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Best Photo ID Card Printer System For Office and Small Business

Best Photo ID Card Printer System

Are you searching for the best photo ID card printer? If yes, then you have landed at the right place. Photo ID cards are a way to make your business or organization more secure. Plastic ID card printers are used to print photo ID cards. But there are plenty of options with different printing technology, speed, and interface.

Moreover, every photo ID card printer has its limits. So it becomes a tedious job to choose the best one among so many printers. We have picked up some of the best photo ID card printers to ease your work. But before going on to the list, you must list down your requirements that will help in the quick selection of better products.

What are the things that you must look for in a photo ID card printer?

The first and most important thing while looking for the best printer is its printing volume. How much could it print in one day?

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The second thing is single-sided or dual-sided printing. Single-sided printers are less expensive, but you must choose based on your card design.

Then comes the print method. Photo ID card printers use a thermal transfer process. They use a printhead that heats up and melts a ribbon onto a card to create an image. There are two methods to do this work.

One is Direct-to-Card (DTC). It is the most common ID card printing technology. It enables photo-quality printing, and you can print excellent quality photos and logos by setting the heat controller. The card is pressed four times to create the perfect color and tones.

Retransfer (Reverse Transfer) printing produces is slightly expensive and offers somewhat higher quality photos. Here, the image is firstly printed in reverse directly onto a transparent layer of film. Then the printhead heats up and affixes the film onto the card’s surface by heat and pressure. So you get the brighter images.

Some photo ID card printers offer built-in or add-on laminators to protect the card. Besides Photo ID as a way of authenticating, there are other ways of encoding like barcodes, magnetic stripes, smart tags, and UHF RFID. These are the essential points that will help figure out the best photo ID card printer for your organization.

Best “Photo ID Card Printer System”

Now that we have some basic understanding of Photo ID printers let’s list our recommended list. Here we go!

2021 Update: Best Photo ID Card Printers

Sr. No.ImageProduct NameManufacturerBuy Now
1Badgy100 ID Card Printer‎ BodnoCheck on Amazon
2AlphaCard Pilot ID PrinterAlphaCardCheck on Amazon
3Magicard Pronto ID Card Printer SystemMagicardCheck on Amazon
4Zebra ZXP Series 3BodnoCheck on Amazon
5Magicard Enduro 3e (Single-Sided)BodnoCheck on Amazon
6Magicard 600MagicardCheck on Amazon
7Magicard UltimaAlphaCard
8Evolis Zenius‎BodnoCheck on Amazon
9Evolis Primacy ID Card Printer (Single-Sided)‎ ‎EvolisCheck on Amazon
10Entrust CR805AlphaCard
11Zebra ZC100 LTZebraCheck on Amazon
12ID Zone Badge Express IDZ-31SID ZoneCheck on Amazon
13Fargo DTC4250eFargoCheck on Amazon
14IDP Smart 31BodnoCheck on Amazon
15IDP SMART-21 Series ID Card Printer KitIDP IDPCheck on Amazon
16Fargo HDP6600FargoCheck on Amazon
17Fargo DTC1500FargoCheck on Amazon

17. Fargo DTC1500:

Check on Amazon

Printing from DTC-1500 is simplified with the Card Imaging design software. This tool lets you personalize and print gift cards and ID cards with text/images/photos/barcodes. The printer ships with free tech supporting helping you with hassle-free setup. It also provides advice from experts on how to design or print cards. The pack contains 200 PVC cards and 500 prints color ribbons.


  • It offers reasonably priced high-capacity consumables along with an all-inclusive feature set. So, organizations can issue IDs and highly secure cards at a reduced cost without compromising quality.
  • Various security features are implemented to make the printer useful for colleges and universities, K-12 schools, government ID projects, all-to-medium businesses, and healthcare facilities.
  • The bright LCD screen clearly shows instructions and messages.
  • The watermark security feature can be customized as per your organization.

16. Fargo HDP6600:

Check on Amazon

If you are looking for an easy-to-use dual-sided ID card printer, then go for HDP6600. It is one of the most secure ID card printers. Its compact size saves the space around. You can get decent-quality photo prints every time.

All the accessories and software are included to prepare ID cards, membership cards, and in-house photos. The accessories included are transfer film, 100 PVC cards, YMCK full-color ribbons, card design software, and Windows drivers. Everything you may need to print photo ID cards are available. The Card Imaging Software 94640 is included. Overall, the printing speed is quite fast.


  • The print resolution is 600 x 600 DPI. At this resolution, the printer conveys the superior image quality coated on chip cards.
  • The printing speed is 200 cards per hour.
  • Print media it supports are glossy, photo, and paper.
  • The transfer film is attached to the surfaces of smart cards or proximity cards.
  • iON temperature control guarantees a quick warm-up. It saves time and lets the printer attain its optimal operating temperature within a minute.

15. IDP SMART-21 Series ID Card Printer Kit:

Check on Amazon

When it comes to professional badge printing in small organizations, this simplex printer kit is proper. Purchasing this kit gives you an ID card printer package to print professional ID cards and badges. It is easy to install, use, and maintain.

The pack comes complete with a 100-print YMCKO color ribbon, 100 PVC plastic cards, a USB cable, a power cord, manuals, guides, Smart IDesigner Software, and printer drivers.


  • It is implemented with the FINE Image Technology.
  • Print resolution ranges from 300 to 1200 dpi for edge-to-edge printing.
  • The photos and ID cards represent up to 16.7 Million colors.
  • Print speed is 156 full-color (single-sided) cards/hour.
  • The hardware interface is USB.

14. IDP Smart 31:

Check on Amazon

Not all photo ID card printers come with data security features. The IDP Smart is equipped with enhanced data security features that justify your investment. Its compact design occupies a small footprint. It easily fits any desktop configuration, small or large. Generally, this printer is broadly helpful for government ID, loyalty programs, membership, and more. You can get print in black or full color.

The best thing is you get high-quality photo ID card prints at reasonable prices. The kit includes Bodno Bronze Edition ID Card Software, 75+ templates in the Bodno software, IDP 659366- 250 print ribbon, 300 PVC cards, photo ID camera, MAC OS drivers, Windows XP/7/8/10 drivers. Use these accessories and software to print ID cards, membership, and in-house photos. Lightweight design offers portability.


  • Printing technologies are thermal and dye sublimation.
  • The printing speed is 23 seconds/hour.
  • Print media it supports are glossy, photo, and paper.
  • Connectivity technology is USB.
  • With the user-friendly, intuitive interface, you can easily access various features.
  • On the front, a LED button is available to streamline the operation.
  • With the drop-in ribbon cartridges from IDP, the substitution of printer ribbon completes in seconds.
  • There is a facility to use your images, graphics, designs, or photos for customization.

13. Fargo DTC4250e:

Check on Amazon

Designed in a compact size, this Fargo printer delivers quality photo ID card prints on the go. It is purposely made for mid-range volume ID cards as well as badge printing. Depending on your needs, you can obtain superior quality full-color prints. Moreover, it can simultaneously print on both sides of the card. Generally, it works perfectly for a broad range of ID applications.

The Card Imaging design software (XXS edition) is easy to set up and highly intuitive. It presents notable design features for immediate use out of the box. The printer package contains all the supplies you might need to begin printing cards. You get 100 PVC cards and a color ribbon (250 points) in the box. Furthermore, the LCD screen comes with an intelligent control panel. It offers hassle-free access to accessible and complex print commands.


  • Printing technologies implemented are thermal and dye sublimation.
  • Print speed is 20 seconds (single-sided) and 45 seconds (dual-sided).
  • Supported print media is card stock.
  • Connectivity technologies it supports are Ethernet and USB.
  • The included software/drivers make the printer compatible with Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10.
  • Any credit card-sized PVC card can be inserted for printing.
  • The capacity of the input hopper is 100 cards.
  • The included software allows you to insert your logo or background.
  • You can add unlimited text fields at the front and back.
  • 20 various bar codes are available to choose from.
  • For unique customization, you can use photos from a live camera or a file.
  • It comes with 50 pre-designed templates to select from or begin from scratch.

12. ID Zone Badge Express IDZ-31S:

Check on Amazon

IDZ-31S is the preferred choice for those users who require entry-level, affordably priced ID card printing. This badge machine is unique from its competitors in distinctive color, edge-to-edge printing, and superior quality ID cards. Compared to the printers like the Evolis Badgy, the Badge Express provides prominently faster speed, bigger capacity, and the capability to print a vast range of cards. You can print your own photo ID security cards and membership cards.

There is the inclusion of Cloudbadging software with a free subscription for 30 days. This software is a cloud-based workspace for teams or individuals to prepare, manage, and print ID badges. The print drivers are included, and they can be easily accessed from the manufacturer’s site. The essentials included are 100 PVC cards, 100-print YMCKO color ribbon, printer driver CD, guides, manuals, power cord, and USB cable.


  • Implemented printing technology is dye sublimation.
  • Printing speed is 156 color (single-sided) cards/hour and 720 monochrome (single-sided) cards/hour.
  • Print resolution is 300 dpi.
  • Supported print media are glossy, photo, and paper.
  • Connectivity technology is USB.
  • Input and output hopper capacities are 80 cards and 20 cards, respectively.
  • The included PVC cards work flawlessly with the color ribbon, printer, and software.

11. Zebra ZC100 LT:

Check on Amazon

For small businesses, the ZC100 LT is a perfect choice for photo ID card printing. All necessary accessories you may need for printing your photo ID security cards and membership cards are included. Owing to the small size, it saves space on your desk. The professional look enhances the decor of your workspace.

In the pack, you get blank PVC cards and a full-color ribbon (200 points). Also, you get CloudBadging software with a free 30-day subscription.


  • Implemented printing technology is dye sublimation.
  • Connectivity technology is USB.
  • It can print loyalty cards, membership cards, ID badges, and more.
  • The advanced security feature allows printer-to-host authentication to avoid unauthorized printing.
  • The government-grade encryption protects sensitive data during printing.
  • The CloudBadging software provides a safe, cloud-based workspace. Any individual or team can use it to prepare, manage and print ID badges.
  • Print DNA provides a collection of reliable solutions that simplify the integration of card printing into your design cards and app.

10. Entrust CR805:

If you search for one of the most secure ID card printers, then the Entrust Datacard CR805 is for you. It is a retransfer ID card printer that provides customers with a comprehensive, on-demand card printing solution. Outputs represent quality card material and stunning colors. You also benefit from flexibility and ease of use. Multiple security features are implemented. The durability is adequate to let the customers enjoy card printing services for years.

With customization, you can virtually create any kind of card for customers, employees, and citizens. Being an integrated, scalable solution, the CR805 is perfectly suitable for various card programs.

The included pigment ink offers lasting images because of its resistance to the effects of plasticizers and UV fading. The card’s durability is enhanced by adding an extra layer of retransfer film over the card. You can use card substrates that work for you.

It is possible to print over the card material that fulfills your budget and needs through retransfer printing. This printer can easily handle all of them from PVC to PVC composite, PET, or PC card types. Now you can precisely print the design you require without depending on pre-printed card stock.


  • Within 36 seconds, it can print full-color, single-sided cards.
  • The capacities of input and output hoppers are, respectively, 125 cards and 25 cards.
  • Print resolution is 600 dpi for high-resolution barcodes, small text, and other elements.
  • Upgrade options are dual-sided printing, printer lock, magnetic stripe encoding, lamination, and tactile impression.
  • Optional lock secures against illegal printer use.
  • TPM module is included.
  • Secure boot prevents system startup at any clues of malware
  • The connection type is USB.
  • OS compatibility includes Windows 7/8/10, Windows Server 2008/2012.

9. Evolis Primacy ID Card Printer (Single-Sided):

Check on Amazon

The aforementioned single-sided photo ID card printer is compactly designed for ease of use anywhere. It is specially designed for mid-range volume ID cards as well as badge printing. The printer can provide superior quality full-color printing and can simultaneously print on both sides. Not just photo IDs, it can print gift cards, loyalty cards, membership cards, and door access cards.

The included Tech support setup is easy. This support assists with printing cards and provides advice from experts. The packed accessories are namely 100 PVC cards, color ribbon, and Card Imaging design software.


  • Implemented printing technology is badge ID card printing.
  • Print speed (single-sided) is 20 seconds on any credit card-sized PVC card.
  • The capacity of the input hopper is 100 cards.
  • Print media support is card stock.
  • Connectivity technologies are Ethernet and USB.
  • Card Imaging design software is easy to set up and intuitive. It comes with prominent design features for immediate usage out of the box.
  • The mentioned software allows customization. You can print gift cards and ID cards whenever you want.
  • With the included software, you can add your background or logo.
  • It is allowed to add unlimited text fields at the front and back.
  • 20 unique bar codes are available to select from.
  • Photos can be selected from a live camera or a file.
  • 50 pre-designed templates are available to select from.

8. Evolis Zenius:

Check on Amazon

Evolis Zenius is a single-sided ID card printer suitable for those who don’t require the production of huge volumes of cards. It works fine for small businesses. It is straightforward to customize cards and printing output. No mechanical issues were found. Instantly, you can get your professional-grade photo ID cards or membership cards.

Everything you need to accomplish card printing is included. The Bodno Bronze Edition ID Software comes with a user-friendly interface. It also gives you freedom of customization. The box also contains 200 count ribbons and 200 white PVC cards.


  • The user-friendly features give you professional prints in minutes.
  • Print speed is up to 120 full-color cards/hour. It is perfect for most small businesses that might need to print batches of cards for loyalty programs and memberships.
  • The Bodno Bronze Edition ID software is easy to learn without experience. It comes with fundamental features for setup, printing, card design, and data/text input.

7. Magicard Ultima:

Magicard Ultima is again one of the most secure ID card printers on this list. It is one of the latest edition ID card printers regarded as the foremost reverse transfer printer. You can use it for both single-sided and double-sided printing. It is implemented with Magicard’s exceptional HoloKoteTT technology in combination with UV printing. This technology works as one of the security features.

As per demand, you can use it to prepare an appealing, professional cards and badges. For ease of use, the printer is equipped with a color touch screen. You can see what design is being printed from the touchscreen, the printing progress, the number of prints left on your ribbon, and more. Also, you can access the printer menu, run diagnostics and observe errors, and more.


  • The printing speed for full-color cards is 36 seconds.
  • The capacities of input and output hopper are respectively 200 and 200.
  • Upgrade options include dual-sided printing, smart card encoding (contact chip, DESFire, MIFARE, HID iCLASS), and magnetic stripe encoding.
  • The AlphaCard ID card software helps you conveniently design, print, and handle ID cards and badges for professional applications and from a PC.
  • The AlphaCard ID Builder software (Mac-based) and AlphaCard ID Suite (PC-based) make it easy to design everything ranging from basic photo IDs to multifunctional badges.
  • ID SUITE comes with a customizable record layout, cutting-edge card design, and database tools. It simplifies managing your ID card program.
  • The aforementioned software comes in Light, Standard, Professional, and Elite editions.

6. Magicard 600:

Check on Amazon

Magicard 600 is a dual-sided ID card printer with all necessary accessories included. You can customize and print badge/ID cards/gift cards with text, images, photos, or barcodes with this device. The same is made possible with the Card Imaging XXS design software. You will feel how easy it is to customize and print your cards. The pack contains 100 PVC cards and a color ribbon.

You obtain free tech support from experts. So, you can efficiently complete the setup, ask design questions, or clear doubts about the printing process. The bright LCD shows you instructions and messages that are easy to understand.


  • It comes with a 200-card feeder for batch printing, and it functions quickly. So, it produces full-color cards within 19 seconds.
  • The stunning visual security feature, i.e., Magicard HoloKote, is included.
  • The feature above is the HoloKote is Magicard’s patented secure watermark mechanism capable of adding a secure watermark to every card printed. No extra cost is involved.
  • 10 standard HoloKote patterns are included. Choose them from the printer driver.
  • Using the pre-defined card template, it is easy to begin designing your IDs immediately. Alternatively, you can create a unique design by following some simple steps.

5. Magicard Enduro 3e (Single-Sided):

Check on Amazon

Enduro3e is an excellent gift for any business or school having 300 or more members. It can print in black or full color. Generally, it is suitable for a broad range of applications, including student IDs, employee IDs, gift cards, membership cards, merchant credit cards, motel key cards, promotion cards, and proximity cards.

Essentials included are MA300 YMCKO (300 prints), 300 white PVC cards, Bodno ID Card Software, templates in the Bodno software, a photo ID camera, and drivers for Mac and Windows. With the user-friendly features, you get professional print results in minutes. The printer comes with plug & play setup and easy operation instructions for immediate use out of the box.


  • Print media it supports are glossy, photo and paper.
  • Print speed is 35 seconds for color photo IDs and 7 seconds for black and white photo IDs.
  • Connectivity technology is USB.
  • The included photo ID camera can take clear pictures of the IDs.
  • On Bodno Bronze software, pre-made templates are available. You can custom and drag & drop text boxes, images, and other design elements for cards that look professional.
  • Various inputs/outputs and settings are shown on the LCD screen.
  • The watermark security feature offers 4 unique Holo-Kote watermark patterns to opt from. This feature safeguards against illegal card copying.
  • The capacity of the input hopper is 100 cards.
  • All Windows version drivers and MAC certified drivers (plug & play) are included.

4. Zebra ZXP Series 3:

Check on Amazon

Create ID badges for school and city employees with this Zebra printer. All the accessories, including Bodno Bronze Edition ID Software, are included. Hence, it becomes easy to prepare membership, in-house photos, or ID cards. Now you can print your own cards with the included accessories.


  • Printing technology is PVC card printing.
  • Print media it supports are glossy, photo, and paper.
  • The included software is easy to learn even if you don’t have prior experience.
  • This software lets you import from Excel or CSV so that it can automatically design cards for you.

3. Magicard Pronto ID Card Printer System:

Check on Amazon

The compact size and versatility make this Magicard Pronto printer system a superb choice for various applications. It can flawlessly print single-sided on the card. If you want dual-sided prints, then you need to feed it back on the reverse side. Moreover, the printer uses a hand-fed process intended for low volume use.

Essentials available in the pack are 100 premium Alphacard cards, 100 print YMCKO ribbons, and AlphaCard ID Suite Basic software. You can upgrade to the AlphaCard ID Suite Light software for a broad range of functionality and card design options. The upgraded software presents you with a database capable of holding a maximum of 200 records. Equipped with intuitive features, this printer is easy to set up and use right out of the box.


  • Implemented printing technology is thermal.
  • Print speed is 35 seconds for color and 7 seconds for monochrome.
  • Print media it supports are glossy, photo, paper, and labels.
  • Connectivity technology is USB.
  • The Holokote watermark system employs a secure watermark all over the surface of every printed card. No extra costs are involved.
  • HoloKote avoids unauthentic duplication by enhancing the visual security of your card.
  • Other features are a color LED screen and a Microsoft-certified plug & play driver.

2. AlphaCard Pilot ID Printer:

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Now you can easily print professional-grade full-colored cards with this AlphaCard printer. All you need to do is insert every card in the front of this printer. In a few seconds, the printer card is delivered to the same slot. To obtain dual-sided card designs, simply flip each card across and feed it on the reverse side.

Since the printer uses a hand-fed process, it facilitates low volume usage. From the pack, you get 100 blank cards with magnetic stripe, 100 premium magnetic printable cards, YMCK full-color ribbon, and EasyBadge ID Card Software & App. Connect your phone to this intuitive EasyBadge software. Consequently, you can add or edit records and captured photos. Also, you can send the images in seconds. The setup wizard in this software leads to easy setup of your card design and database in minutes.


  • Printing speed is 35 seconds for color print IDs.
  • Connectivity technology is USB.
  • The capacities of input and output hoppers are, respectively, 100 cards and 30 cards.
  • The built-in AlphaGuard technology enables you to add a hologram-type watermark on your printed card; no need for extra supplies.
  • The watermark stays visible when the light is reflected from the card. It does not obstruct your printed card design.
  • The watermarking system offers extra visual security. So, cards cannot be duplicated or tampered with.
  • The printer can print both monochrome and color photo ID cards.

1. Badgy100 ID Card Printer:

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Badgy 100 is perfect for your single printing needs and suitable for those on a budget. The fast printing speed implies that you can design a customized card in a minute. Being affordably priced, easy to use, and of excellent quality justifies your investment. Both for beginners and advanced users, it is a great choice.

Its pack contains 50 blank white PVC cards, a color ribbon (50 prints), Evolis Badge Studio software, and a library of customizable badge designs available for free downloads. All necessary accessories are included. So, you can print professional-grade photo ID cards and membership cards. Furthermore, the printer is compatible with Mac and PC.

Every time, you get vividly colored cards printed in no time. A USB cord and software are included to make the printer compatible with Mac and Windows PC.


  • Printing speed is 45 seconds/card that leads to 80 cards/hour.
  • Print media accepted are glossy, photo, and paper.
  • The capacity of the feeder is 25 cards, and that of the output hopper is 25 cards.
  • You get a color badge printed in 38 seconds.
  • Bodno Bronze Software presents pre-made templates, drag & drop text boxes/images,/other design elements to make sure the cards appear professional.
  • This software lets you design customized name tags and cards.
  • After selecting a template, you can let the printer print with 1.4 mm of the edge for full-card coverage.


EvolisBadgy200 Color Plastic ID Card Printer

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AlphaCardPilot ID Card Printer

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ZebraZXP3 Dual-Sided ID card Printer

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MagicardPronto ID Card Printer

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FargoDTC1250e ID Card Printer

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MagicardEnduro 3e

Buy From Amazon

FargoHDP5000 Dual Side Base Model Printer

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ZebraZXP Series 7 Photo ID Card Printer

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FargoDTC4500e dual-sided ID card printer

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MagicardRio Pro

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EvolisPrimacy Dual-Sided ID Card Printer

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1. Evolis Badgy200 Color Plastic ID Card Printer

Buy From Amazon Buy From Newegg

Badgy 200 is the most affordable plastic Photo ID card printer. It is a single-sided printer, which means you can print only one side of the card. It works Direct to Card printing method and uses a thermal print head and YMCK ribbon to create an image. The head and ribbon are slightly larger than the actual card. Thus you get edge-to-edge images.

At a resolution of 300 dots per inch, it could be more thane enough to create a photo ID. Badgy 200 can print up to 100 color ID cards and 500 black and white cards of a single black ribbon. This photo ID card printer takes around 45 seconds to print a card. It could do only a single side at a time, so you have to flip over the card to print on the backside.

Evolis Badgy200 Specifications
Print Method Direct-To-Card dye-sublimation/Resin thermal transfer
Side Printing Single-Sided,  edge-to-edge
Resolution 300 DPI
Print Speed Color (YMCKO): 38 s per card (95 cards/hour),
Monochrome: 11 s per card (325 cards/hour)
Card CapacityInput Feeder: 25 cards,
Output Hopper: 25 cards
Connectivity USB 2.0 (1.1 and 3.0 compatible)
Weight 8.71 lbs (complete package)
Printer Size 315 x 385 x 285 mm (complete package)
Warranty1-year warranty (printer and print head)

2. AlphaCard Pilot ID Card Printer

Buy From Amazon Buy From Newegg

At around $800, you could get a complete single-sided Photo ID card printing system with the Alpha ID card printer. It is slightly faster than Badgy200. It could print a full-color card in 35 seconds and a monochrome card in 7 seconds. Plus, it has easy-to-use templates and a card design wizard. Everything you need is included with this. The package includes Alpha ID card software, 100 print YMCKO ribbon, and 100 blank cards.

It is perfect for small-scale ID card programs. It works on the dye-sublimation printing technology. The Alpha ID card software provides the functionality to print single side and dual-sided cards. It can also encode magnetic stripes and 1D barcodes. A 1-year warranty covers it by AlphaCard.

AlphaCard Pilot Specifications
Print Method DTC, Dye sublimation printing technology
Side Printing Single-Sided Printer
Resolution 300 DPi
Print SpeedFull color 35 seconds,
Monochrome card 7 seconds
Card capacityHand-feed only, no hoppers
Connectivity USB 2.0
Weight 11.9 pounds
Printer Size 10.6 x 8.4 x 9.1 inches
Warranty1-year warranty

3. Zebra ZXP3 Dual-Sided ID card Printer

Buy From Amazon Buy From Bestbuy Buy From Newegg

Zebra ZXP3 is a real game-changer in affordable photo ID card printers. It is ideal for low to medium-level printing needs. It requires minimal operators and produces excellent picture quality. This Direct-To-Card printer provides an array of features at a meager price. The best part is that it is a dual-sided printer at such a low price. It can be connected to the PC or Mac using the USB or Ethernet.

Plus, it offers various encoding options, such as Magnetic stripe, contact, and contactless smart cards. The N-Go bright ribbons are now Eco-friendly using less plastic and more biodegradable material. It has a 16 character LCD operator control display. The 300 DPI printing resolution is ideal for photo ID card printers. The 100 card feeder and 45 card capacity output hopper make it even more convenient to use.

Zebra ZXP3 Specifications
Print Method Dye-sublimation thermal transfer direct to card
Side Printing Single- or dual-sided printing
Resolution 300 DPI
Print Speed700 cph monochrome single-sided,
180 cph single-sided YMCKO,
140 cph dual-sided YMCKOK
Card Capacity 100 card covered feeder,
45 card capacity output hopper
ConnectivityUSB, Ethernet
Weight 11.6 lbs
Printer Size 236 x 200 x 368 mm
Warranty2-year warranty

4. Magicard Pronto ID Card Printer

Buy From Amazon Buy From Newegg

Magical Pronto is a big bang for your small office or small-environment organizations that needs to create only a few badges at a time. It is a single-sided printer; you have to flip the card to print on the rear side. It supports all standard forms of encoding formats. Coming to the design, it is lightweight, robust and its small footprints make it ideal for a reception desk.

The print quality is slightly better than the above printers. You can also save money by rewriting the front surface up to 500 times. Holokote, a patented technology that adds visual security to ID cards, comes with four predefined watermarks selected in the printer driver. That’s not it; a 2-year warranty backs pronto photo ID card printer.

Magicard Pronto Specifications
Print MethodDTC, dye sublimation, monochrome, thermal rewritable
Side Printing Single-sided
Resolution 300 DPI
Print SpeedColor 35 seconds per print,
Monochrome 7 seconds per print
Feed SystemManual (hand feed)
Connectivity USB 2.0,
Weight 9.7 lbs
Printer Size 270 x 215 x 233 mm
Warranty2-year warranty

5. Fargo DTC1250e ID Card Printer

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Fargo DTC1250e is the fastest photo ID card printer in its class. If you own a small business, school, or local government, you can consider Fargo DTC1250e. It lets you create visually rich corporate or membership IDs quickly. It includes the Swift Id badging software that offers a lot of customization options. The security of the data is the first concern in any organization. This machine uses AES-256 encryption on the printer over a secure network.

The card capacity is plenty enough for small-medium usage with 100 card input and 30 card output trays. It takes around 16 seconds per card and can print 225 cards per hour (YMCKO). The easy-to-use disposable ribbon cartridge to make your ID cards more eco-friendly. The dual-sided printing module to publish more info on both sides of the card. A three-year global warranty backs it.

 Fargo DTC1250e Specifications
Print MethodDTC, Dye-sublimation/ resin thermal transfer
Side Printing Single or dual
Resolution 300 DPI
Print Speed 16 seconds per card / 225 cards per hour (YMCKO)
Card Capacity 100 card input,
30 card output
Connectivity USB 2.0, Ethernet
Weight 17.1 lbs
Printer Size 16.3 x 14 x 11.5 inches
Warranty3-year global warranty

6. Magicard Enduro 3e

Buy From Amazon Buy From Newegg

Magicard Enduro 3e is an all-in-one security suite that provides your business with everything you need to print high-quality ID cards. It is a bit costlier; that’s because the whole kit that adds more value to this. It works on the same DTC method using the CMYK ribbon. Its color mapping technology stands it ahead of its competitors.

It also supports dual-sided printing that saves time and money by printing on both sides of the card. It is one of the most reliable ID card printers and backed by three years warranty—the USB and Ethernet interfaces for connectivity. The Enduro 3e can be coupled with various card encoding devices to feed secure electronic data to ID cards. To protect the card security mechanism, it uses HoloKote technology. The Enduro 3E is supplied with four pre-defined watermarks that can be easily selected from the printer driver.

Magicard Enduro 3e Specifications
Print Method DTC, dye sublimation, monochrome, thermal rewritable
Side PrintingSingle or Dual
Resolution 300 DPI
Print SpeedColor: 100 cards per hour,
Monochrome: 500 cards per hour
Card CapacityManual and hopper fed,
100 input / 30 output
Connectivity USB, Ethernet
Weight12 lbs
Printer Size 233 x 453 x 206 mm
Warranty1-year warranty

7. Fargo HDP5000 Dual Side Base Model Printer

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Get superior quality, higher reliability, and durability with the Fargo HDP5000. The HDP5000 ID card printer and encoder are backed with a lifetime printhead warranty and a three-year warranty on everything else. It has a versatile modular design. It has a large card handling capacity. The dual card input hopper so that you don’t have to change the cards slot frequently.

Along with dual-sided printing, it can also laminate both sides of the card to prevent fading. It prints the very edge of the card without leaving any white border. Also, a smart screen LCD control panel displays the status, messages, and prompts to facilitate the printing work. With the ability to print 150 cards per hour, it is ideal for medium-volume operations.

 Fargo HDP5000 Specifications
Print Method  HDP Dye-Sublimation / Resin Thermal Transfer
Side Printing  Single or Dual
Resolution 300 DPI
Print SpeedUp to 24 secs per card / 150 cards per hour (YMC with transfer)
Card Capacity 200-card input hopper
Connectivity USB, Ethernet
Weight 22.1 lbs
Printer Size 9.2 x 17.5 x 11.5 inches
Warranty3 years (printer), Lifetime (printhead)

8. Zebra ZXP Series 7 Photo ID Card Printer

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The ‘ZXP Series 7’ printer has an innovative form factor. It automatically adapts to the thickness of the card, and ribbon loading is easy. A clear LCD panel makes it easy to operate, even for the newbies. It is built to meet the needs of today’s demanding business environment. It can perform three jobs at a time (encoding, printing, and laminating simultaneously). That makes it one of the fastest photo ID printers used for business operations.

It has a truckload of features like single or dual-sided printing, wasteless single- or dual-sided lamination.

 Zebra ZXP Series 7 Specifications
Print MethodColor dye sublimation or monochrome
thermal-transfer printing
Printing and LaminationSingle or dual-sided printing,
single or dual-sided lamination
Resolution 300 DPI
Print Speed 1375 cards/hour monochrome single-sided
or 555 cards/hour dual-sided printing
300 cards/hour full-color YMCKO
single-sided printing
225 cards/hour full-color YMCKOK
dual-sided printing
270 cards/hour full-color YMCKO
single-sided printing with lamination
200 cards/hour full-color YMCKOKO
Card Capacity 200-card capacity feeder,
15-card reject hopper,
100-card output hopper
Connectivity USB 2.0, Ethernet
Weight 39.5 lbs (printer with laminator)
Printer Size 306 x 964 x 277 mm
Warranty1-year warranty

9. Fargo DTC4500e dual-sided ID card printer

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Fargo DTC4500e plastic card printers and encoder prints professional quality at blazing fast speeds. It is ideal for medium-to-large size organizations, government institutions, and schools. It is a reliable, long-term card printer with a wide range of encoding solutions. Plus, it offers additional security features like password protection, data encryption, and locking dual-card hoppers.

You can get your card ready in just 16 seconds and can print up to 225 cards per/hour with a print resolution of ‘300 DPI’. Forge DTC4500e features a 200 card input with dual input hopper and 100 card output making it ideal for massive volume printing.

The software is incredibly intuitive and easy to set up with plenty of features. You can add your logo or background. You can choose from over 20 different barcodes. Use photos from a file or live camera. There are 50 pre-designed templates to choose from, or you can start from scratch. As usual, this ‘Forge ID’ card printer system is also backed by a 3-year global warranty.

 Fargo DTC4500e Specifications
Print Method Dye-sublimation / resin thermal transfer
Side Printing Single or dual with optional lamination
Resolution 300 DPI
Print Speed 16 seconds per card,
225 cards per hour (YMCKO)
Card Capacity 200 card input (with dual input hopper),
100 card output
Connectivity USB 2.0, Ethernet
Weight 29.3 lbs
Printer Size 26 x 23 x 13.5 inches
Warranty3-year warranty

10. Magicard Rio Pro

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Magicard Rio Pro delivers excellent print quality with a unique custom watermark and multiple smart card encoding options. Print ID cards at high volume with high speed. Rio Pro can print up to 150 secure, full-color cards per hour with high-capacity hoppers (200 cards). Holokote technology frosts a secure watermark onto the card’s surface during printing.

Magicard Rio Pro can be equipped with card encoding devices to add some electronic form of identification. It can even be fitter with the high-security smart card encoder to print and encode payment cards accepted at EVM machines. The badge designer software is included in the package to create a professional ID card. The software offers many customization options like the signature on cards, print 1D barcodes, image editor, and card templates—ultimate cover with industry-leading three-year global warranty.

Magicard Rio Pro Specifications
Print Methodcolor dye sublimation, monochrome, thermal rewritable
Side Printing single or dual-sided printing
Resolution 300 DPI
Print Speed 150 cards per hour color,
500 cards per hour monochrome
Card Capacity100 input, 70 output
ConnectivityUSB 2.0, Ethernet
Weight 10.8 lbs
Printer Size 470 x 220 x 250 mm
Warranty3-year global warranty

Evolis Primacy Dual-Sided ID Card Printer

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Evolis has been one of the prominent and flawless printers for the ID card and has been considered a reliable option. It is indeed one of the prime choices for the perfect inkjet print quality for ID printing. The smooth and simple installation is one of the top factors that should assist newbies.

The printer comes with 100 card input or ten card output options. The service works efficiently and effectively with Windows XP, Windows 7, and Windows 10 drivers. The Bono ID Card Software should be yet another considerable advancement. You also have access to dual side printing options.

The specifications of the printer include –

Print Method DTC, Dye sublimation printing technology
Side Printing Dual-Sided Printer
Resolution 300 DPi
Print Speed19 seconds per card
Card capacity100 input and 10 output
Connectivity USB 2.0
Weight 16.8 pounds
Printer Size19.1 x 15.6 x 11.5 inches
Warranty1-year warranty

You should be able to print your ID cards both in color and monochrome. You should get access to choose a model that you are looking ahead to. There is no need to do anything manually, as all the tasks are handled automatically. The automatic double-sided printing compatibility should be what would further enhance the functionality. It would work seamlessly with both Windows and Mac. The intuitive interface is what should make it one of the best options on our recommendations list.

The specifications offered by the platform would include:

Print Method DTC, Dye sublimation printing technology
Side Printing Dual-Sided Printer
Resolution 300 DPi
Print Speed19 seconds per card
Card capacity100 input and 10 output
Connectivity USB 2.0
Weight 16.8 pounds
Printer Size19.1 x 15.6 x 11.5 inches
Warranty1-year warranty


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