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How to Connect Setup and Pair Mi Band 2 for iOS iPAd and iPhones

How to Connect Setup and Pair Mi Band 2 for iOS iPAd and iPhones

The recently released Mi Band 2 from Xiaomi is one of the best health bands available in the low-end price bracket. The device costs $30 in the Indian market and its feature rich. In our previous posts, we already mentioned about how to reset your Xiaomi Mi band 2. We also gave a detailed explanation on how to setup and configured your Mi Band 2 for Android devices. Since the Mi Band 2 supports iOS devices as well, we will discuss how to Pair Mi band 2 for iOS devices here.

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How to Pair Mi band 2 for iOS devices

To get started, you would need to go to the App Store to download the Mi Fit App. The native app is developed by “Anhui Huami Information technology co. Ltd“. If you are using an iPad, you would need to switch to the iPhone store since the iPad compatible app is currently not available. See the screenshot of the native App for iOS users:



If you were using the Mi band 2 on another device, please ensure to unpair from the device first. If you try to unpair the device when the Mi Band 2 is not in range, it can result in a split-brain scenario. It will lead to the device being removed from the software App only. Whereas the Mi band 2 will still think that it is paired with the device. This is when you would need to do a hard reset. Ensure to remove the device only when it is in standard BlueTooth range.

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Once you are all set to Pair Mi band 2 for iOS 10, follow the steps below:

  • Open the Mi Fit App and Sign in with your Mi-Account. You might have to try more than once.
  • Ensure that the BlueTooth on your iOS device is turned on
  • Tap on “No Paired Devices” to add a device
  • Tap on Mi band under “Select devices to pair” menu option
  • Wait for a few seconds while the app searches for the band
  • As soon as the device is discovered, tap on the Mi Band 2 button
  • On the Mi Fit 2 App pop-up menu, tap on “Pair” under “Bluetooth Pairing Request

Find the screenshots below for your reference:

It should be relatively easy enough for most users who are looking to use the Mi band 2 with iOS devices.


If you encounter difficulties in following the steps mentioned above, do drop us a comment below. Stay fit folks! Happy Fitness training!

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