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List of the Best 32 inch Full HD smart TVs in India (1080p)

Best 32 inch Full HD smart TVs in India

If you think 1080p TVs in 32 Inch dimensions are rare, we have some good news for you. In this article, we have a list of the best 32 inch Full HD Smart TVs available in India.

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The tricky task at present is to find a suitable TV model that suits your needs and budget. There are a plethora of TV models available on the market, and they come in a lot of variations in terms of their features. When you are not hunting for a massive-sized TV, you may consider buying the 32-inch television unit.

The present article is all about the 32 inches full HD smart TV in India. With the advent of smart features, nowadays, people are more attracted to buying a smart TV. The full HD 1080p display resolution, outstanding user experience, tons of useful smart features, and bright display are the key specialties of such TV units.

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The full HD displays depict sharp resolution and present an improved user experience. Not just smart features and HD display, but you will also be benefitted from enough ports for connecting external devices.  You can now savor the broadcasted content or can connect it to the Internet to enjoy your preferred media content on popular OTT platforms. To avoid ambiguity regarding the best 32 inches full HD smart TV in India, take a look below:

Best 32 inch Full HD smart TVs in India

Sr. No.ImageProduct NameManufacturerBuy Now
1Samsung 32 Inches M Series Full HD LED TV 32M5570 (Black)Samsung 

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2Sony Bravia 32 Inches Full HD LED Smart TVSonyBuy from Amazon
3Sceptre B32SMFHD 32 inches Full HD LED TVSceptreBuy from Amazon
4LG 32 Inches Full HD IPS LED Smart TVLGBuy from Amazon
5Samsung 32 inches 32K5570 – SF Full HD LED TV (BlackSamsungBuy from Amazon
6Samsung 81 cm (32 inches) 32J6300Samsung 32 inches 32J6300 Full HD Curved LED Smart TV (Silver)SamsungBuy from Amazon

6. Samsung 32 inches Full HD Curved LED Smart TV (Model:32J6300):

Samsung 81 cm (32 inches) 32J6300

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The 32J6300 full HD smart TV from Samsung is an elegantly designed TV that highlights a smooth metallic curve design. This smart TV is a perfect fit for the 21st century. With the use of this appliance, you will find great ease in connecting your TV and smartphone. At the output, the realistic viewing experience is offered with automatic depth enhancement. Glancing at the design, the 32 inch J6300 showcases a metal strip along the bottom. This will complement a shiny texture to the uniqueness of the curve. Also, it will improve the beauty of the panel.

Your entire room or the surrounding space will be beautifully complemented with the setup of this curved LED smart TV. Not just is it excellent to watch, but it is beautiful to look at. The immersive viewing experience lets you feel as if you are positioned right in the center of the action.

With the implementation of necessary smart TV features, it will be easy to connect your mobile. This will enhance your fun with tons of smart features. For example, this TV will showcase all the necessary info to start your day appropriately. Through a single click, you will share content from your mobile to your large screen smoothly. Also, it is possible to share the content from this TV with your smartphone.


  • With Samsung’s Auto Depth Enhancer, the flat images will appear lifelike.
  • This curved television will offer an excellent feeling of depth by employing diverse levels of contrast enhancement. The same is applied to different regions and objects within the screen. In this way, you will enjoy entertainment with more fun.
  • The softly curved screen presents a consistent and balanced view from every area of the screen. Therefore, you will see the superb picture quality, detail, and depth of the screen.
  1. Samsung 32 inches – SF Full HD LED TV (Model: 32K5570):

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Now you will dive deep into the realistic TV viewing experience on the flat screen of the Samsung 32K5570 TV. With contrast enhances, the viewing experience is made real. It will intelligently adjust the contrast on diverse parts of the screen. In this way, the dramatic effect will be enhanced. It is now possible to import your photos, music, and videos from your mobile and computer to this smart TV. This is done using the Samsung quick view app. As a result, incredible convergence and effortless connectivity are provided with most personal devices.

There is a built-in wireless LAN facility, allowing you to connect this TV to the Internet without any mess of cables. In addition to the wireless LAN support, there is support provided for the HDMI inputs. These inputs allow you to arouse a multimedia entertainment center within your living space. If you want, you can easily connect HDMI directly to your TV to watch different content from different devices. With connection sharing, it is easy to view a wide range of content in just one step. All you need to do is plug your USB or HDD into this unit. As a result, you will see how your pictures, music, and movies appear lifelike on the large screen.


  • The 32K5570 smart TV supports a full HD resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels and comes with a refresh rate of 60 Hertz.
  • The supported connectivity options are 2 VGA ports and 3 HDMI ports.
  • It supports a 178-degrees viewing angle.
  • Inside its configuration, the powerful quad-core processor increases the speed of working. Therefore, the TV will be able to respond to running apps and commands instantly. Also, the increased speed lets you enjoy multitasking through the multi-link screen.
  • With a motion rate of 60, the immersive viewing experience is conveyed, and it will be devoid of flicker.
  • The micro dimming pro from Samsung generates purer whites and deeper blacks. As a result, incredible picture clarity and contrast are offered.
  • The full-color enhancer from Samsung utilizes a highly advanced algorithm. Therefore, the image quality will be improved, and hidden details will be uncovered. So, the colors will be shown lifelike.
  1. LG 32 Inches Full HD IPS LED Smart TV, Model: 32LH604T

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LG has considered implementing the latest standard of high definition to elevate the typical viewing experience. The 4K resolution is undoubtedly the future of digital pictures, and the same is found in this LED smart TV. With a dramatic 8.3 million pixels, the output picture will be represented flawlessly and incredibly vividly.  Being able to connect wirelessly to the Internet, you will effectively browse and share files you want from your external devices. The same will be showcased on the big TV screen, or you can watch the TV’s content on some other smart devices with the help of LG Smart TV’s Smart Share. Any material can be enjoyed without any limits because the unit packs in enough intelligent functionalities.

The Magic Mobile Connection facilitates the viewers to see the smartphone’s content on the big screen without any troubles. Furthermore, with a Wi-Fi connection, you can enjoy video apps and music on a large screen. You will be able to find everything you want in the LG Content Store. It is considered as a solution for finding apps and much more.


  • With a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels, this LED smart TV offers detailed and crisp pictures at the output. There are 2 million pixels spread across to depict the realism of the film with great clarity on the screen.
  • For connectivity, the ports included are 2 USB ports and 2 HDMI ports.
  • It elevates the fun and simplicity of webOS to the next level of entertainment with webOS 3.0. With its use, you could conveniently stay on top of your prime time viewing. The LG Magic Remote can control the webOS.
  • The Intel WiDi (Wireless Display) technology facilitates quick and straightforward connections between the TV, laptop, or PC. While making this connection, there is no need for any cables.

3. Sceptre 32 inches Full HD LED TV: Model – B32SMFHD

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It has been many years since Sceptre stayed as a leader for LCDs and HDTVs on the market. With a full array of colors and enhanced pictures, you will enjoy the brilliant output from on the screen of this 32 inches LED TV from Sceptre. You will admire the impressive color and clarity in the output picture. This TV unit is capable of exchanging information from a USB to the next one within seconds. For example, you can successfully connect your hard drive and USB drive simultaneously via the two USB ports. As a result, you will enjoy limitless entertainment with photos, movies, music, and more from your collection.

Not just for movie watching or music is listening, but the B32SMFHD is specially designed for intense gamers. For playing Android gaming, this unit is the best choice. You will be able to pick from a wide range of interactive games designed uniquely for an outstanding gaming experience.


  • The Miracast enables the viewers to enjoy the quick and straightforward connection between your TV, tablet, and smartphone. For this, there is no need to use wires. Secure transfer and sharing of digital content are offered on the screen of the TV.
  • At the output, natural and pure audio is conveyed with the smooth reproduction of all the frequencies. This full HD LED TV offers a blend of 20W clear video and high-definition video. The audio output is 20 W Dolby Digital Surround Sound.
  • Different connectivity ports included are USB, HDMI, AV, USB, RF, and VGA.
  1. Sony Bravia 32 Inches Full HD LED Smart TV:

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Those people who are longing for experiencing the fine detail and texture on the screen of full HD TV can go for this TV unit. Whatever you watch, everything is upgraded by Sony to make sure there are minimum noise and a supreme impact on the output. You will see the fine details of sunset or beach in a lifelike manner. Sony has considered implementing excellent cable management in this LED smart TV. So, the cables will stay hidden within the stand, and they will be held in place with the help of cable holders.

To facilitate you with the convenient media watching experience, there is a separate launch button for Netflix and Direct YouTube. It will let you enjoy the media content instantly on these platforms. You will enjoy a quick browsing experience and can navigate through web content without any hassles. It is possible to browse in your preferred language. One of the best aspects of this Sony Bravia 32 inches TV is a subwoofer built into it. It allows you to feel the sound output from movies and concerts in a realistic manner. You will be able to listen to soundtracks, loud vocals, and deep bass.


  • The resolution supported is full HD 1920 x 1080 pixels, and the refresh rate is 50 Hertz.
  • Its display features include a dynamic contrast enhancer and X-Reality Pro.
  • The X-Reality PRO picture processing enhances each pixel to present high clarity.
  • Through the implementation of the High Dynamic Range (HDR), the detail vanished in the brightest and darkest regions of the picture are saved. As a result, the dynamic look is presented.
  • Names of the smart TV features implemented are built-in WiFi, Youtube Direct, Linux Based OS, Netflix, and Opera Store.
  • There are 2 HDMI ports available to let you connect your set-top box, gaming console, and Blu Ray players.
  • It comes with 2 USB ports to easily connect USB devices and hard drives.
  • The implemented audio features and built-in woofer conveys clear quality 30W sound output.
  1. Samsung 32 Inches M Series FHD (Model: 32M5570):

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The 32 inches full HD LED TV, as mentioned above, is dedicated to maximizing your entertainment experience. In addition to presenting the typical entertainment, it allows your smartphone to work with this TV unit. It is possible to play videos and music from your phone on the large screen of this TV. Alternatively, it is possible to bring your TV content on your phone for personalized enjoyment. Samsung has made no compromise in terms of display. You will be able to view images with enhanced depth. The built-in contrast enhancer applies diverse levels of intensity to various areas of the screen. In this way, the flat icons are realistically brought to the screen.

One of the noticeable aspects of this M series 32 inch TV is the Smart Hub. It seamlessly offers single access to apps, live TV, and other sources. With its assistance, you will navigate content when watching TV; also, you can see the thumbnail previews in advance. Not just entertainment, but this Samsung smart TV is also highly suitable for professional work. When the demands are such, it will transit into a high-performance computer. It allows you to make a selection from the cloud, remotely access your office PC, or mirror your laptop to enjoy large-screen convenience. With pure color, a natural color experience is facilitated. This allows viewers to immerse themselves in TV entertainment and observe the natural colors in detail. The overall look is polished and refined to convey a clean look wherever you set up this appliance.


  • The refresh rate is 60 Hertz.
  • Its working process analyzes the original through with an advanced algorithm. Moreover, the ultra-clean view presents superior quality images with reduced distortion.
  • The connectivity options supported are 2 USB ports and 3 HDMI ports.
  • The 20 W output presents an immersive sound experience.
  • The Micro Dimming Pro implemented by Samsung generates purer whites and deeper blacks. Consequently, splendid picture clarity and contrast are showcased in the output.
  • The viewers will be benefitted from the dramatic viewing for all their preferred entertainment content. This is because the full-color enhancer from Samsung makes use of a highly advanced algorithm. The same will enhance the image quality, explore hidden details, and directly depict the colors.
  • It comes with the Home Cloud allowing you to save your most important files. These files are saved into the TV itself wirelessly. As a result, it assists you in freeing up the space occupied on your mobile and makes sure your data will always stay safe at home.

Concluding Note:

All these 32 inch full HD smart TVs in India uplifts your usual television viewing experience. All these TVs excel at their best, from image texture to flawless video to enchanting sound output to smart features. For your living rooms, any of these TV units can prove to be the ideal choice.

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