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Best DisplayHDR1000 Monitors For PC Gaming and 4K HDR Content

Best DisplayHDR1000 Monitors

Have you heard about the concept called DisplayHDR 1000? It is a standard 4K display technology with HDR. The HDR1000 was a standard originally set up by Samsung to designate a display monitor that can provide a peak brightness of 1000 nits. Which monitors have been certified with the HDR1000 specification? We will check out the best monitors that have been confirmed to be DisplayHDR1000 in today’s post.

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What is DisplayHDR 1000?

As we have already come to know, the DisplayHDR1000 is a standard that determines the capacity of a monitor to sustain a brightness level of 1000 nits over time. This is one of the fundamental characteristics of the actual HDR display.

The certification is based on the HDR quality, including luminance, color gamut, bit depth, and rise time. The certification is provided by High-Performance Monitor and Display Compliance Test Specification (DisplayHDR) from VESA. VESA is an international nonprofit corporation led by a board of directors representing a voting membership of more than 280 corporate members.

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Currently, there are multiple performance tiers for these types of monitors. They are as follows:

  • DisplayHDR 400
  • DisplayHDR 500
  • DisplayHDR 600
  • DisplayHDR 1000
  • DisplayHDR 400 – True Black
  • DisplayHDR 500 – True Black

As you might have guessed, these speak about peak luminance in specific areas on the screen based on the content that is being presented. Compare this with an average display of 250-300 nits. The true black standard talks about contrast ratios on the higher performance tiers, such as 600-1000 HDRs.

Also, instead of using 6-bit drivers to simulate an 8-bit dithering algorithm, all the monitors need to be using 8-bit with a 2-bit dithering algorithm. This ensures that the dimming luminescence controls are in sync with the LCD panel. It also helps you achieve a better dynamic range, one of the critical aspects of an HDR display.

Best DisplayHDR1000 Monitors currently available

VESA is the certifying authority that certifies the display monitors for their HDR performance levels. As per the current VESA certification, only four monitors come with the DisplayHDR1000 certification.

We will check out each of the monitors that have the DisplayHDR1000 certification.

ImageProduct NameBuy Now
SAMSUNG: Model: LC49G95TSSNXZACheck on Amazon
ASUS ROG Strix XG43UQCheck on Amazon
Gigabyte AORUS FV43UCheck on Amazon
ASUS ROG Swift PG43UQCheck on Amazon
Dell UltraSharp UP3221QCheck on Amazon
Lenovo ThinkVision Creator ExtremeCheck on
Acer Predator X35 bmiphzxCheck on Amazon
Asus ProArt: PA32UCXCheck on Amazon
ASUS ProArt Display PA27UCX-KCheck on Amazon
Asus ROG Zephyrus Duo 16 (2022) GX650Check on
Asus ROG Swift PG65UQCheck on Amazon
ASUS ROG Swift PG35VQCheck on Amazon
Acer Predator Model: CG437KCheck on Amazon
Acer ConceptD Model: CP7 CP7271KCheck on Amazon
AOC AG274QXMCheck on
Philips Momentum 559M1RYVCheck on Amazon
Philips Computer Monitors Momentum 558M1RYCheck on Amazon
SCEPTRE (Model: C345B-QUN168W)Check on Amazon
Sceptre (Model: C275B-QWN168W)Check on Amazon
Sceptre (Model: C275B-QWN168W)Check on Amazon

21. Sceptre (C275B-QWN168W):

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This Sceptre NEBULA 27-inch gaming monitor comes with QHD curved display that is VESA DisplayHDR1000 Certified. With up to 165 Hz of refresh rate and 1ms MPRT, you would observe lifelike visuals with minimal lag. The mentioned refresh rate gives you an edge in performance because frames transition occurs instantly.

The HDR1000 (High Dynamic Range) improves dynamic contrast ratio, brightening up colors (found up to 50% brighter than SDR when displaying intensely clear dark colors). The ergonomic design helps you to lower, raise, rotate and tilt this monitor according to your preference. So, you can accurately position it in your setup.


  • The brightness of up to 550 Lux presents stunning and vivid colors which illuminate the screen like never before.
  • The 1 ms response time eliminates ghosting and piecing together. Hence, it makes sure the display conveys precise imagery during action-packed scenes and gaming.
  • With 99% sRGB, the monitor provides a broader color gamut than other standard monitors.
  • Through an ambient light sensor, the display is readable in various environments. This sensor decreases eye strain by either enhancing the screen brightness to balance off for bright sunlight or dim light for nighttime reading.
  • Each of the 3 HDMI ports presents a stunning 144 Hz refresh rate.
  • The USB-C port provides 65W power output and a 120 Hz refresh rate.
  • The built-in speakers offer robust and smooth audio and save desk space.


  • Smooth and lifelike visuals
  • Quick and easy setup
  • Responsive display performance during action scenes


  • The picture quality can be better

20. Sceptre (C325B-QWN168W):

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The support for DisplayHDR1000 in this Sceptre monitor makes sure the display presents an enhanced dynamic contrast ratio. It illuminates colors up to 50% brighter when displaying dark colors than SDR.

The VESA wall mount pattern resolves cable clutter and saves valuable space for your workstation and gaming setup. Blue Light Filter and Flicker-Free technologies are implemented to reduce eye strain. Built-in speakers present enchanting sound output. You can vary the height to obtain a comfortable viewing experience.


  • The display resolution is QHD.
  • The refresh rate of up to 165 Hz provides exceptional visibility and agility to combat your standard player.
  • The USB-C port and all 3 HDMI ports present an excellent refresh rate of 144 Hz.
  • A colorful LED light brightens up the back cover and conveys a modern design.
  • The ambient light sensor makes sure the screen is readable in various environments. This sensor also contributes to reducing eye strain,
  • Adaptive-Sync technology is implemented.
  • The 1 ms response time leads to instant fading and illuminating of colors. It eliminates ghosting and piecing.


  • Speedy response time for gaming
  • Durable construction and appealing design
  • Enough connectivity options included


  • The backlight bleeds throughout the screen, which leads to highlighting some areas and darkening others
  • The USB-C port is incompatible with some devices like Samsung Galaxy S10e

19. SCEPTRE (C345B-QUN168W):

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 The C345B-QUN168W is VESA DisplayHDR 1000 certified 34-inch UltraWide curved gaming monitor. It comes with up to 3440 x 1440 pixels display resolution. The 165 Hz of refresh rate gives you an edge in performance because frames transition takes place instantly.

The ergonomic stand can be lowered, raised, tilted, and rotated. You can vary its height. The frameless design with 1000R curvature fully immerses you into the gaming landscape. So, it lets you identify all opportunities and threats before all of your competitors. Moreover, this kind of
the design presents an appealing look.


  • The 1 ms response time makes sure colors illuminate and fade instantly. Also, it removes ghosting and piecing together accurate imagery during gaming and action-packed scenes.
  • The 350 brightness lets display conveys stunning and vivid colors.
  • The color gamut is 99% sRGB.
  • A built-in ambient light sensor makes sure the screen stays readable in varied environments. It also decreases eye strain.
  • Available ports are 3 HDMI (each provides a 100 Hz refresh rate), a USB-C, and a DisplayPort.


  • Colorful LED light illuminates the rear cover of the monitor to showcase modern design
  • Comfortable reading experience irrespective of external lighting conditions


  • Dead pixels on the screen
  • UI is not intuitive and user-friendly

18. Philips Computer Monitors Momentum 558M1RY:

Check on Amazon

The key traits of this 55-inch 4K UHD gaming monitor are the low input lag and fast response time. It conveys 120 Hz refresh rate output from its DP 1.4 port. The efficient DisplayHDR 1000 panel has an outstandingly high color gamut that precisely reproduces movie scenes and gaming as the creators designed them.

MultiView activates active dual connect and view to ensure you can simultaneously work with several devices like notebook and PC. So, it enables multi-tasking. The installation is easy with a wall-mountable design. A USB hub is included.

Contents in the box are this monitor with a stand, a DisplayPort cable, an HDMI cable, a USB upstream cable, a power cable, user documentation, and remote control.


  • The high-performance panel depicts more than 1 billion colors with an UltraClear 4K UHD resolution.
  • The color accuracy is very high, with up to 95% DCI-P3 and 104% NTSC area coverage. So, the image quality is lifelike.
  • The advanced Ambiglow technology improves the quality of the screen by generating a halo of light from this monitor. The corresponding fast processor assesses the incoming image content and constantly adjusts the brightness and color of the emitted light to complement the image.
  • Bowers & Wilkins provides 2.1 audio output. The components in the audio system are dual tweeters, dual speakers, and woofers.
  • 3 HDR modes are available, optimized depending on your usage scenarios. The names of these modes are HDR Game, HDR Photo, and HDR Movie.
  • AMD FreeSync Premium Pro technology offers a realistic HDR gaming experience. It presents a combination of smooth gaming at maximum performance and high dynamic range visuals while maintaining low latency.
  • Blue Light Filter and Flicker-Free technologies reduce eye strain.


  • It comes with a cable for each connection
  • Color uniformity is very nice


  • The energy-saving function doesn’t work efficiently
  • Ghosting is quite noticeable on black backgrounds

17. Philips Momentum 559M1RYV:

Check on Amazon

Now you can play your preferred game at ultra-clear 4K resolution and a smooth 120 Hz refresh rate. This is possible by connecting an Xbox Series X and next-gen consoles with this monitor. Moreover, the display offers variable refresh rate VRR support for Xbox Series X to attain seamlessly smooth motion.

With the VESA-certified DisplayHDR 1000 and customized HDR modes, the display achieves shows stunning details and incredible contrast. Gamers can quickly identify enemies concealed in the shadows easily. Furthermore, the movie viewers can relish an accurate and compelling show. This monitor works seamlessly with USB-C enabled devices for supporting up to 4K resolution @ 120 Hz on the large screen.


  • The cutting-edge Ambiglow technology creates a halo of light from this monitor to add a new dimension to the viewing experience.
  • Flicker-free and LowBlue Mode technologies decrease eye strain and fatigue usually created due to hours of exposure to the monitor.
  • Philips MultiView displays activate active dual connect and view. It lets you work with several devices like notebooks and PC concurrently.
  • The built-in Bowers & Wilkins speakers present epic sound. The specially-tuned True Sound audio modes provide an enchanting listening experience.
  • SoftBlue feature filters out harmful blue light waves while ensuring the color or image quality is not affected.


  • Quick and hassle-free setup
  • Broad device compatibility


  • No power switch, so you have to use the poorly built remote control

16. AOC AG274QXM:

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The HDR support in this AOC monitor increases the color gamut, which results in great details, rich color saturation, and highlighting. Due to the maximum brightness of 1000 cd/m2, the films and games appear lifelike. Being VESA certified, the backlit mini-LED technology of the monitor would brighten up uniquely based on the requirement of each picture displayed over the screen.

The combination of DisplayHDR1000 technology, mini-LED technology, and 170 Hz refresh rate leads to elegant color output and fast performance. The implementation of mini-LED technology suggests that this monitor blends the superior picture quality, best uniformity, and highest brightness while still maintaining the slim design—the 50 shades of grey, which slim the immersion, are removed. So, the display shows small halos and true darkness.

The USB-C connection offers DisplayPort Alternate Mode. It enables simultaneous processes like transferring high-resolution video signals from a notebook to this monitor and charging the monitor’s battery from the notebooks’ battery through USB power delivery. Furthermore, the USB 3.1 guarantees lightning-fast data transmission. Hence, a 4K minute can be transferred in a minute.


  • With QHD resolution, the display presents sharp imagery and outstanding picture quality, revealing the most delicate details.
  • The pixel response time of 1 ms (GTG) shows fast-moving scenes without smearing and ghosting effects.
  • With very high DCI-P3 and more than 1 billion shades of color, the gamers can conveniently customize the color saturation as per their needs.


  • The 170 Hz of refresh rate lets the game run smoothly
  • AGON Quick Switch saves your favorite monitor settings and transit between them with a single click.


  • Sometimes display shows flickering in fast-paced gaming scenes

15. Acer ConceptD CP7 CP7271K:

Check on Amazon

This 27-inch UHD 4K monitor displays finely detailed images and videos. The support for DisplayHDR 1000 and GSYNC Ultimate technologies represents unparalleled image detail and color. You will enjoy neat HDR images through the VESA DisplayHDR 1000 Certification. This certification also guarantees high contrast and brightness.

With a 144 Hz refresh rate, the display lets you view and generate hyper-smooth 2D and 3D motion scenes. The fidelity is excellent when reproducing the PANTONE Matching System (PMS) Colors. Due to the timeless design, the monitor decorates any workspace. So, it adds an exquisite appearance along with the stand base. Ample ports and a light-shielding hood are included. Therefore, this monitor is suitable for professional design work.


  • It is implemented with NVIDIA G-SYNC technology and is Pantone Validated.
  • The display is tested and calibrated to obtain a super-low Delta E average of e<1 to reproduce true-to-life color accuracy.
  • There is support for 99% Adobe RGB color space and DCI-P3 93% wide color gamut. 99% Adobe RGB color space shows bright and accurate colors due to the extension of the color range of cyan-green hues.
  • The response time is 1 ms, and brightness is up to 1000 nits.
  • Available ports are a Display Port V1.4, an HDMI V2.0, and four USB 3.0 ports.


  • No blur effect due to integrated color correction
  • Excellent screen uniformity
  • No image retention and nearly perfect uniformity in both brightness and color


  • The fan is audible

14. Acer Predator CG437K:

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The 43-inch display of this Acer monitor implements state-of-the-art revolutionary technologies that provide an outstanding 4K gaming experience. The VESA certified DisplayHDR 1000 (large format) display comes with a 1 ms Visual Response Boost (VRB) and 144 Hz refresh rate. DisplayHDR 1000 displays provide cinematic color, stunning contrast, and ultra-low latency gameplay.

Being validated by NVIDIA, this G-SYNC compatible monitor provides you with a tear-free gaming experience. After detecting ambient light in your environment, the monitor makes automatic adjustments to provide a comfortable viewing experience. The listening experience is incredible with two 10W speakers. The USB Type-C port lets you connect a display/phone or dongle for your preferred wireless gamepad or connect a preferable high-end peripheral.


  • The refresh rate of 120 Hz can be overclocked to 144 Hz through two Display ports.
  • 90% DCI-P3 provides delicate shades, smooth transitions, and a consistent appearance. So, you can immerse yourself in the hyper-realistic colors of gaming.
  • Delta E average of <2 reproduces true-to-life color accuracy.
  • Acer TrueHarmony Sound technology is implemented for an immersive gaming experience.
  • The rotatable omnidirectional microphone comes with on-cable controls
  • RGB Light Sense lets you connect up to four LED light strips and improve lighting output.


  • Elegant and powerful light output
  • The high-quality sound output makes the gaming experience more fascinating


  • It takes time for setup

13. ASUS ROG Swift – PG35VQ:

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For personal, gaming, and business usage, this 35-inch curved HDR gaming monitor is perfect. NVIDIA G-SYNC Ultimate technology enables advanced features like stunning contrast, 1,000 nits brightness, cinematic color output, and ultra-low latency. Therefore, this monitor presents a superb HDR gaming experience. Also, this technology offers the darkest darks and brightest whites. The ergonomic stand allows you to adapt tilt, rotation, and height so that the monitor can accommodate any desk.


  • The 200Hz refresh rate eliminates screen tearing and minimizes input lag and display stutter. So, it provides the fastest and smoothest gaming experience.
  • The contrast ratio is 21: 9, and the resolution is 3440 x 1440 pixels.
  • Quantum dot technology offers the cinema standard 90% DCI P3 color gamut for smooth gradation and lifelike colors.
  • ASUS Aura Sync lighting technology offers ambient lighting output, synchronizing with a few other Aura Sync-enabled components.
  • Connectivity options are HDMI 2.0, DisplayPort 1.4, USB 3.0 Type-B, and two USB 3.0 Type-A ports.
  • Asus Eye Care technology reduces eye fatigue.


  • Panoramic gaming experience with 2 ms response time and 200 Hz refresh rate response time
  • Comfortable viewing experience even after the prolonged viewing session


  • Poorly configured sharpness setting
  • Flickering issues

12. Asus ROG Swift PG65UQ:

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Asus ROG Swift PG65UQ is the only big-screen monitor which is UHD Premium. It is an apt choice for gaming, personal, and multimedia. It guarantees the highest display standards to ensure users benefit from rich audio and image output. Some of the essential aspects of the display are over 1000 nits brightness, cinematic color, stunning contrast, and ultra-low latency gameplay. The remote control allows you to customize input source, brightness, and other display adjustments.


  • This 65-inch 4K UHD big format gaming display has a 144 Hz refresh rate and 4 ms (GTG) response time for super-smooth gaming visuals.
  • Quantum-dot technology is implemented with a wide DCI-P3 95% color gamut.
  • This monitor is factory pre-calibrated to delta e less than 2.
  • NVIDIA G Sync ultimate boasts the latest NVIDIA G-SYNC processors to provide the best HDR gaming experience.
  • Full-Array local dimming (FALD) backlight offers 384 independent LED zones and max. The brightness of 1000 nits with Display1000 & UHD premium certification.
  • Variable refresh rate (VRR) is supported on the console through an HDMI port. VRR matches the frame rate of the Xbox One with the refresh rate of the monitor. So, it eliminates visual tearing and minimizes stuttering when performance declines below the maximum refresh rate.
  • The viewing experience is comfortable with the Asus Eye Care technology, Blue light filter, and flicker-free panels.
  • Connectivity options are a DisplayPort (V1.4), four HDMI (V2.0), and two USB 3.0 ports.
  • Two 15W speakers offer superb audio performance.


  • Extremely smooth gaming visuals
  • Plenty of ports included
  • Efficient performance with latest NVIDIA G-SYNC processors


  • The internal cooling fans are noisy

11. Asus ROG Zephyrus Duo 16 (2022) GX650:

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The latest ROG Zephyrus Duo 16 comes with VESA Certified Display HDR 1000 display. Compared to traditional LED displays, the mini LED provides higher brightness and more profound contrast. So, it leads to vibrant and vivid image output.

The efficient Ampere GPU with MUX switch offers top-tier framerates. With access to cutting-edge technology like DLSS and ray tracing and a maximum TGP of 165W, the GPU conveys high frame rats and high resolution in the latest AAA games. With up to 64 GB RAM and a 4 TB blazing-fast PCIe 4.0 SSD, the GX650 is suitable for multi-tasking.


  • AMD Ryzen 9 6980HX mobile processor contains 8 cores, 16 threads, and 20 MB cache. Its maximum clock frequency is 5 GHz.
  • 16-inch ROG Nebula HDR display has a resolution of 2560 x 1600 pixels, 165 Hz refresh rate, 3ms response time, and 16:10 aspect ratio.
  • This IPS level display supports 100% DCI-P3 and is Pantone Validated.
  • Other display features are anti-glare, FreeSync Premium Pro technology, MUX Switch + Optimus, and Dolby Vision HDR.
  • The additional display is 14-inch ScreenPad Plus (3840 x 1100 pixels) with an IPS panel and Stylus support.
  • The GPU is NVIDIA®GeForce RTX™ 3070 Ti. It comes with 1460 MHz ROG Boost @ 150W. The graphical memory is 8 GB GDDR6.
  • The 32 GB DDR5-4800 SO-DIMM RAM is expandable up to 64 GB capacity.
  • The storage space is 2 TB + 2 TB M.2 NVMe PCIe 4.0 SSD (RAID 0).
  • Ports and slots are a USB 3.2 Gen 2 Type-C (support DisplayPort), two USB 3.2 Gen 2 Type-A, an HDMI 2.1, a 3.5mm combo audio jack, a microSD card reader (UHS-II, 312MB/s), and an RJ45 LAN port.
  • The backlit Chiclet keyboard supports per-key RGB. It comes with Touchpad and NumberPad.
  • 720P HD IR camera supports Windows Hello login.
  • The audio system is implemented with Dolby Atmos, Smart Amp technology, AI noise-canceling technology, Hi-Res certification, built-in array microphone, and 6-speaker system with Smart Amplifier Technology.
  • The wireless performance is excellent with Bluetooth 5.2 (dual band) (2*2) and WiFi 6E (802.11ax).
  • 4-cell Li-ion 4S1P battery comes with a 90 Whrs capacity.
  • Additional features are AAS Aura Sync Lighting, User Password Protection, and BIOS Administrator Password.
  • The installed OS is Windows 11 Pro.


  • Efficient multi-tasking
  • Fast load times for all apps and games


  • Reboots sometimes during intense load

10. ASUS ProArt Display PA27UCX-K:

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The ProArt Calibration 2.0 in this 27-inch Asus monitor’s display facilitates easy and quick adjustments to improve color accuracy. It is responsible for maintaining color profile write-back and color uniformity. The HDR and SDR calibration are supported with adjustable brightness, color temperature, color gamut, and other parameters to guarantee consistent and accurate colors. The display is compatible with most top calibrators like Datacolor, X-Rite, and Klein.

Game developers can develop fast-rendering games with FreeSync Premium Pro and a 120 Hz variable refresh rate (VRR). Moreover, they can carry out quality checks on a single display. The contrast is outstanding between brightest whites and deepest blacks. The display supports 1,000 nits industry-leading full-screen sustained brightness and 1,600 nits of peak brightness.


  • The 4K HDR display comes with a 576 zones mini-LED backlight.
  • Quantum-dot technology offers 99.5% Adobe RGB, 97% DCI-P3, 100% sRGB and 83% Rec. 2020 color space. It supports 10-bit color for outstanding color fidelity.
  • ASUS Off-Axis Contrast Optimization technology decreases halo effects by 80% and offers a contrast-ratio boost of 7X for dark parts of the image while viewing the screen from different angles.
  • Delta-E (∆E) <1 offers outstanding color performance.
  • The display is Calman Ready certified.
  • ASUS Eye Care technology represents TÜV Flicker-Free certification and TÜV Low Blue Light to decrease eye fatigue during an extended viewing session.
  • The included connectivity ports are two HDMI (v2.0b), a DisplayPort 1.2, and a USB Type-C (data transfer, signal, and power delivery).


  • Supports multiple HDR formats like HLG, HDR-10, and Dolby Vision
  • Sharp, vivid, and lifelike image output
  • No damage to eyes even after the long-term viewing session


  • The panel has a moderate IPS glow
  • Plenty of dead pixels seen as black on white background

9. Asus ProArt PA32UCX:

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For different business, multimedia, and personal usage applications, this 32-inch Asus monitor is handy. ASUS Smart HDR technology supports multiple HDR formats and multiple PQ curves to meet the requirements of content creators. Dolby Vision HDR elevates your viewing experience through ultra-vivid image output.

The display provides backlight control of 1,152 zones with deeper darkness and higher luminance. So it conveys the best contrast and precise reproduction of HDR contents. Picture-by-Picture (PbP)and Picture-in-Picture (PiP) functionalities let you simultaneously view content from several sources and toggle between them. Also, you can choose a preferred audio source.

The ergonomic stand allows you to adjust rotation, tilt, pivot, and height. 3W stereo speakers provide an incredible listening experience.


  • The quantum-dot technology provides supports 99% DCI-P3, 100% sRGB, 99.5% Adobe RGB, and 89% rec. 2020 color space. This technology, combined with true 10-bit color depth, offers outstanding color fidelity. So, the display is apt for video editing tasks and post-production.
  • ASUS ProArt Calibration Technology provides uniformity compensation and color accuracy tuning to adjust color consistency and brightness easily.
  • Asus SMART HDR technology supports various HDR formats like HLG, HDR-10, and Dolby Vision.
  • There is no strain to eyes due to the implemented Asus Eye Care technology, certified low Blue light, and flicker-free technologies.
  • Two Thunderbolt 3 USB-C ports support up to 40 Gbps data transfers.
  • Power delivery supplies up to 60W power to external devices.
  • Other ports are a DisplayPort 1.2, three HDMI 2.0b, two USB 3.0, and a USB hub.


  • Most vivid colors ever seen in a monitor
  • No visible halos


  • The fans are noisy

8. Acer Predator X35: bmiphzx:

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The Predator X35 offers 21:9 immersion with a 200 Hz refresh rate, lifelike HDR, and futuristic elements. Whether you are a gamer or multimedia professional, the cutting-edge display provides an excellent viewing experience. The NVIDIA G-SYNC ULTIMATE control leads to tear-free, smooth gaming. The ZeroFrame design presents a seamless look.

The VESA Certificated DisplayHDR 1000 display features a color palette and high contrast ratio. So, the display presents realistic images with superb color purity. X35 is 100 x 100 mm VESA compatible.


  • The 35-inch UltraWide QHD 1800R curved display comes with a 21: 9 aspect ratio.
  • The response time of 2ms (G to G) eliminates visual artifacts or motion blur annoyances.
  • DCI-P3 90% wide color gamut is supported, and 10-bit color with Quantum dot technology is implemented.
  • 512 full-array local dimming zones and Acer RGB light sense illuminates this display.
  • Predator game view is supported with 8 pre-set display modes that optimize the visuals for various content.
  • Each of the two speakers delivers 4W output.
  • Available ports are a Display Port v1.4, an HDMI v2.0, four USB 3.0, and audio out. (HDMI, USB, and DisplayPort cables are included).


  • The RGB Light Sense lets you select from nine effects and various colors
  • The stand is very sturdy and sleek
  • The fan operates quietly


  • Need to reconnect it occasionally for boot ups

7. Lenovo ThinkVision Creator Extreme:

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Editors, VFX specialists, and colorists need to use a monitor that can reproduce accurate colors and high contrast. This is because a slight difference or inaccuracy can alter the whole scene. This ThinkVision monitor is the perfect one for filmmakers. The reasons are it comes with HDR1000 compatibility, 4K UHD resolution, wide color gamut, and factory-calibrated color accuracy.

Mini-LED backlights provide accurate control across on-screen dimming zones. Moreover, they decrease perceptible blooming, which ensures that you would see every fine detail. 3-side NearEdgeless panel design shows an exquisite look.

It supports multiple HDR formats, HLG, Dolby Vision, VESA certified HDR 1000, and HDR10. They assist you in reproducing a more comprehensive range of luminosity compared to that in standard digital imaging. Hence, the content creators can expose real-world scenes comprising of extremely bright or very faint nebulae or direct sunlight to intense shade.


  • In its 27-inch IPS display, 1152 mini-LED zones and 10,368 LEDs facilitate dynamic local dimming. Hence, the monitor generates precise visuals to design each frame with high precision.
  • The features like 10-bit color depth, 100% sRGB, 99.5% DCI-P3, and 100% BT.709 are ideal for content creators working on video across various applications.
  • The average Delta E<1 color accuracy makes sure you simply need to plug in and accomplish your task.
  • Power Delivery with USB-C is supported.

Key Specifications:

  • Aspect ratio: 16:9
  • Refresh rate: 60 Hz
  • Response time: 4ms (Extreme Mode), 6 ms (Normal Mode)
  • Brightness: 620 cd/m2 (typical), 1200 cd/m2 (peak),
  • Contrast ratio is 1100:1 (typical), 1M:1 (HDR), 3M:1 (Dynamic)
  • PPI: 163
  • Pixel Pitch: 0.1554 mm x 0.1554 mm
  • Viewing angle (H x V @ CR 10:1): 178 °/178 °
  • Screen dimensions: 608.80 mm x 354.10 mm
  • Display active area:: 596.74 mm x 335.66 mm
  • Color Gamut: 99.5% DCI-P3, 100% sRGB, 100% BT.709, 73% BT.2020
  • Color Support (typical): 1.07 Billion
  • Color Depth: 10-bit (8+FRC)
  • Processor LUT: 14-bit
  • HDR Compliance: Dolby Vision® Approved, DisplayHDR™ 1000, HDR10, HLG
  • Video output: a USB Type-C Gen2 (DP1.4 Alt Mode), three HDMI 2.0, a DP 1.4
    Audio output: 3.5 mm audio out.
  • USB connectivity: USB Hub, four USB3.2 Gen1 (1x BC1.2), and USB3.2 Gen1 (one through USB Type-C and one through USB Type-B)
  • Tilt angle:-5°(front) /35° (back)
  • Swivel angle: +45° (left)/-45° (right)
  • VESA mount: 100 x 100 mm
  • Certifications: CCC, RoHS (EU 2002/95/EC), Windows Certification (Windows 7, Windows 10), China Energy Efficiency Standard (Tier 1 (professional monitor)), TÜV Rheinland Low Blue Light


  • DaisyChain functionality leads to efficient and smooth multi-tasking
  • The anti-glare coating enhances the comfort while viewing


  • Not so durable

6. Dell UltraSharp UP3221Q:

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UP3221Q is the world’s first professional monitor equipped with 2K mini-LED direct backlit dimming zones. The compactly packed LED panel offers superior contrast and decreases annoying halo effects. With 140 PPI and UHD 4K resolution, you can view ultra-fine details.

With almost 100% coverage of the DCI-P3 color space (precisely: 99.8%), you attain the most expansive color coverage found in any professional monitor. A VESA Certified Display HDR 1000 monitor contains a built-in colorimeter (powered by Calman).

Thunderbolt 3 support and multi-tasking ability make the UP3221Q a perfect appliance for creative professionals. The design features a premium, platinum, silver finish for an exquisite look. Moreover, the design shows a tiny base, a catch-less snap-on cable cover, and neat cable management, contributing to a clutter-free desk space. You can adjust pivot, tilt, swivel, and height. Anti-Glare coating is available.


  • The combination of 1,000 nits peak brightness and VESA DisplayHDR 1000 compatibility leads to true-to-life visuals with bright whites and deep blacks.
  • The HLG (Hybrid Log-Gamma) settings let you view HDR content and make a video for broadcast and satellite TV platforms (like Japan NHK TV and BBC iPlayer).
  • The Uniformity Compensation feature provides consistent brightness throughout the screen.
  • Color parameters are customizable as per your preference with the help of 3D LUT. You can set customized color settings using the 3D LUT and writeable 1D.
  • The included ports are a DisplayPort, an HDMI, and Thunderbolt 3 (delivers up to 40 Gbps speed), USB 3.0.
  • A USB-A port is available at the front of this monitor to easily connect to an external spectrophotometer or colorimeters.
  • Picture-by-Picture (PbP) lets you connect two PC sources, compare content and display them simultaneously. This functionality enables you to work on various color spaces for each input source to enhance your creativity.
  • UP3221Q meets the latest regulatory and environmental standards like CEC, RoHS, CECP, and BFR/PVR (Halogen-free).


  • The cutting-edge display features are practical for business and creative professionals
  • Attractive and neat design


  • Blur issues when viewed from extreme angles

5. ASUS ROG Swift PG43UQ:

Check on Amazon

Whether you intend to play games, work on multimedia projects, or simply watch a movie, the PG43UQ would fulfill all your expectations. The ASUS Aura Sync technology contributes to a comprehensive game setup and immersive viewing experience.

Accessories packed are an audio cable, a DisplayPort cable, an HDMI cable, a USB 3.0 cable, a power adapter, a power cord, a remote controller, a quick start guide, ROG welcome card, and a warranty card.


  • The 43-inch non-glare 4K display has a 144 Hz refresh rate and 1 ms (MPRT) response time for super-smooth gaming visuals.
  • High dynamic range (HDR) technology with 90% DCI-P3 professional color gamut and DisplayHDR 1000 certification guarantees outstanding color performance and high contrast.
  • NVIDIA G-SYNC Compatibility technology eliminates screen stuttering and tearing.
  • Display Stream Compression technology transports UHD video streams over a single DisplayPort 1.4 interface (at high speed) without any noticeable loss in visual quality. It does this by instantly compressing and decompressing every frame.
  • GameFast Input Technology minimizes input lag. It offers faster motion delivery for responsive gaming actions.
  • Available ports are two HDMI (v2.0) and two DisplayPort 1.4.
  • The monitor is 100 x 100 mm VESA wall mountable.


  • Excellent color accuracy and performance for lifelike visuals
  • Zero flickering screen issues


  • The display panel has poor viewing angles

4. Gigabyte AORUS FV43U:

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This VESA Display HDR1000 certified monitor has RGB LED backlighting function. The installation is easy because it is compatible with 200 x 2100 mm VESA wall-mount. The ergonomic design allows you to adjust pivot, rotation, height, and tilt.

GIGABYTE OSD Sidekick lets you customize the display options using a mouse and keyboard. So, you can quickly adapt the monitor settings. The dashboard shows your real-time hardware info like clock speed, temperatures, CPU voltages, etc. Any games wouldn’t block this dashboard.

The accessories in the package are a power cable, an HDMI cable, a DP cable, a quick-start guide, and a warranty card.


  • The 43-inch (3840 x 2160p) SuperSpeed VA display is NVIDIA G-SYNC compatible.
  • Key display features are 144 Hz refresh rate, 1 ms response time (MPRT), 8-bit color plus FRC, and High Bit Rate 3 support (HBR3).
  • The color gamuts supported are 98% AdobeRGB and 96% DCI-P3.
  • Aim Stabilizer Sync reduces motion blur for excellent visual clarity that helps you precisely aim the target.
  • Black Equalizer provides more details of the dark side while simultaneously not overexposing the bright side.
  • Low Blue Light TÜV Rheinland certification, EyeSafe certification, and Flicker-Free technology reduce eye strain.
  •  Premium ESS SABRE Audiophile Sound System provides an immersive listening experience.
  • The included ports are a Display Port 1.4, HDMI 2.1, USB-C, and USB 3.0.
  • The HDMI 2.1 ports offer 48 Gbps bandwidth, letting you max out gameplay settings on any next-gen console or PC.


  • Friendly interface with the analog navigation button for smooth navigation
  • Smooth and stutter-free gameplay
  • Excellent visual clarity


  • Narrow viewing angle range


Check on Amazon

SAMSUNG’s LC49RG90SSNXZA model received the CES 2019 best of innovation Award Winner monitor. AMD FreeSync 2 technology and 120 Hz refresh rate provide crisp HDR display output. Other well-known aspects of the display are low framerate compensation and reduced input latency.

DisplayHDR 1000 supports a maximum brightness of 1,000 nits. The QLED technology from Samsung offers DCI-P3 95% so that colors are bright and true-to-life. The included stand is adjustable in height, tilt, and rotation. The pack has a quick setup guide, power cable, DP cable, and HDMI cable.


  • This 49-inch (5120 x 1440p resolution) display comes with a super ultra-wide aspect ratio to showcase content in super-fine details.
  • The 120 Hz settings reduce motion blur and image lag. The 60 Hz settings allow you to optimize performance.
  • When ‘Game Mode’ is turned on, you can quickly adapt contrast and color settings irrespective of the game genre. You can switch to ‘Low Input Lag mode’ for experiencing even faster response times.
  • Eye Saver Mode decreases blue light emissions, and Flicker-Free technology holds back annoying screen flicker. So, eye strain is significantly reduced.
  • The Picture-by-Picture (PBP) is a split-screen function that boosts work productivity. It helps you to connect two devices without any loss in visual quality.


  • Effortlessly smooth gameplay
  • Speedy response and vibrant output


  • Poor quality control
  • Dimming Zones splits the screen into ten vertical slices while you move across your mouse. So, a whole tenth of the screen turns brighter than the rest

2. ASUS ROG Strix XG43UQ:

Check on Amazon

ROG Strix XG43UQ is the world’s foremost 43-inch gaming monitor with HDMI 2.1 support. It conveys 1 ms moving picture response time (MPRT) and 4K HDR visuals for super-fast gaming on a giant screen. HDMI 2.1 is accountable for presenting an outstanding gaming experience.

With the purchase, you get a Color pre-calibration report, a DisplayPort cable, a USB 3.0 cable, an HDMI ultra-high-speed cable, a power adapter, a power cord, a quick-start guide, a remote controller, a ROG sticker, and a warranty card.


  • This DSC 4K gaming monitor has a resolution that supports a maximum refresh rate of 144 Hz.
  • HDR technology with 90% DCI-P3 professional color gamut and DisplayHDR 1000 certification guarantees outstanding contrast and color performance. These features ensure the display shows lifelike colors with darkest black hues and brightest whites.
  • FreeSync Premium Pro technology and ELMB (1 ms MPRT) eliminate choppy frame rates and screen tearing.
  • GameFast Input Technology reduces input lag and offers quicker motion delivery from connected devices to the monitor.
  • This monitor could display detailed and smooth visuals with a 144 Hz refresh rate and 4K resolution through a single DisplayPort 1.4 connection with DSC technology.
  • Asus Dynamic Shadow Boost technology automatically illuminates dark areas of the image while not changing other areas. So, it becomes easier to detect enemies concealed in dark areas of the map and enhance the viewing experience.
  • ELMB Sync allows simultaneous enabling of adaptive-sync and low-motion-blur technology. So, it eliminates tearing and ghosting for super-sharp, high frame rate gaming.


  • Pixel response time is swift
  • Provides a super-smooth 4K 120 Hz gaming experience on the latest consoles through HDMI 2.1


  • Flickers are noticeable in videos and certain games


Check on Amazon

Samsung HDR 1000 display of this monitor conveys unparalleled depth whether you watch movies or play games or work on professional projects. Every scene shows incredible details. Ranging from deepest blacks to bright colors, this QLED display guarantees pixel-perfect picture quality in each frame.

Quantum Dot technology helps display to generate vivid colors that have 125% more color space than that of sRGB. If you want to let your monitor appear complementary with the rest of the gaming setup, you can access core color customization.


  • With the AMD FreeSync Premium Pro support and NVIDIA G-SYNC, the monitor matches with every frame of your graphics card. So, you can catch up with each moment.
  • The rapid 240 Hz refresh rate suggests that up to four times frames are displayed on the screen each second compared to a conventional screen.
  • The content is instantly displayed with a 1 ms response time (GTG).
  • The aspect ratio of the ultra-wide curved panel is 32:9. It keeps games animated even while you have to pause. This aspect ratio lets the display open multiple windows simultaneously and switch seamlessly between the tasks.


  • No flicker, no light bleed, no glowing corners
  • Color customization ability lets it appear more elegant


  • Dead pixel issue

1. Acer Predator X27 (Model: X34P)

Check on Amazon Check on Newegg

The Predator X27 4K Ultra HD display from Acer is an excellent option for your gaming experience. It is one of those rare screens that come with a 3840 x 2160 resolution packed inside a 27-inch display.

Some of the features that will make it an excellent option by every standard can be summarised as

  • Bask in the brightness that offers you 1000 nits of intensity on the screen.
  • The 384 individually controllable LED backlight provides you with the maximum possible realistic image.
  • You have access to a 144Hz refresh rate on a 4K panel
  • The NVIDIA® G-SYNC® HDR display ensures that you can enjoy smoother and lag-free gaming.
  • The 4ms response time is what should make it one of the excellent options

The Pros

  • A superb image quality
  • Best in class gaming performance
  • An outstanding HDR performance

The Cons

  • The monitor can be a little expensive
  • The 27-inch display size appears old-styled
  • The 4K resolution tends to be a bit demanding

The combination of 4K, HDR, and 144 HZ refresh rates are a few factors that would make it an ideal choice for every gamer. You can check it out on Amazon at this link.

2. ASUS ROG Swift PG27UQ

Check on Amazon Check on Newegg

Offering the perfect 4K UHD with Super-Fast 144Hz, the ASUS ROG Swift PG27UQ is an excellent option for most of your requirements – whether gaming or viewing lifelike videos. The monitor also provides you with a higher dynamic range with the G-SYNC High Dynamic Range (HDR) technology.

A few salient features worth mentioning can be summarised as

  • The local dimming feature lets you control the backlight across 384 zones. This ensures high contrast imagery on your screen.
  • The quantum-dot technology ensures that you have access to accurate color imagery at its best.
  • The display also supports cinema-standard DCI-P3 color gamut
  • You have access to Flicker-Free Technology for high-speed gaming performance.
  • The monitor can be one of the best options for ergonomic performance with extensive swivel, tilt, pivot, and height adjustment.

The Pros

  • Incredible details provided with the 4K imagery
  • Excellent gaming performance and experience
  • Outstanding image clarity and quality
  • Great HDR effects

The Cons

  • Expensive price tag
  • The monitor is only 27 inches in size

True HDR functionality should make it one of the best options you can go with, along with the high-end 144 Hz refresh rate. You can check it out at this link on Amazon.

3. HP OMEN X Emperium 65

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Coming from one of the most potent providers, the HP OMEN X Emperium 65 is an excellent option with the colossal 65-inch screen. It will look more like a TV than a gaming monitor. However, the monitor is not yet launched and will only be available in the latter part of the year, when it will be launched in March 2019.

Some of the best features that the monitor will offer you will include

  • This is one of the first monitors to offer the Nvidia BFGD standard. The format was announced at the CES 2018, and HP is the first partner manufacturer to develop the certification.
  • The monitor comes with entertainment features that will let you simultaneously use it as a TV and a gaming monitor.
  • The Nvidia G-Sync offers you a high degree of HDR functionality
  • Get access to the integrated HP Omen X Emperium soundbar and Nvidia Shield, which gives you things like Netflix, Amazon Video, and YouTube on tap.
  • The monitor provides peak brightness at 1000 nits while offering 750 nits most of the time.

We may not be able to comment on the monitor’s performance as yet as it is still to be launched. Once the monitor was launched in March 2019, we will update the post with the monitor’s review.

4. Philips Momentum 436M6VBPAB


Check on Amazon Check on Newegg

The Momentum display with HDR and immersive Ambiglow lighting is what would make it an exceptional choice by any standard. You will find the best entertainment performance with high-level immersive functionality.

Some of the best features that the monitor pack in for your viewing pleasure will include

  • The high dynamic range will provide you access to the best-in-class visual experience.
  • You have access to excellent brightness, incomparable contrast, and stunning color reproduction.
  • The UltraClear 4K UHD Resolution aids in CAD solutions using 3D graphics applications or financial wizardry.
  • Quantum Dot Technology ensures that you have access to brighter and more natural colors.
  • MultiView technology can help you work with multiple devices simultaneously.

The Pros

  • An excellent image performance
  • Big-screen gaming should make it an excellent choice for pro-gaming
  • The remote control is multifunctional and a great utility
  • The contrast ratio is what makes it a great choice

The Cons

  • The monitor comes with no TV tuner, and thus you may not be able to view TV channels.
  • It may not be a good option for PC use as it tends to be quite large
  • There is only one HDMI port available
  • The HDR may not be up to the mark.

It should be an excellent option for your requirements both concerning gaming or a TV replacement. If you are interested, you can check it out at this link on Amazon.

The Comparison Chart for the best DisplayHDR1000 monitors:

Here is a head-to-head comparison chart for the best DisplayHDR1000 monitors for your requirements. You will find the comparison helpful enough for choosing the right monitors depending on your preferences.

Features  / ParticularsAcer Predator X27


HP OMEN X Emperium 65

Philips Momentum 436M6VBPAB

Aspect ratio16:916:9NA16:9
Display size27 inch27 inch65 inch43 inch
Resolution3840 x 2160 pixels3840 x 2160 pixels3840 x 2160 pixels3840 x 2160 pixels
Display TypeLED-LitLED-LitLED LitQLED
Physical Dimensions24.76 x 14.75 x 22.34 in25 x 3.7 x 15 in36.8 x 57.01 x 13.4-inches38.4 x 10.4 x 26 in
Weight27.06 Pounds20.3 Pounds79.6 Pounds32.36 Pounds

To Summarize

Those were the four DisplayHDR1000 monitors that have been certified as of writing this post. We would look ahead to more such monitors being made available from the other manufacturers like Samsung and LG. Until that happens; you will need to stay content with the choice between these four for now.

Have you used any of these monitors? If yes, share your thoughts, experiences, and opinions with us through the comments section below.

DisplayHDR 1000 vs HDR10: What’s the difference?

You are surfing for the best TV that you can buy at an electronics shop. However, while ogling at the several options you have, you will indeed get confused with the numbers, specifications, and gimmicky feature sets. That can certainly get a little more confusing. HDR, HDR10, DisplayHDR1000, and HDR10+ – those are just a few jargon used. What exactly are they? Basically, what is the difference between DisplayHDR1000 and HDR10? We will attempt to understand it.

What is HDR?

Before we can understand the basics of HDR10 and other specifications, you need to understand the basic concept of what exactly HDR is. That will possibly help us take a deeper dip in the idea of the different options.

HDR is primarily an acronym for High Dynamic Range. If you want us to explain it in layman’s terms, a display can show the blackest of the blacks and the whitest of the whites. An LED display (non-SDR) is a clear example of this resolution and visual performance. The OLED screen can turn the individual pixels On/Off, setting the actual blacks perfectly black.

On the other hand, the screen’s brightness is measured concerning the measuring unit referred to as nits. Theoretically, the 4K HDR monitors should produce genuinely brighter images at around 4000 nits.

What is HDR10?

HDR10 is an Open Standard specification that an HDR screen should offer you. In other words, these displays can be considered to be the baseline requirements for the HDR display. The HDR10 refers to a 10-bit video stream, and most of the HDR screens you have should be able to support the display parameters.

It may not be as technically advanced as Dolby Vision, but it is an open standard, and thus any TV manufacturer should be able to use it for their needs. One of the most common criteria is what you would expect on most of the High Definition TVs you are buying.

DisplayHDR1000 – An Overview

The technology has several names associated with it. HDR10+, SUHD or Smart Ultra High Definition or HDR1000. The standard was brought ahead by Samsung and used high-end technology like Ultra Black.

One of the significant issues it tends to resolve is the glare issues you may have. It has the exact specification as the HDR10 technology, but Samsung has added the anti-glare technology into it to make it all the more advanced.

How do HDR10 and HDR1000 differ?

Well, as we stated, both the technologies are almost equivalent – the only difference being the use of anti-glare technology.

One of the main fundamental differences between the two lies in the metadata used by both of the standards. Metadata is the additional details sent along with the video signals in an HDR transmission. At the same time, the HDR10 provides you access to the static metadata, while the HDR1000 (or HDR10+) is what would offer you dynamic metadata (similar to DolbyVision).

This is precisely what would make HDR1000 more bright. It can deliver the metadata scene by scene or even frame by frame if needed by the content. The standard borrows a few technologies from Dolby Vision, but since Dolby Vision involves a licensing regime – the development of HDR1000 and HDR10+ is an open-source program that helps more manufacturers adopt it.

DisplayHDR – A Sneak Peak

Well, comparing HDR10 and DisplayHDR1000 may not be a practical possibility. HDR10 and HDR1000 (or HDR10+) are the technologies that power the newer HDR displays. The DisplayHDR1000 is, on the other hand, a standard or a set of specifications that help rate the displays or monitors by the technology they employ or the performance that they can achieve.

The PC industry did not have a standard for device certification for the best performance concerning display technology. VESA understood this, and it introduced a new standard for the HDR in 2017. The standard helps you differentiate between different monitors by multiple manufacturers. The standard applies to both external monitors and those on laptops.

DisplayHDR1000 is the highest standard specified by VESA. There are three current standards – DidplayHDR400, DisplayHDR600, and DisplayHDR1000. All these three levels of standards should have HDR10 functionality.

The digits 400, 600, and 1000 stand for the maximum brightness levels supported concerning nits. Ideally, a DisplayHDR1000 screen should be able to provide you access to a maximum brightness level of 1000 nits along with global dimming performance.

Under standard conditions, a DisplayHDR1000 monitor should let you achieve 1000 nits peak and random brightness levels with a minimum of 750 nits most of the time.

The minimum requirement for the DisplayHDR1000 certification will involve

  • Professional 10 bit video performance
  • The local dimming functionality
  • Brightness levels of 1000 nits

In essence, it can be said that all DispplayHDR1000 monitors have HDR10 technology, but not all HDR10 monitors necessarily have a DisplayHDR1000 specification. There are several HDR10, or HDR1000 (also called HDR10+) monitors available as of now, but as things stand now – only four monitors have been accredited with the DisplayHDR1000 certification of which one is still to be launched in March 2019.

To Summarize

That was perhaps a decent comparison between HDR10 and DisplayHDR1000. They two are entirely different concepts, and as such a correlation between them may not be an easy concept. However, we have attempted to let you understand the basic concepts that cover HDR10 as the technology standard and DisplayHDR1000 as a specification for compliance with the standard.

We assume we have been able to succeed in making you understand the basic concepts and choose the best monitor with the same display standards you have been looking ahead to. Agreed, there is not much choice for the best DisplayHDR1000 monitor, but we expect the technology to take off, and we will find more devices coming soon with the standard and specifications.

Televisions have become one of the prominent mediums of late. Even the monitors offer you multiple benefits and options apart from watching the broadcast channels. Gaming and other similar options will make the television monitors, or the gaming monitors one of the essential aspects you need to take care of. The various specifications can be yet another issue and make your choice a little more complicated. How would you differentiate between DisplayHDR 1000 and DisplayHDR 600 monitors? Let us attempt to understand the fundamental differences between the two display standards.

The Display HDR Levels – An Overview

The PC industry in particular and the monitor manufacturers, in general, did not have any standard device specification for the best options in terms of the monitor. VESA noticed this and developed the standard, commonly referred to as DisplayHDR. These specifications apply to both PC monitors and laptops.

Three different standards are specified for the monitors – DisplayHDR  400, DisplayHDR 600, and DisplayHDR 1000. The digits 400, 600, and 1000 would be the maximum brightness levels that the monitors can achieve and measure in terms of nits. Thus a DisplayHDR 400 monitor can reach a brightness level up to 400 nits, and a DisplayHDR 600 monitor can achieve 600 nits.

There are four distinct options specified, the DisplayHDR500 being one of them in addition to the three specifications outlined above.

What is HDR?

Before we can delve into the HDR display standards, it may be a good idea to check out the meaning and features of HDR.

HDR stands for High Dynamic Range. It can be defined as the capability of a monitor to display the blackest of the black and the whitest of the whites. Nits measure the brightness of a screen. By that standard, a 4K HDR monitor can provide you with brightness levels of 400 nits.

The DisplayHDR 600 – The specifications

These display monitors come with HDR compatibility with the local dimming functionality. These monitors will support professional/enthusiast-level laptops and high-performance monitors. The display monitors with the standard will have true local dimming and True high contrast HDR features.

600 nits in terms of brightness are the minimum luminance required for this standard. It also has a higher black level performance criterion.

Some other requirements specified by the standard involves the following:

  • Peak luminance levels of 600 cd per square meter. This should be double that of the conventional displays.
  • It also comes with the full-screen flash rendering and thus offers you realistic visual effects in gaming and movies.
  • The monitors will also meet the real-time contrast ratios with local dimming features. This will improve contrast performance. You will also be impressed with the deeper blacks.
  • An improved color gamut makes an enhanced color reproduction.
  • The monitors with DisplayHDR 600 will need 10-bit image processing requirements.

The DisplayHDR 1000 – A Sneak Peek

The DisplayHDR 1000 standard targets the professional/enthusiast/content-creator PC monitors. It helps you out with the local dimming effects and High Contrast HDR compatibility. The minimum peak brightness levels will hit 1000 nits. On most counts, it shares the features with the DisplayHDR 600 standards.

Other important aspects that DisplayHDR 1000 monitors need to comply to include

  • Peak luminance levels of 1000 cd per square meter. This is ideally three times higher than that of the conventional displays.
  • The full-screen flash rendering provided by the DisplayHDR 1000 standard will help you with the ultrarealistic effects of your games and videos.
  • It works with profoundly longer durations and provides a high-performance level. This will help you achieve the best results in terms of content creation.
  • The DisplayHDR 1000 standard achieves remarkably lower levels of Blacks. This is, incidentally, the least that most of the colorimeters can measure.
  • Local dimming is improved over the DisplayHDR 600 standards. It offers you a two-times increase in contrast compared to the DisplayHDR standard.
  • An enhanced color gamut performance.
  • The standard requires 10-bit image processing.

The Basic Specifications

Here are the specifications outlined by VESA for the standards DisplayHDR 600 and DisplayHDR 1000. Please note that these standards refer to peak performance. Actual performances may slightly differ.

FeaturesDisplayHDR 600DisplayHDR 1000
Brightness center path minimum requirements600 cd per square meter1000 cd per square meter
Full-screen minimum flash requirements600 cd per square meter1000 cd per square meter
The full-screen long duration requirement350 cd per square meter600 cd per square meter
Black level corner maximum limit0.1 cd per square meter0.5 cd per square meter
Black level tunnel maximum limit0.1 cd per square meter0.1 cd per square meter
Minimum color gamut99% BT.709 (90% DCI-P399% BT.709 (90% DCI-P3
Image processing10 bits10 bits

The Concluding Thoughts

The HDR technology is a great leap if you look for image quality and a better viewing experience. There are several standards specified in terms of HDR specifications. This has been creating issues in understanding the exact nature and standards followed by the monitor or display monitors.

VESA has understood this ambiguity, and that is precisely why it has launched the specification standards for the monitors for HDR compatibility. The standards were launched in the year 2017 and thus form the basis for the best in terms of HDR compatibility.

VESA plans to extend the compatibility of the DisplayHDR standards to the OLED panels and other similar displays. We will observe the additional layers of the standards and the enhanced performance in the days ahead quite soon.

We assume we have been able to drive home the slight differences between the standards DisplayHDR 600 and DisplayHDR 1000 through the above discussion.

If you want to add up a few more information titbits, you are welcome to share your opinions and thoughts through the comments here. We will update the post quite soon.

Affiliate Disclosure: is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program. As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases.

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