sound.
  • There is support for the wide viewing angle, so the picture will appear clear from any seat.

  • It comes with a universal guide to help you out with its functionalities. It will let you easily find streaming content and live TV shows.

2. Samsung  4K UHD 7 Series Smart TV UN55RU7100FXZA:

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The best part of this 4k UHD 7 series smart TV comes with HDR and Alexa compatibility. This Samsung smart TV is dedicated to presenting the enhanced detail with HDR. It will clearly show the 4K depth of detail with the high dynamic range allowing you to observe the shades of color. The PurColor will showcase the spectrums of color in a dynamic, lifelike manner. The corresponding color output is far better than conventional HDTVs.

There are various smart TV features implemented in this unit by Samsung. Of them, the foremost one is the simple on-screen universal guide. This guide allows you to find streaming content as well as live TV shows effortlessly. Besides, there is an OneRemote that included controlling all compatible devices effortlessly. Not just compatible devices, but you will be able to control the smart speaker expandability with Alexa and Google Assistant compatibility.

Taking a look at its design, Samsung made it sleek and slim. This modern and polished design naturally complements the contours of your space. Now there will be no hassles regarding how and where to find the favorite media content. You can easily watch the required media content at your convenience in the 4K resolution. You can experience more than TV through a dashboard for flawlessly controlling your smart home devices and other gadgets.


  • In this UN55RU7100FXZA smart TV model, there is a 4K UHD processor contained inside. It will optimize your TV’s performance by upscaling each season, show, and scene in the 4K picture quality.
  • The PurColor allows you to view millions of shades of color, revealing a dynamic, realistic picture.

  • With the use of the on-screen guide, you will search less and enjoy more.
  • The implemented clean cable solution makes sure all the cords are neatly managed.
  • The Motion Rate 120 delivers smooth action on the fast-moving content.

1. LG  Smart LED TV – 55UM7300PUA:

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Exploring vivid colors in a 4K UHD TV screen is now possible with the the55UM7300PUA smart LED TV. It conveys four times the resolution of Full HD. The essential aspects include the picture-enhancing quad-core processor and the support for 4K active HDR formats. You may experience it as if it is designed to become the centerpiece of your home theater. The entire appearance is made magnificent with a slim bezel. Besides, the sleek modern lines present a premium design aesthetic to your existing living space.

Most users will get surprised by the enhanced viewing experience. You will certainly be amazed by the picture quality that shows exceptional clarity and dynamicity. There is no need to worry much about installation because it is easy to mount. The included remote is user-friendly, allowing you to control different functionalities easily. With this 55-inch LED TV, you can use both the LG apps and the Apple TV apps.


  • In its configuration, the quad-core TV processor enhances images, action, and color. It will decrease the annoying video noise and Motion blur. There will be an improvement in sharpness, and the colors will be shown with high accuracy.
  • There is a feature of active HDR’s scene-by-scene picture adjustment. This multi-format 4K high dynamic range provides support for HDR10 and HLG. This support is provided through the advanced tone mapping technology from LG. This technology will uniquely optimize each scene.
  • This TV comes with the LG ThinQ with the voice assistant of the Google Assistant and Alexa. So, the users will be able to control their entertainment and connected home.

Amazon. in:

Sr. No.ImageProduct NameManufacturerBuy Now
1Panasonic TH-50FS600D Full HD LED Smart TV (Black)PanasonicBuy from Amazon
2LG 49UK6360PTE49 Inches 4K UHD LED Smart TV (Black)LGBuy from Amazon
3Samsung UA55RU7100KXXL 4K Ultra HD LED Smart TV (Black)SamsungBuy from Amazon

3. Samsung UA55RU7100KXXL 4K Ultra HD LED Smart TV:

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When you desire to enjoy picture and audio quality in 4K resolution, it is best to consider this 4K UHD smart TV. This sleek, designed TV from Samsung improves the aesthetics of your living space. Being a smart TV, it will let you enjoy videos, music, photos, etc.

You can do all these via internet access or your Samsung phone or a USB connection. To allow you to use it for professional tasks, it can work as a personal computer. This Samsung smart TV could be transformed into a full-fledged computer for work. The choice is flexible – work from the cloud or mirror your laptop for enjoying a big-screen convenience or access your office computer remotely. In this way, you can complete any formal emergency tasks whenever needed.

At the output, the music will come alive with the visual experience to your playlist. It will transform this TV unit into a virtual music system. This system showcases 3 diverse color tones. Therefore, all the music beats will sound better. The prime benefit of using this classic black-colored smart TV is it provides easy content access. Whatever content is there in your mind, you can watch it instantly and conveniently.

There is a facility of simplified control to control different functionalities of this TV easily. The smart benefits are conveyed through the Smart Hub and Samsung One Remote. Both of them assist in presenting the desired content at your fingertips. With two-way sharing, your entertainment will be shown on any screen. It is possible to let your smartphone and Smart TV work together to boost enjoyment. Also, it is possible to play videos and music from your phone to your TV. In this way, you will enjoy a big-screen experience. Alternatively, the TV content can be watched on your phone.


  • The supported resolution is 4K UHD (3840 x 2160p), and the refresh rate is 60 Hz.
  • Its built-in UHD processor delivers excellent picture quality. This processor will coordinate color, enhances HDR, and optimizes the high contrast ratio.
  • There are 3 HDMI ports available for secure connectivity to easily connect your Blu Ray players, set-top box, and gaming console. The 2 USB ports are useful to connect hard drives and few other USB devices.
  • It supports Bluetooth and built-in WiFi; it also comes with free apps.
  • The display is a real UHD with A+ Grade LED Panel. This display flaunts a sleek, stylish design.
  • It is possible to mount it on a wall.
  • The Home Cloud allows you to save your most important files to this TV. This saving is done wirelessly, benefitting you free up space on your phone. It will ultimately keep your data safe at home.
  • With the Live Cast, you will live stream the preferred content and share it with anyone. It allows you to broadcast your experiences anywhere, anytime, directly on your Samsung Smart TV.

2. LG  Inches 4K UHD LED Smart TV 49UK6360PTE49:

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LG has specially designed the IPS 4K display on this smart TV. This is the fundamental specialty of this 49-inch 4K UHD TV. This display is capable of reproducing more shades of colors with better gradation. As a result, it will present over a billion vibrant colors in all. Also, it will lead to a more precise and realistic picture from a broader viewing angle. The users will be able to enjoy and explore more of Netflix’s premium 4K HDR content. The unique specialty of this black smart TV is it comes with a cloud photo video. You can view photos and videos on your TV with convenient settings. With the facility of multi-tasking, you will be able to surf the internet and watch TV simultaneously. It will be quite easy to share and control from your smartphone. This sharing and monitoring will be directly done on the screen of your TV. Also, you can manage your mobile using the LG Magic Remote.


  • The supported resolution is 4K UHD (3840 x 2160p), and the refresh rate is 50 Hz.
  • It comes with a 4K Active HDR | IPS 4K display.
  • The smart TV features implemented are built-in WiFi, Netflix support, cloud photo, video, magic remote, and AI ThinQ.
  • It is possible to create immediate and convenient connections wirelessly.
  • At the output, the multi-dimensional sound is delivered. You will be able to connect Bluetooth headset, soundbar, etc., wirelessly.
  • This LG UHD TV supports multi HDR formats incorporating HDR10 Pro and HLG Pro.
  • 3 HDMI ports connected to your Blu Ray players, set-top box, and gaming console.
  • The new webOS enables you to utilize all entertainment-related content at the LG Content Store. For example, you can enjoy apps, games, VOD, and TV programs. This LG Content Store is a one-stop solution for presenting all the entertainment content.

1. Panasonic TH-50FS600D Full HD LED Smart TV (Black):

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THE all-new TV experience is facilitated with this 50 inches full HD LED TV from Panasonic. The IPS LED display improves the overall picture quality. All the smart TVs are not equipped with adaptive backlight dimming, but this one supports it. Therefore, it will deliver both deep blacks in dark scenes. Also, it provides ample punch in bright scenes.

With the help of the six-color reproduction technology, this Panasonic TV upgrades your viewing pleasure. With the Swipe and Share facility, it is possible to protect your smart devices’ content to the TV screen. All you need to do is swipe your fingers across your portable devices. It is quick and easy to reproduce the content shown on your mobile device on your TV’s large screen. The easy mirroring does this. There is my home screen, which facilitates the users with the simplicity of customizing their own homes. With the easy user interface, it is possible to add your favorite app and settings at a single point for easy access.

At the output, you will enjoy high-resolution videos to feel a superb visual experience. The full HD offers a video resolution of 1080 pixels. The corresponding image quality in HDTV is convenient for extra-large displays. Besides, the full HDTV offers progressive scanning and displays fast-moving visuals.


  • In this TH-50FS600D TV, the Hexa Chroma Drive is an original Panasonic technology. It will provide realistic, beautiful colors with ‘6 color Reproduction’. This technology will manage colors by supplementing 3 complementary colors (CMY) to the primary color axes (RGB).
  • The included IPS panel offers a high light transmittance and a broad viewing angle. The inclusion of an LED backlight boosts the brightness. With IPS LED technology, this TV will attain a high level of picture quality.
  • In LCD TVs, the drawback is the manner they can lose resolution and judder while showing motion. The 800Hz BMR addresses this issue by sequentially turning off the sections of the backlight. This will be done during the rendering of each image frame. The 800Hz BMR allows smooth reduction of fast-moving scenes.


These smart TVs will present the advanced facilities to watch the required content in superior quality output. Also, you will be able to connect different devices and use them accordingly.

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