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Best USB C Power Banks with PD (Power Delivery) – Up To 100 Watts

Since the last few years, the USB C technology has gained immense popularity. Its popularity adheres to the fact that a huge number of devices use it as default. Thus, if you have a phone or laptop, or tablet with USB-C ports, you may also wish to have a fully compatible power bank. Else, you will have to try various types of adapters, and you will comprise efficiency and speed.

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Therefore, we carried out deep research on the USB C power banks accessible on the market. Subsequently, we have chosen the best out of them. The key criteria we considered are:

  • USB C ports for both input and output
  • The power banks should use the PD (power delivery) technology
  • They must provide a quick recharging time

Best USB C Power Banks with PD (Power Delivery) – Table

RAVPowerPD 60W with Fast Charging 20000mAh:

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AnkerPowerCore+ 26800 mah PD with 60W PD Charger:

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Xcentz5000mAh Portable Charger with USB C:

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NusGear20000mAh 100W
Portable Charger:

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myChargePortable Charger with USB C and PD:

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Panergy40000mAh Power Bank:

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Panergy40000mAh Power Bank:

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AUKEYUSB C Power Bank 10000mAh:

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AnkerPowerCore 10000 PD Redux:

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Omni 20+ USB Type C and AC/DC plugs:

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Now let’s go through the details of the top-notch USB C power banks:

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1. Best overall: RAVPower PD 60W with Fast Charging 20000mAh:

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Designed compactly, this RAVPower battery pack is also known as a laptop charger. It is popular for the support of fast charging and compatibility with various devices. This power bank belongs to the PD Pioneer series. The brand made it successful in creating a powerful and quick device yet boasts a great design.

Keeping in mind the price, it is one of the finest options on the market for somebody looking for a reliable USB-C power bank. Moreover, this 20000mAh power bank is compatible with MacBook Pro, Dell XPS, iPad Pro, iPhone 12 Pro, etc.

In terms of capacity, it is average; not too small, not too large. It holds sufficient charge to refill an iPad Pro 2018 by 1.6 times, an iPhone 11 Pro Max by 2.6 times, or a MacBook Pro 13-inch 2018 by 0.84 times. This feature makes it ideal for everyday use. If you only want to use it for a smartphone, you can rely on it for multiple days.

When it comes to the power output, the maximum value is 60W output through its USB-C port and Power Delivery. The mentioned power is sufficient to charge the power-hungry gadgets like laptops, drones, gaming consoles, etc. Apart from the USB-C port, it is also equipped with a USB-A port supporting fast-charging technology known as iSmart.

The build quality is sturdy enough for lasting use. The case is prepared from dense plastic that is scratch-proof. This plastic comes with a non-slip matte surface. One drawback this power bank comes with is it can have 1 or 2 additional ports.

Things we liked:

  • Large battery capacity
  • Supports fast charging
  • Can charge power-hungry devices
  • Can recharge in only 3 hours
  • Compact design yet solid built

Things we disliked:

  • A limited number of ports

2. Best for flying: Anker PowerCore+ 26800 mah PD with 60W PD Charger:

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This power bank is called the best one for flying because it comes with the largest capacity that is acceptable on flights. Being portable, you can effortlessly carry it on a travel trip and charge various devices. For example, you can charge a camera, an iPad, laptop, etc. These devices must have a USB-C PD port. To be specific, it is compatible with Macbook Air/Pro, Dell XPS, iPhone 12/11/Mini/Pro/XS Max/X/8, iPad Pro 2018, and more.

Anker also provides a high-speed 60W wall charger. It enables the power bank to charge the devices in only 3.5 hours. The charging time is quite less considering its large capacity. Moreover, the capacity is sufficient to charge an iPhone X by 6.2 times and MackBook Pro by 1.2 times. There is a facility to concurrently charge a smartphone at a 15W output and a laptop at a 45W output. Both these devices can receive fast charging simultaneously.

Due to the metal casing, the portable charger becomes extremely sturdy. However, it also adds to the weight. There is support for a trickle-down mode for those devices that need low current for charging. An additional feature is the durable travel pouch. It can perfectly accommodate items like the power bank, the fast charger, and the USB C to USB C cable. Make sure to pack this pouch in your bag for the next flight.

Things we liked:

  • Huge capacity yet within the flight limit
  • Includes a fast wall charger
  • It comes with a durable metal case
  • Can charge devices in only 3.5 hours
  • Can simultaneously charge devices at fast speed

Things we disliked:

  • The weight is more

3. Best compact: Xcentz 5000mAh Portable Charger with USB C:

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The admirable facet about this Xcentz portable charger is it can work as a flashlight. This portable charger will help you when you travel to unaccompanied places and need a decent light source.

Weighing just 127 grams, this 5000mAh charger is regarded as one of the sleekest power banks implemented with Power Delivery. Owing to its petite dimensions and lightweight design, it can be easily slipped into a pocket. For those people who prioritize portability, this power bank is the right fit.

The drawback is it packs a limited amount of power. The 5000mAh capacity seems enough to charge an average smartphone approximately 1.5 to 2 times. The corresponding charge lasts just for one day before you require recharging. Generally, for the daily commute, this power bank is a good choice. However, it is not suitable for camping trips or long vacations. You cannot efficiently charge laptops and other power-hungry devices.

This Xcentz power bank excels in terms of build quality. This is because it possesses a lightweight yet sturdy aluminum case. Apart from the USB type C port with PD, it also comes with a USB Type-A port and Quick Charge 3.0. On the other side of its two ports, an efficient LED flashlight can produce brightness up to 120 lumens.

Things we liked:

  • Beautiful blue colored design
  • Extremely compact and lightweight
  • It can work as a flashlight
  • Supports both QC and PD
  • Recharges in only 3 hours
  • Durable aluminum casing offers extra protection

Things we disliked:

  • Low capacity

4. Best for laptops: NusGear 20000mAh 100W
Portable Charger:

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For power-intensive devices like laptops, gaming consoles, etc., this NusGear power bank is the right fit. It works flawlessly for charging MacBook/iPad Pro, Galaxy Note9 /S9, iPhone 11 /XS Max/8, and Nintendo Switch. Also, it can charge laptops and smartphones with a USB Type-C port.

The 20000mAh capacity is generous; however, it is not sufficient to charge some types of devices. It can only deliver 100W of power output. Moreover, it is sufficient to charge all types of laptop models.

One of the best features is it can be recharged quickly in only an hour. This charging time seems ultra-fast considering the capacity. However, to attain this amazing recharging time, it is necessary to use a wall charger that can deliver a minimum of 87W. Else, if you are using a wall adapter that does not support fast-charging, it can take a maximum of 9 hours to recharge.

The casing is made from durable scratch-resistant metal. This case comes with a stunning matte finish. Though the build quality is sturdy, the metal casing increases the total weight. The size is not that small to fit in a pocket. But you can place it in a handbag or a backpack.

Things we liked:

  • The durable case offers extra protection
  • The admirable power output of up to 100W
  • Can charge laptops
  • Very less recharging time of only 1 hour

Things we disliked:

  • It feels heavy to carry around

5. Best for outdoors: myCharge Portable Charger with USB C and PD:

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For frequent outdoor uses, a durable power bank is desirable. This one from myCharge comes in rugged and heavy-duty construction. So, it can sustain the rigors of everyday use. It can recharge devices like iPad, iPhone, Android smartphones, and more.

The total capacity is 20,100mAh which is more than enough to provide a charge that lasts a few days. It is possible to draw 18W of power via the USB Type-C and Type-A ports. This implies that it can charge 2 devices simultaneously. The total weight is 1.03 pounds, and the form factor is compact. The power output is 110 hours.

In the market, this portable charger is one of the greatest rugged power banks. Due to the IP67 water-resistance rating, there is no damage if it is submerged in water for up to 30 minutes. Hence, there is no concern if you use it outdoors. The entire construction is durable. Moreover, the whole power bank is encased in a rubber sleeve that provides superb protection. A carabineer clip is available to attach this power bank to a backpack strap or a belt loop.

Things we liked:

  • Heavy-duty construction
  • Supports fast-charging
  • Enormous capacity
  • Waterproof, dirt-proof, and shockproof
  • Rubber sleeve offers extra protection
  • Includes a carabiner for portability

Things we disliked:

  • Power output is limited, only 18W

6. Best high capacity: Panergy 40000mAh Power Bank:

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If you want a USB C power bank to deliver a constant amount of power, this Panergy product is a great pick. The large capacity can power your devices for several days. Therefore, it works the best for long outdoor trips and emergencies.

The power rating is 148Wh, and the power output is 45W. The device compatibility can work with MacBook Air/Pro, Nintendo Switch, Dell XPS, iPhone 11/Pro/Max, iPad Pro, HP Spectre, and more.

There is a USB C port that can deliver a maximum of 45W of power at the output. Furthermore, it includes 3 USB A ports, and one of them is Quick Charge 3.0 compatible. A barrel-type DC port and an AC plug are also included.

The ultra-high capacity makes compromises on several aspects. Firstly, the weight is more. Weighing 2.2 lbs, it is not suitable to carry around for a long time. Since the power rating is more than 100Wh (it is 148Wh), it cannot be brought on the flights.

Things we liked:

  • Substantial capacity
  • Includes 6 various output ports
  • Can deliver up to 45W output power
  • Can charge the majority of the laptop models
  • Great for emergencies

Things we disliked:

  • Not suitable to carry on flights
  • Weighs more, 2.2 lbs
  • Only has one USB C port

7. Slimmest: AUKEY USB C Power Bank 10000mAh:

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Are you in search of a sleek and slim USB C power bank? If yes, then this product from AUKEY is just for you. The thickness is just 15 mm making it one among the slimmest power banks that support USB C Power Delivery. There are slimmer portable chargers available in the market. However, it is difficult to find a blend of slim design and support for PD.

The maximum power output is 18W, and there is support for Quick Charge 3.0. The compatibility is great with the iPhone 11/11Pro/Xs/XS Max, Samsung, Pixel, Nintendo Switch, etc. There are 3 ports available – 2 USB A QC and a USB C PD. These many ports are sufficient to have in a 10000mAh power bank.

If you need a portable, lightweight USB C power bank that can fit well in tight places, then this goes for this one. You can accommodate it in a laptop sleeve. Moreover, it is a great choice for those who want to carry it for hiking and long trips.

Things we liked:

  • Slim and portable design
  • Supports 3 various output ports
  • It comes with a low current charging mode
  • Can fit in tight spaces
  • Quick charging for various devices

Things we disliked:

  • Recharging time is unclear

8. Cheapest: JvGoal 10000mAh USB C Power Bank:

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Without breaking the bank, this power bank offers you all the necessary features. The price affordability adheres to the fact that JvGoal is not a well-known brand, unlike RAVPower and Anker. It happens several times t happens that with famous brands, you have to pay for the brand name. In such cases, the features don’t worth the price. On the other hand, the drawback of buying a power bank from a less famous brand is that build quality is uncertain.

This power bank offers a maximum power output of 18W PD. The Quick Charge 3.0 is also supported. The 10000mAh capacity can fully charge a smartphone in 2-3 hours. Within 1 hour, it recharges easily. The recharging time is better than the majority of its competitors. The compatibility is great with iPhone 11/Pro/XR/XS, Samsung S10, Pixel, Pixel 3/3XL, Nintendo Switch, iPad Pro, Heated Vest, and more.

The included Micro USB port seems superfluous because it an input-only port. It is better if it comes with an extra USB A or USB C port. Overall, the price to quality ratio is good. This is especially helpful for those looking to buy an affordably priced USB C power bank with Power Delivery support.

Things we liked:

  • Recharging time is very less
  • Decent capacity for the price
  • It comes with 2 output ports -USB C and USB A
  • Lightweight and sleek design

Things we disliked:

  • The brand is not so reputable
  • The micro USB port is unnecessary

9. Anker PowerCore 10000 PD Redux:

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Anker is renowned for providing power banks that excel in terms of performance and quality. The Anker PowerCore 10000 PD Redux is one of them. Its portable design and compact size offer ease of carrying around. For those people who suffer from carrying multiple chargers for their phones, this power bank helps them.

Through the 18W PD USB, the power bank can charge the average smartphone in just an hour. If there is a PD wall charger available, this power bank can be recharged in only 3.5 hours. Else, it will take approx. 9 hours through a standard wall charger. Using this power bank, you can charge Samsung S10, Pixel 3/3XL, iPhone 11/12 / Mini/Pro/Pro Max/8/X/XS, iPad Pro 2018, and more. The 10000 mAh capacity seems enough to charge these devices.

Another bonus feature is it supports trickle-down charging. This is especially useful if you want to charge those devices that demand low current input. Examples of such devices include smartwatches, fitness bracelets, and Bluetooth headphones. One of the greatest features is you can charge 2 varied devices at once. Use one of the 2 charging ports for the same.

Though it comes in portable design, the build quality is solid. Furthermore, the black exterior case is prepared from durable plastic. This plastic material has anti-slip property.

Things we liked:

  • The petite design offers portability
  • Supports fast charging technology
  • The matte case makes it beautiful and protective
  • It comes with an 18-month warranty
  • Charges 2 different devices simultaneously

Things we disliked:

  • It only includes 2 ports

10. Omni 20+ with USB Type C and AC/DC plugs:

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The Omni 20+ power bank comes with one admirable feature, i.e., a huge capacity of 20000 mAh. The inclusion of all the useful accessories is regarded as one of the most comprehensive portable charger bundles on the market. From the pack, you get a UBC-C fast charger, a USB-A to USB-C cable, a USB-C to USB-C cable, and a protective durable case.

The battery backup is nice for devices like MacBook Pro, iPad Pro, etc. Moreover, it is compatible with smart devices like iPhones, cameras, etc.

One of its unique features is it comes with an AC/DC plug. It is useful to charge any kind of laptop since the power bank provides a huge power output of 100W. Another excellent feature is it supports wireless charging. So, the phones with compatible technologies can be charged just by placing them over the power bank.

Things we liked:

  • The case offers extra protection
  • It comes with plenty of ports
  • Can charge laptops
  • Allows wireless charging
  • All necessary accessories included

Things we disliked:

  • Not lightweight
  • Price is high

What is USB C technology?

For quite a long time, the universal standard prevalent for device connectivity was the USB Type-A through its min and micro versions. The rectangle connectors, which never fit the first time, were omnipresent. This is irrespective of the versions of the USB A ports (1, 2, 3).

With the advent of the USB Type C technology, the picture has completely changed. It presents a new standard for device connectivity. After its inception, gradually, more and more devices began to adopt it. The renowned brand Apple is gradually preparing to replace its well-known Lightning ports with USB-C ports. This aspect suggests the popularity of the USB Type C technology since Apple is defensive for their patented technologies.

Key benefits of USB C technology:

  • Can transmit information and power at the same time
  • Information can be conveyed at quite a fast speed, with a maximum value being 10 Gbps
  • The plugs can be inserted in different ways; there is no fixed way as with the USB A ports
  • The USB C ports can be used for input as well as the output of information and/or power

Things become more complex when you consider the fact that USB-C is essentially an umbrella term. Such connectors can use various types of protocols like PD (power delivery) or USB 3.1.

What is Power Delivery (PD)?

Those USB-C output ports that support Power Delivery (PD) can deliver maximum power of 100 Watts. It is a significant feature because the older generation USB ports just supply 2.5W on average. Though this much power is adequate for a phone, it is not enough for a laptop that at least needs 60W. Therefore, we just chose those that support the PD feature for the above list of the power banks.

But all PD ports cannot supply 100W. The power output may have different values. The typical values are:

  • 18W –Enough for all kinds of smartphones and tablets, also apt for devices like the Nintendo Switch.
  • 30W to 45W – From this range, you can begin charging power-hungry devices like laptops. They will take more time to charge than other devices.
  • 60W+ – The majority of the laptops will be charged flawlessly. Also, cameras, phones, and tablets can be charged.


The popularity of the USB-C ports implies that they will perhaps become the upcoming standard for connectivity. Since more and more devices are equipped with this kind of port, it is sensible to make sure a power bank you purchase also supports USB-C compatibility.

Apart from compatibility, another key benefit of USB C power banks is fast speed. The PD technology performs a significant role for the same. The highest loading speeds are nowhere close to the ones offered by the USB-C ports with PD from the traditional ports.

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