How to do a Mail Merge

How to do a Mail Merge with Office 2016

You can use mail merge to create and print email documents. It can save you a ton of time and effort, especially if you have a large set of recipients stored in an excel workbook or other files.

Using mail merge, you can create:

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  • Labels or Envelopes : The return address is the same on all the labels or envelopes, but the destination address is unique on each one.
  • Letters, e-mail, or faxes (Anyone Still using”em?) :   The basic content is the same in all the letters, messages, or faxes, but each contains information that is specific to the individual recipient, such as name, address, or some other piece of personal data.
  • Coupons : The coupons are same, exception being a unique number.

In order to start using Mail Merge, Do the following:

  1. Start word. Open a blank document and keep it open in order to get into the next step.
  2. Click on the Mailings, (Tools Menu for older versions of Office like 2003) then click onto the “Start Mail Merge” menu. See screenshot below:
How to do a Mail Merge with Office 2016
Now that you are in the mail merge sub-menu, Proceed with the following steps:
To complete the mail merge process complete the following steps:
  • Complete the Document : The document will contain the standard email template meant for all the recipients.  — for example, the return address in a form letter or your email signature with your contact information.
  • Connect the created document to a data source : Typically a data source is a file that contains the list of information to be used for the merged document. For example, First & Last names and E-Mail addresses of the recipients. You can also optionally use Outlook Contacts
 How to do a Mail Merge with Office 2016

You can Optionally Refine the list of recipients or items:

How to do a Mail Merge with Office 2016
In Microsoft Word there will be a copy of the main document for each individual recipient or item in your data file(e.g Excel Workbook). If you want to generate copies for only certain items in your data file, you can choose which items (or records) to include.

How to do a Mail Merge with Office 2016

You can Add placeholders, called mail merge fields, to the document: When you perform the mail merge, the mail merge fields are filled with information from your data file.

Preview, change individual documents, and complete the merge. You can preview each copy of the document before you print the whole set. And you can change individual copies of the document.
How to do a Mail Merge with Office 2016
The Completed Document should look like this:
How to do a Mail Merge with Office 2016

Final Step: Preview the merge

How to do a Mail Merge with Office 2016
It is important for you to preview your final merged document and check for any errors or language mistakes that might have occurred. Double check the final merged document before it’s ready to go!
To preview, do any of the following in the Preview Results group of the Mailings tab:
How to do a Mail Merge with Office 2016
Click Preview Results.
Once you are ready, click Finish.
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