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How to Disable Mi Ads on MIUI 10 for Redmi Phones – Step by Step

Disable Mi Ads on MIUI 10

In this article, we explain how to disable mi ads on MIUI 10 or later for Redmi Phones. Read to know more!

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Xiaomi, as a brand has attained considerable fame when it comes to purchasing budget smartphones in the Asian markets.  These cost-effective smartphones are not just budget-friendly, but they come with tons of features. One of the trendiest aspects of Xiaomi is its contemporary custom UI, which is alternatively known as MIUI 10.

It is known that the MIUI 10 incorporates several useful features and some smart features too. However, there are certain annoying features as well. To get the idea of such pesky features, for instance, it comes with excess bloatware and countless ads in all its apps.

Almost the majority of all the Xiaomi phone users (operating on MIUI 10) complain about one thing, i.e., the inclusion of ads embedded deep inside the UI. Right from the lock screen to Mi video, the ads are present everywhere. It is quite challenging to understand the placement of ads. The reason behind plenty of ads is they assist the Chinese smartphone manufacturer is to offload some of the hardware manufacturing costs.

These ads support Xiaomi to bring great value for money for their smartphones that are being offered to its consumers at only 5% profit. From the user perspective, however, such advertisements severely influence the user experience. Most Xiaomi phone users are fed up with the pesky ads showing on their phone’s screen frequently. In this article, you will be familiar with how to disable such ads on MIUI 10 for Redmi phones. The below section will highlight how to disable such ads in Redmi phones:

How to disable Mi ads in Xiaomi’s MIUI 10?

All the mentioned steps below, thoroughly describe the process to disable Mi ads in MIUI 10 of Redmi branded Xiaomi phones:

Step-1: Disable “MSA” (MIUI System Ads) app-

The initial step is to disable the msa app; you can find the app in the Settings menu. Subsequently, you have to tap on Authorization & revocation from Additional Settings. In this section, you would see ‘MSA,’ and it should be turn off because it would subsequently avert collecting data from your phone.

Moreover, it must decrease the ads present over the system. It is important to note that in order to disable MSA, Internet connectivity must be enabled. Furthermore, you may find hassles to revoke the authorization initially. Therefore, you have to keep attempting for 4 to 5 times even though you observe ‘Couldn’t revoke authorization’ message.

Step-2: Disable ‘Personalized ad recommendations.’

After the authorization is revoked in the above step, you need to first open Settings.

From Settings, open Additional Settings, then select Privacy, then choose Ad services, then choose Personalized ad recommendations and finally turn it off. Turning this option off would not prevent ads recommendation. However, it will avoid suggesting you ads depending on your data. Make sure you remember to turn the off User Experience Program.

Step-3: Disable ads recommendation shown in Mi Browser-

There are the majority of Xiaomi phone users who are habituated to using Google Chrome. For them, the Mi Browser appears like a mess, and the overall user experience is worsened. The user experience is further deteriorated by a considerable number of ads present, like clickbait news stories available on the homepage. It is possible to disable such bothersome ads, but the procedure is not straightforward. This is because the option is concealed deep inside the settings. The Mi Browser exhibits plenty of ads right on the start page. Therefore, follow the below steps:

  1. First of all, open Mi browser
  2. Click on the three vertical lines shown on the bottom-right part

iii. Tap Settings

  1. Click on the notifications and turn it off
  2. Return to the previous page and then tap Privacy & security
  3. Disable Recommended for you

vii. Return to the previous page and click on Advanced

viii. Click on the Top site’s order and stop Receive recommendations

Disable ad recommendations in Mi File Explorer-

The Xiaomi Mi File Explorer displays ads at the top part of the homepage. They are not much annoying like in other native apps. However, you will see the ads whenever you launch the app. Therefore, go through the following steps to disable the ads in Mi file explorer:

  1. Launch the File Explorer app and navigate to Settings from the hamburger menu.
  2. Now visit the ‘About’ section to search for the ‘Recommendations’ option present at the top. The user has to toggle it off to stop seeing ads when you explore through your files.

Step-4: Disable ads from Mi Video, Mi Music and MIUI Themes-

It is straightforward to block plenty of advertisements in the Mi Video app. You have to open the app and open the account menu. Now tap on Settings and deactivate Online recommendations and Push Notifications. Precisely in a similar way, open the Themes app, reach to the last option on the right side at the bottom, i.e., a profile menu. Now tap on Settings and finally disable recommendations option.

How to eliminate ads from Mi Music app? 

Recently, Xiaomi has updated Mi Music intending to let user stream music online. However, the app shows banner ads inside the app on the home page. When you want to disable such ads, from the hamburger menu, open settings and scroll down to the ‘Receive Recommendations’ to turn it off.

Follow the below steps to eliminate ads from the Mi Music app:

  1. Start the Mi Music
  2. Click on the three vertical lines shown on the top-left corner

iii. Now click on Settings

  1. Now click on Advanced settings
  2. Finally, disable Receive recommendations

Steps to disable ads from the Mi Video app:

  1. Launch the Mi Video app.
  2. Click on the three vertical lines present on the upper left part.

iii. Navigate to Settings

  1. Turn the Online recommendation off.
  2. Now turn Push message off. So, the recommended videos popping up in the app would get disabled, and also the notifications will be disabled.

Step 5: Disable ads shown in the Downloads app

The Downloads app displays ads in MIUI; follow below steps to disable ads there:

  1. Start the MIUI’s Downloads app
  2. Click on the three vertical dots icon shown on the upper right corner.

iii. Navigate to Settings

  1. Disable Show recommended content
  2. Now you will observe a pop-up mentioning that you would not view recommended sources once above steps are followed. Finally, tap on OK to stop seeing those ads.

Step-6: Disable ads from the File Manager-

It is quite simple to eliminate annoying ads from your File Manager. For that, first of all, launch the app and then tap on the three-line icon shown on the upper left corner. Now select About from Settings and then disable the recommendation option.

Step 7: Block ads from Cleaner app-

Within the cleaner app, the Xiaomi phone users should disable the same recommendation option just by clicking on the brush icon. This brush icon can be seen on the upper right part of the app. Subsequently, navigate to Settings section present on the top right corner and finally turn it off.

Step-8: Remove promoted apps from MIUI folders- 

There are many app folders equipped with supported apps that are awaiting download. For an average user, it gives the impression that they need to be downloaded soon. Follow the below steps to eliminate the pesky ads from MIUI folders:

  1. Launch any app folder right from your Xiaomi smartphone
  2. Click on ‘the name’ of the folder

iii. Finally, disable Promoted apps

How to disable Promoted Apps in the Home Screen Folders?

The presence of Xiaomi’s ad is not only in the system apps, but it also shows the promoted ads in folders. For disabling promoted apps in the home screen folders, disable supported apps by clicking on the folder’s name and deactivating the ‘Promoted apps’ options shown beneath it.

Use Third-party Ad Blockers:

It is comfortable and practical to disable ads by the use of a third-party ad blocker app. The following section suggests two approaches, i.e., AdGuard and Blokada. Both these approaches assist you in disabling ads throughout the system, and there is no need to root your device.

i. AdGuard:

AdGuard is essentially a no-root ad-blocker service based on Android, and it assists in eliminating ads through the system. For instance, AdGuard is capable of removing ads from browsers, apps, and games too. It allows the privacy of your device through custom filtering, which makes sure you stay safe against online trackers. Moreover, it gets updated consistently, and it is found to be extremely customizable.

To enable ad blocker, you have to tap the power button present at the center part. Consequently, there will be an effective elimination of annoying ads in your Xiaomi device. Furthermore, you will be able to see all the filtering logs, can manage adds placement on particular apps and much more.e

From the below link, you will be able to download AdGuard at free of cost easily. It is important to note that the premium subscription begins at Rs 19+VAT per month.

 Download AdGuard at free of cost from the link:

ii. Blokada:

Blokada is a free and open-source ad blocker app based on Android OS. It works excellently to block every ad, which also includes tracking and malware services throughout the system. In this way, you will relish a pleasant ad-free experience. Blokada comes with a clean interface offering you flawless access to all the essential info available on the homes screen. Overall, Blokada is easy to use, shows several blocked ads, whitelist or blacklist apps, and also shows VPN connection upfront.


Now it is not at all challenging to eliminate those pesky ads on MIUI 10 for Redmi phones. There is nothing wrong in trying any of the above methods to remove annoying ads from Mi browser, file explorer, apps, themes, music app, video app, etc. After the ads get eliminated, the overall user experience will be hassle-free and pleasant.

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