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Blitzwolf SmartPhone Camera Lens Review: For iPhone 8 and Android

Blitzwolf SmartPhone Camera Lens Review

All of us carry a smartphone these days. These smartphones come with at least two sets of cameras (Front & Rear) and can even have up to 4 cameras. Modern SOC’s supports a quad camera setup so that you can take brilliant DSLR like pictures with it. However, most of these images are enhanced and heavily processed using computer algorithms to give you the desired output. While the tech is mature, old school optical effects are still superior. Yes, we think, eventually, would reach a stage where we will not need to carry heavy optical gear to take the perfect image. Today, in this article, we would be we doing a Blitzwolf smartphone camera lens review from a company who is in the game for a long time.

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So, what is a smartphone camera lens? Well, it is an external accessory using which you can further enhance your product images using high-quality optical lenses. These fit in front of your regular smartphone camera to give you the desired outputs. See below:

Blitzwolf is a Chinese company with their product manufacturing facility where they make accesories like Chargers, Headphones, Power Banks and Audio products. We already reviewed their ES2 earbuds, and we find it to be brilliant for its price. Same is the case with their smartphone camera lenses. We were particularly impressed by their superior build quality, despite its low price.

So, without further delay, let’s continue with the Blitzwolf smartphone camera lens review.

Blitzwolf SmartPhone Camera Lens Review

The company was kind enough to ship us a sample, and as soon as the package arrived, we started playing with it. The lens came in recyclable boxes as is the case with most modern tech companies. In fact, if you were wondering, here is how the packaging looks:

We received the complete lens package which the company makes. The lens models are dubbed as LS1, LS2, LS3 & LS4. Apart from the telephoto lens, all the other lenses were compact enough to fit in your packet.

The LS1 is a multipurpose lens kit which works as a 30 Degree or Wide Angle Lens 0.63X or as a Macro Lens with up-to 15X magnification. The fisheye lens gives you an ultra-wide 230 degrees of visibility and is ideally suitable for landscape photography. However, do remember, that adding this accessory will reduce the amount of light that will hit your camera sensor by a couple of stops. In short, this is only suitable for brightly lit conditions.

The 0.63X Wide-Angle Lens and the 15X Macro-Lens (0.63X) could quickly improve the field of view. The 15x macro lens, on the other hand, is ideal for capturing close-ups for a vivid and clear close-up picture, such as insects, plants, and small items.

The lenses come in a compact form factor, removable lenses with lightweight aluminum frames. A waterproof lens pouch also comes in the package as well. The universal clamps hold the glasses firmly on the phone which ensures the setup to hold on tightly. It is an essential portability kit meant for travel and outdoor parties.

On the compatibility side, you would need to ensure that your phone does not come in a “Dual-Camera” setup. These lenses are meant to be used with only a single lens and will not work on phones like iPhone X or iPhone 7 plus. We tested these with the  Samsung Galaxy S7 and the Google Pixel 2, and it worked with flying colors. Here are some pictures of the product:

The LS3 is a 120-Degree Wide-Angle Lens for a wider field of view which is typically suitable for landscape shots. The lens with with 16 layers of anti-reflective coating to remove any lens errors or chromatic abbrebations. The coating also hels to improve the contrast by reducing stray light entering through the lens. The small removable metal clip comes with a soft rubber lining to protect your phone from any potencial scratches. It also helps avoid the lens from slipping over. For convenience,  you can carry the lens in an waterproof bag while traveling.

Here are some photo samples below:

To conclude, if you are a smartphone enthusiast, you can give these versatile lenses a try. Blitzwolf sells them only on Amazon US and Banggood (for International customers).

Suggestions and feedbacks are welcome in the comment section below. Do let us know your thoughts on this. Cheers!

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