BlitzWolf BW-ES2 Headphones Review: Wired With Mic Control & In-ear Earphone

BlitzWolf BW-ES2 Headphones Review

BlitzWolf is a relatively new company who started with arguably the first adaptive multi-port USB charger back in 2010. BlitzWolf developed the Power3S charger to readjust and globally optimize charging rate, thus enabling you to only have one charger for all your devices. Shortly after, they developed the first 5 port desktop charger which was an instant hit. However, in this post, we are going to do a BlitzWolf BW-ES2 Headphones review. BlitzWolf has continuously maintained its high quality across the product line, and the BlitzWolf BW-ES2 Headphones is no exception.

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Once we unboxed and started using it, we instantly loved the nice wired headphones which had clear sounds. It comes with a nice cute earphone case, two pairs of extra earbuds and a clip. Pretty sweet, and we like it. To it up, the nice headphone case itself makes us recommend this!

Not all earphones with stereo speakers come with ‘Dual Dynamic Drivers‘ for producing high fidelity sound outputs. The Dual-Dynamic Drivers earphone is not only embedded with two dynamic drivers on a single earpiece, but it also uses ‘frequency division technology‘ to produce excellent treble outputs and ‘deep bass‘ respectively. The built-in mic provides high-resolution voiceovers, which can better present the sweet or rough voice and other aspects. For low frequency, the dual-dynamic drivers are better than the balanced drivers found on different earpieces. From the sound quality perspective, the Dual-Dynamic Drivers on the earphone not only adds speaker on an ordinary headset, but it also produces a soothing effect comparable to that of the balanced armature drivers earphones regarding sound quality.

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BlitzWolf BW-ES2 Headphones Review

I was thrilled with the audio quality I got out of these earphones. Honestly, they are as good as any other prominent brands out there. Sound quality is fabulous, and the best part is that you don’t have to spend a lot of money as you would have, had you bought it from a more prominent brand. We got some excellent audio quality, and they are well designed, suitable for all ear sizes.

I was instantly overwhelmed with the packaging. It gave the idea of a very high-end item. Of course, the proof is in its actual use. These did not fail in that area either. Full & rich sound, across the range. We also got a good clean bass with no ghastly extra vibrations. The music is crisp enough that I was able to follow the lyrics that I earlier had missed :-). The form of the earphones is such that I had no difficulty keeping them in place while running or working out in the gym. It is the first pair of headphones we have had that we want to buy more, because, that’s how good it is.

The design wired buds of the case allow staying put on my ears without dropping out. I usually prefer these type of earbuds with the earpieces similar to my glasses, which prevail in place well. These have a somewhat smaller profile but stay in well. Overall, good sound, and decent bass.

Here are some high-level specifications:

  • Super “6mm” Dual-Dynamic Drivers – Uses frequency division tech to pump out blazing treble and fat bass. It has an ultra-high voice resolution, which can adequately present the soft or hoarse voice and other minute details
  • ‘Full-bodied’ audio immersion – The Extended resolution that enhances the medium to high-frequency output spectrum.
  • These wired earphones come with mic drivers to sound not only high but also delivers long-term durability.
  • Noise insulation and Ergonomic support design – In-ear wearing great versatility and smooth silicone can detach noise better. For a perfect fit, it comes in three sizes (XS/S/L size of your choice.) of ear-buds that won’t fall off.
  • A long 1.2m High-performance ‘TPE’ wire with a built-in microphone – Ruggedized, adjustable and tangle-resistant cable. A multi-function button for phonecall control and music playback, switch controls, a microphone receiver, that provides a clear sound. The 3.5mm Gold-plated audio jack is compatible with all standard 3.5mm interface devices. (Not Compatible with Nexus 6p and One plus two/three due to lack of one)
  • Lifetime Quality Care – BlitzWolf comes with 30 days money free back, 18 months seller guarantee and a lifetime dedicated support to assure your long-term satisfaction.

Noise Isolation Headphones

Find one of the BlitzWolf silicone earbuds to almost entirely fit your ear, noise isolating earphones with mic and volume control creates a quiet space for you to completely immersed in music, hardly feel outside noise, hands-free calling, switch song, adjust music’s volume, enjoy yourself!

Full Bodied Audio Immersion

Dual drivers deliver a full resolution and enhance the medium, high-frequency output range, enjoy the powerful bass and crisp mid-high frequency and exact vocal reproduction.
We precisely tuned the ES2 earphones not only to sound great but also deliver long-term audio output.

Three sizes of earbuds

XS, S, L, three sizes of earbuds suitable for different groups of people with different needs.

Volume Control with Microphone

Built-in microphone and volume control make you hands-free calling, switch song, adjust music’s volume as you like at any time; 3.5mm gold-plated plug make sure to deliver hi-fi sound, for iPhone, Android, Samsung, Sony, Huawei, Nokia, PC, tablet, and 3.5mm device. It is comfortable for you to make a phone call, answer the phone, and hang up. Also, the voice up, & Voice down, Wired control (Call control and Music control) or Basic Controls
1. Call control: 
Answer call: Press one, Reject call: Long press or to hang up during calls: Press once
2. Music control: Play/pause music: Press once, Next song: Press twice & Previous song: Press three times
3. Volume + and Volume –


Cable Length (m): 1.2 meters
Net Weight (g): 17 grams
Driver Size: 6 mm (millimeters)
Interface Diameter: Standard 3.5mm audio jack
Audio Sensitivity: 108 ± 3dB
Impedance — 16Ω
Frequency Response — 20Hz-40kHz

Package Contents

1 X BW-ES2 Dual Dynamic Driver Earphone
2 X Pairs Earbuds
1 X Cable Organizer
1 X Earphone Bag
1 X User Manual(English, Germany, French, Italy, Spanish, Japanese)
1 X Card


I highly recommend these In Ears. They are by far the most comfortable earbuds at this price range. While testing the headphones, I have used them for numerous hours at a time with unquestionably no fatigue. They sound great whether hearing to music or chatting on the phone. Also, we found them to be more comfortable, and the sound tone is just right there with other prominent brands. The noise canceling feature operates as advertised. The quality of these in ears is outstanding, and they come with a fine case too. You can’t surpass these for the price!

We hope you like our BlitzWolf BW-ES2 Headphones review. For feedbacks and suggestions, please use the comment section, down below. Cheers!

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