How to Fix and Resolve WiFi Connectivity Issues in Xiaomi Mi Max

How to Fix and Resolve WiFi Connectivity Issues in Xiaomi Mi Max

Xiaomi Mi Max is currently the biggest phone across its portfolio. The phone sports a 6.44″ FHD screen and a Qualcomm Snapdragon 650 Hexacore processor. The inbuilt e-MMC storage is provided by Samsung. Overall, it’s a phone with great specs and built-quality. With dimensions of 173.1 x 88.3 x 7.5mm this is a huge phone in comparison to other phablets. The phones that are sold in India are also made in India’s Sri City in Andhra Pradesh. This makes it marginally cheaper than what we have seen in other markets like Singapore and Phillippines. The unit that we are using came with 3 GB of RAM and 32 GB of eMMC storage. The cost of the unit was about $117 which makes it an attractive buy for Indian consumers. While all good things being said about the device, one minor bug is creating a lot of negative sentiments around this awesome device. Users have reported repeated WiFi disconnections and in some cases, no WiFi connections at all. So in this post, we have decided to talk about resolving the WiFi Connectivity Issues in Xiaomi Mi Max.

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Step 1 to resolve WiFi Connectivity Issues in Xiaomi Mi Max

The device comes with MIUI 7 preinstalled. The MIUI is Xiaomi’s Android customizations on top of Android Marshmellow 6.0. Just like other Android vendors, Xiaomi periodically releases updates and fixes to its Android customizations from time to time. Your first step is to upgrade from MIUI 7 to MIUI 8. Irrespective of whether you have WiFi issues or not, upgrading to the latest version of Xiaomi’s MIUI resolves a lot of issues. See below:

As you can see from the above screenshots, the MIUI 8 does contain the WiFi fixes, in addition to other bug fixes and added feature customizations. The package size is about 298 megabytes. If you are facing WiFi issues you can manually download the ROM update and use a Windows PC to flash your device.

Steps to Manually Update your device Connectivity Issues in Xiaomi Mi Max

  • Download the MiFlashSetup.MSI from the website here.
  • Download the ROM for your device from here.
  • Use the MiFlashSetup tool to update the device using your PC
  • Alternatively, you can download the ROM and copy it to your internal storage drive root directory
  • Open the updater app from the tools folder
  • Tap on the updater App “Three Dots” to select the update file and flash your device.

Do keep in mind that you do not need to update if you do not face any WiFi connection issues. Updating directly to the MIUI 8 ROM should fix all the issues. Do remember that once you start the device for the first time, the default ROM is MIUI 7. There would be 2 updates after this. The first one takes your device to MIUI 7.5 and the second update takes you to MIUI 8. We recommend that you download both the updates as soon as possible.

In our case, WiFi Connectivity Issues in Xiaomi Mi Max was not detected at all. Thankfully so.

Do let us know for any feedback that you may have about this article. You may also drop us a comment if you are still facing issues with the device.

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