Asus ROG Gaming Smartphone

List of Best Budget Gaming Phones with Android Under $500 in 2018

Nowadays we use our smartphones everywhere. The most significant use of them is for gaming. This is where the real potential of the phone is tested. These days almost any...

Android Go Phones List

Budget Android Go Phones List (Oreo Based) Available in 2018 in India

Are you searching for Android G0 OS based smartphones? You are at the right place. Here we have picked all the best Android Go Phones list that is expected to be released in...

Samsung Exynos 9810 Vs. Kirin 970 Vs. Apple A11

Samsung Exynos 9810 Vs. Kirin 970 Vs. Apple A11 Specs Comparison

Every year we get to see the big tech companies compete on the semiconductor side from smartphone industry giants like Samsung, Apple, and  Huawei. In 2018, Samsung has its own...

Flagship SOCs Specifications Comparison

Samsung Exynos 9810 Vs. 8895 Flagship SOCs Specifications Comparison

In this post, we are comparing the specifications of Samsung Exynos 9810 Vs. 8895 SOCs which power their flagship devices in some markets. Since both of them are flagship SOCs, we...

Sony IMX 519 vs. 486

Sony IMX 519 vs. 486 Specifications Comparison and Phone List

Today here at Face of IT, we will be comparing two well-known camera sensors produced by Sony (Sony IMX 519 vs. 486). Exmor is a well-known technology brand from Sony when it...

Phones with Leica Optics

Best Android Phones with Leica Optics For Quality DSLR Like Photography

Currently, we only have Huawei phones with Leica optics and the Huawei Leica partnership was first introduced with the Huawei P9. With the introduction of the Leica Optic, the...

Snapdragon 710 Vs 730

Qualcomm Snapdragon 710 Vs 730 Specifications Comparison

Are you wondering how the Snapdragon 710 Vs 730 differs from each other? This article is all about the difference between the two new SOCs from the mobile market leader Qualcomm....

phones with Carl Zeiss Optics

List of The Best Phones with Carl Zeiss Optics from Nokia and Others

Nokia is an old partner with the Zeiss. Nokia has released phones with Carl Zeiss Optics for years in their phones. But at the time of the downfall of Nokia, nothing proved useful...

Best Android Phones with Dual VoLTE Support

Best Android Phones with Dual VoLTE Support. Which SOCs Support it?

Did you know that there are SOC’s (and Phones) on the market that supports Dual-VoLTE? We dug a little deep and came up with Android Phones with Dual VoLTE Support. The...

Mi Mix 2S vs OnePlus 6

Mi Mix 2S vs OnePlus 6: Based on Leaked & Rumored Specifications

In case if you are a Mi or a OnePlus fan, this post will be interesting for you. Releasing sometime in the mid of 2018, this year we are going to compare Mi Mix 2S vs OnePlus 6....