How to Connect Pair and Reset MI Band 2 In Android

How to Connect Pair and Reset MI Band 2 In Android

The Xiaomi Mi Band 2 is a surprisingly easy device to use and operate. I have already spoken about How to Setup Install and Configure Xiaomi Mi Band 2 Step by Step in a previous post. Our experience with the unit that we received was flawless. The device setup took us less than 2 minutes to configure after unboxing it. However, a good number of users complained online about connectivity issues and device not being responsive. That too only after a month or two of usage. In this post, I will explain how to connect and reset Mi Band 2 using Android.

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Steps to Reset Mi Band 2 with Android

If your Mi band 2 does not pair after unboxing, try with a different Android device. Ensure that you are using the official Mi Fit app downloaded from the Google Play store. Avoid using companion Apps unless the official app is not available. Take, for example, Windows Phones, which does not have an Official app. In these scenarios, it is better to return the product instead of troubleshooting out of the box issues. In case your device stopped working abruptly, the following steps might help.

Option 1:

  • Force stop the “‘Bluetooth Share process” by going into Settings>Apps>Under Running Apps
  • Clear any Data that is cached in the process
  • Go to your BlueTooth settings and select the Mi band and tap “Forget Device
  • Re-open Mi Fit App and pair the device from the beginning.

Option 2:

  • Unpair the Mi Band 2 from within the Mi Fit App
  • Remove the device from your Phone’s Bluetooth settings by selecting “Forget Device
  • Remove any cache files or data stores in the Mi Fit App from Settings>Apps
  • Uninstall and Reinstall the App from the Google Play store.

Do note that before trying the steps mentioned above, ensure that your device is not paired elsewhere with a different Mi account. See the following screenshot:

How to Connect Pair and Reset MI Band 2 In Android

This could mean that the device is paired elsewhere and you need to unpair it first from that device first. Also, do follow basic steps like ensuring BlueTooth is turned on. Do try to pair the band with another device using the same Mi account. If you want to start fresh, follow the steps below to connect and pair the device.

How to Connect and Pair MI Band 2 In Android

Like we mentioned before, the initial setup of the band 2 is easy and users should be able to have it up and running within minutes. If this is not the case, follow the steps below to complete the initial setup.

  • Turn on the BlueTooth On your Phone or Tablet
  • Install the Xiaomi Fit App from the Google Store
  • Open the Fit App and Sign in with your Mi-Account
  • Select “Add Device” from the App and select Mi Band from the available options
  • As soon as the Bluetooth device vibrates, tap the button on the Mi band 2

Also, do ensure that the device is charged after unboxing. In our case, the device only had 20% battery left. This did not stop us from pairing the device. However, it is recommended to charge the device before the initial setup.

Hope this helps. If you have any questions, do drop us a comment in the comments section. Cheers!

  • Azhar Momin

    I am trying to connect MI band2 with my phone but “Band is paired with another person. ask them to unpair and try again” appers

  • Nodi Husic

    How stupid must they be to make a DEVICE like this working!
    There is not a factory reset option or anything else…
    I use IPHONE… How the fuck am i supposed to reset the mi band!
    Faking xiaomi…. stupid SHIT!
    I paid for this shit! And now i cant use it!

    • zeitgeb3r

      Yes, stupid Xiaomi and their crap iPhone support, so I gave away iPhone to a family member, grabbed an Google Pixel XL phone, and the band worked flawlessly.

  • David Onggowinarso

    Hii. Need help. I have an OPPO F1S and already connected the band with my phone.
    But my watch doesn’t receive any notifications (band alert). It tells me to check mi fit’s permissions.

    Can anyone help me?

    • Indrajit

      If you are using Android Marshmallow or Nougat, then you would need to give all permissions required by the Mi Fit App. Go to the App settings of your phone and allow all permissions.

  • Mirislam Nazarov

    I connected Mi Band 2 to Mi Fit app, but after a while it disconnected. Then I unpaired it in order to connect it again, but was unsuccessful. Now I can’t connect it, Mi Fit app doesn’t find the Band.
    But in Bluetooth settings it is shown in Paired devices. I can’t find “forget device” there to delete it. My smartphone is Mi Mix.

    • Indrajit

      Try logging out of the MI Fit app with your MI Cloud account and try logging back again.

      • Mirislam Nazarov

        I did it several times, but nothing changed.
        I can’t delete MI Band as paired device in Bluetooth settings.

        • Indrajit

          Try booting the phone in safe mode and then try removing. Press the volume down button to enter safe mode while rebooting. Do this step at your own risk. Ensure that you log out of mi fit app first.

    • mr sazu

      step 1 : restart your phone
      2. open Bluetooth setting and forget mi 2 band device
      3. remove the mi fit app
      4. again reboot your phone.
      5. turn on Bluetooth and pair with mi 2 device
      6. re-install mi fit app.
      7. sign in
      8. it will show u updating firmware..
      9. wait for finish
      10. enjoy……

      • Mirislam Nazarov

        The problem starts in step 2. In Bluetooth settings it directs me to MiFit app to forget device. No another option.

        • mr sazu

          I am not clear about ur question. But as you mentioned …it directs you to mi fit app to forgot device, than click on forgot to make the device unpaired. As far as i know if you pair and unpaired the device over and over, also install mi fit app and remove from device and than again re-install it over and over. There are some types of cookies stuck to paired the device properly. Check in setting option to clear app cookies from your device and follow the instruction as mentioned earlier. Hope it will work.

      • Anwar Solong

        after step 7: sign in, i have to conect my mi band. but still cant connect.

        • mr sazu

          Sometimes if your previous various Bluetooth devices are still added to your Bluetooth device list but not in uses. In that case, even after sign in properly MI2 can’t connect. So, Remove all the unused devices from the list including MI2. Than Turn off and on your BT. Hope it will work. If it still show not connected, please provide snapshot if possible.

  • Mae Karen Arguillon

    When my mi account updated I couldn’t pair it again. O tried uninstalling and reinstalling the app its the same. I couldn’t find it in Bluetooth as well :'(

    • Indrajit

      Uninstalling the app will not help. You need to log out and remove the device from the app first.

  • Emin

    İ just brought used mi band 2 and can’t connect to sony xperia x compact. Any ideas?
    Thanks a lot

    • Indrajit

      There are no reset buttons on the device. Are you using the default Mi Fit app?

  • Aparnah Sree

    I have connected my MI band with my phone already and if i am trying to connect with another phone, the band is not getting paired.

    • Indrajit

      The Band can only be paired with one phone at a time. If you are changing phones, log out from the old phone first.

      • Aparnah Sree

        The issue i am facing now is, the watch is in a different place and i uninstalled the app from my phone. so, if i am trying to connect the watch with another phone it does not allow, is there any other way to connect it? because i am not able to login to MI app now so that i can log out first

        • Indrajit

          Install the Mi Fit App again, login with your Mi Account, Remove the device first. Then you can use it with a different device.

          • Aparnah Sree

            Thanks.. Will try doing it again 🙂