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How To Setup Apple Airprint: For iPad iPad Pro iPhone X and Macbooks

How To Setup Apple Airprint

Wondering how to setup Apple Airprint? Would you like to able to print documents without any need for installing a driver or application? Does it sound interesting? Yes? That is what you can achieve with AirPrint. No matter whether you are printing documents, images, emails or web pages, from your iPhone, iPad or Mac device – all this is done in a secure and hassle-free way, thanks to AirPrint. One of the best and leading wireless printing technologies, AirPrint has changed the way we have been printing our documents. But, the million dollar question – how to configure or set up your AirPrint? Let us find out how in the following paragraphs.

AirPrint – An Overview

AirPrint is a utility from Apple. The proprietary wireless printing technology from Apple has revolutionized concept by miles ahead. It will let you print anything from documents to emails without the need for a Mac device or a physical connection with the printer.

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Portability is what has made smartphones a force to reckon with. With the advancement in technology, we have now been able to achieve a host of things wirelessly. AirPrint is what brings this convenience to your printing tasks. AirPrint, by definition, is the wireless printing technology from Apple. As long as you have a printer that is compatible with AirPrint technology, you can easily print from any location wirelessly from your smartphone from Apple, iPhone or an iPad.

Just about any printer is capable of AirPrint? Not exactly. Apple has listed the compatible printers that can work with AirPrint on its website. You can choose any of the printers that are supported and enjoy the benefits that AirPrint technology offers you.

How To Setup Apple AirPrint on iPad or iPhones

AirPrint is offered for Apple devices including Mac OS. This technology will enable your Apple products so that you can print over WiFi. You may print over WiFi to the supported printers. Several printers support AirPrint.

Before you begin, we would advise you to ensure that your printer is supported for AirPrint. You can find the list of printers on You may also refer to your printer documentation.

The AirPrint option is available from the Share button on your concerned app. Please note that the Share option will be available only on the app that is supported. A couple of apps that are supported include Safari and Mail app. Your iPhone or iPad and the printer should be on the same WiFi network.

Let us give a couple of examples to print your documents.

How To Print Mail Using AirPrint

Here is how you would use AirPrint option on your Mail App –

  • Launch the Mail app on your iOS device.
  • Open the mail that you would want to print.
  • If the mail contains an attachment, you will need to open it from within the Mail app.
  • Tap the Share You should be able to locate it by its appearance of a curved arrow. You may need to slide to the top of the message to find it.
  • Wait till your printer is shown. Please note that you need to be connected to the same network.
  • The Printer area within the message should show your printer. If it does not, tap on Printer and choose your printer.
  • Tap on Print

That should do it. Your document or mail will begin printing on the designated printer.

How To Print Using Safari Browser?

Here are the steps involved in printing using the AirPrint option from your Safari browser.

  • Launch Safari app.
  • Browse the desired webpage that you would want to print using AirPrint. Please note that if your browser has a blank page, it will not show you the print option.
  • Tap on You should find the Share button using an arrow pointing up.
  • You should now see the list of actionable buttons.
  • You can find the option for printers here.
  • Tap on the Printer logo.
  • Your printer should now be visible in the printer area. Ensure that both the printer and the device are connected to the same WiFi network. You may not find the printer if you are not connected to the same network.
  • If your printer is not visible, tap on Printer and choose your AirPrint enabled printer.
  • Tap on

Your printer will now print the webpage you have chosen.

What Do You Need To Take Care Of Use Air Print Option?

Using AirPrint will depend upon two factors. It would be advisable to check if you are compatible with both these elements you begin printing.

  • Not every printer does support AirPrint technology. Ensure that your printer does support it. You can check out the list of supported printers on the official website. You may also check your printer documentation to find if your printer supports AirPrint technology.
  • Ensure that both your AirPrint enabled printer and your iOS device are connected to the same WiFi network. AirPrint technology will work only if both these devices are connected to the same network.

And yes, you can check the print status while the printer is printing your document. You can use the App Switcher to view your print jobs and cancel them at any moment if you do not want to continue printing the document.

In Conclusion

Well, AirPrint technology is quite self-explanatory in most aspects. Using it should not be a tough task. The tutorial presented here should be quite helpful in understanding the concept of AirPrint and how to configure it on your devices.

Most of the printers support AirPrint technology. The list of supported printers has been growing consistently. Even if your printer is not recommended, several third-party applications can help you make your printer compatible with AirPrint technology.

Have you used the concept of AirPrint for your printers and the printing requirements?If you have used it, do share your opinions with us. If you are aware of any alternatives that can replace or complement AirPrint technology, you may also share them with us. Your feedback will always remain important for us.

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